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Apart from that, there were also all kinds of precious medicinal herbs and other cultivation resources in the cart.

Right now, the most urgent thing for them was to send the items back.

Every day, a large number of people left the City of Dawn.

Naturally, there would be a large number of people pouring in.

Some people didnt lack money to use the teleportation array, and some wanted to save money by traveling by land.

Therefore, ever since the market in the City of Dawn opened, it had been unusually lively and never deserted.

Even many civilians who lived in the city would come to take a look at the rare treasures from various places.

Even if they didnt buy them, it was good to broaden their horizons.

Most of the civilians who live in the City of Dawn were those who had followed Li Xiang since the very beginning.

Later on, there were some who had made various meritorious deeds or exchanged points and so on.

The fixed population of the entire City of Dawn was close to the maximum of 15 million.

If the floating population was included, it was close to 20 million people.

This was definitely the top-rank super metropolis in this world.

Li Xiang did not expect that the population of this city would be saturated so soon.

Although he wanted to continue to raise the City of Dawn to level 8, its prosperity was still a little lacking.

Currently, the City of Dawn was very prosperous, but this prosperity was just the beginning.

It would need to stabilize for a period before it could be used as a basis for information.

Therefore, in less than a month, the City of Dawn would be able to upgrade to level 8.

By then, it might not be able to accommodate an extra large population, but it should not be difficult to accommodate 20 million people.

At this time, outside the western border of the Kingdom of Dawn, a Floating Warship was slowly approaching.

Even if there was an occasional black tide, it could be blocked by the light shield on the warship and would not cause any impact.

This kind of warship that could teleport in the black tide was definitely a top-rank treasure.

On the bow of the warship stood a pale-faced young man.

Looking at the vast world that was illuminated by the endless light, the young man could not help but exclaim.

“What a good fellow! What a Kingdom of Dawn! What an Eternal Blazing Sun! Such a treasure had fallen into the hands of the Lord of Dawn.

This guy is not simple.

This country is like the morning star of the entire Myriad World Continent, slowly rising.”

“It has only been a month since the new descenders arrived, yet the Kingdom of Dawn has already developed to such a scale.

Its truly amazing! I wonder what kind of person the Lord of Dawn is!”

“Lets go in!”

“Young master, do we need to scatter flowers”

“Theres no need.

This is only the border of the Kingdom of Dawn.

Well talk about it after we get to the City of Dawn!”

After contacting the cities at the border, one should go through the entry procedures and pass the Void Divine Mirror examination to obtain a temporary identity card.

Ever since Zheng Jing arrived, this set of procedures had become custom-made in the various border cities.

Everyone who came here followed the procedures.

As for the Void Divine Mirror, Li Xiang could project countless avatars in every border city.

He did not have to worry about foreign races sneaking in.

Of course, it was definitely not just the foreign races who had ulterior motives.

However, this was another set of procedures.

After passing through the border city, the group did not use the teleportation array.

Instead, they flew directly toward the City of Dawn.

Along the way, they saw that people from various places had already begun to open up farms.

Countless unaffiliated battle teams went deep into the wilderness to hunt fierce beasts.

They appeared to be thriving.

After using half a day, the warship finally arrived near the City of Dawn, but it was immediately surrounded by Void Warships.

“The airspace around the City of Dawn is restricted.

Please land the warship and accept inspection.”

The young man was very cooperative.

He landed the warship and then brought his people to the City of Dawn.

As for the warship, there was a special place outside the city to park such vehicles.

That place was originally where the Void Warships of the Kingdom of Dawn docked.

Now, it was also possible for them to dock a Floating Warship temporarily.

“Scatter the petals.

Lets enter the city!”

The young master waved the folding fan in his hand, flapping it slightly in front of his chest.

Then, he boarded the gorgeous sedan chair carried by eight guards and ordered casually.

The four maids stood on the left and right sides of the sedan chair.

At the same time, the petals of the flowers were continuously scattered in the air, fluttering in the wind.

Even though the young master felt that he had raised his status, it was strange in the eyes of everyone in the city.

“Where did this guy come from Why did he have to sit in a sedan chair He even had maids throwing petals beside him…”

At this moment, a gust of wind blew past, lifting the veils of the four maids.

Instantly, all sorts of gasps rose and fell.


“Tsk tsk…”


Many peoples faces turned pale at this moment.

“This guy is so hardcore!”

“Its not easy to find suchtop-quality ones among countless women!”

“Is there something wrong with this guys taste Their looks alone can ward off evil, yet he still dares to bring them out.

How confident is he!”

“Did you guys notice That young masters face was pale.

I reckon he has a kidney deficiency.

And to be able to deal with thosetop-grade maids, he must be a ruthless person.

He is too ruthless to himself.

He can even be addressed as theMaster Impotent!”

Many people were shocked by this young mans aesthetic judgment to the extreme.

They could not help but feel admiration for him.

In fact, the young master dressed in white was very strong.

He heard all the discussions on the street and his face instantly turned even paler.

The corners of his mouth could not help but twitch.

“I amMaster Important, notMaster Impotent.

Do you understand”

The young master in white could not help but refute, but his expression became even uglier.

“He is really called theMaster Impotent!”

The white-robed young master gnashed his teeth.

If this was his own country, he would definitely go wild.

Forcefully enduring the misunderstanding of these people, the group of people walked into the City of Dawn.

When the guards at the city gate saw this group of people, they naturally had to go forward for a routine inspection.

When they saw the four women, they could not help but feel admiration for the white-robed young master.

“He can even tolerate such trash.

He is definitely an affectionate person!”

The captain of the guards held back the disgust in his heart and quickly inspected them.

Then, he waved his hand and said, “Let him in!”

Seeing these peoples disdainful eyes, the four maidservants eyes were filled with confusion and dissatisfaction.

However, they did not show it.

Instead, they continued to spread petals with expressionless faces.

The sedan chair finally entered the City of Dawn.

Looking at the bustling and spacious streets, Master Important revealed a surprised expression.

“Good lord! Whats going on with the people here It seems like everyone has stepped onto the path of transcendence.

Theres actually no one below level 30.

Are they all transcendents Those who dont know might even think that theyve entered a foreign races headquarter!”

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