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If the crystal was used to make coins, it would turn into powder once the energy inside it was absorbed.

Even the crystal coins produced by the system were the same.

Once the energy inside was absorbed, the crystal coins would disappear.

The currency created in this way probably didnt have much liquidity.

It was more like an energy crystal used for cultivation, which lost the meaning of currency.

No matter how many crystal ores there were in the Kingdom of Dawn, they would only be absorbed by countless people in Myriad World Continent.

Therefore, this problem had to be solved.

The best way was to make the currency able to automatically absorb the energy of heaven and earth.

This way, the currency would have a different attribute and value.

Li Xiangs eyes lit up and he firmly remembered this point.

However, if the energy was absorbed, would the currency still have the value of circulation How could this problem be solved

Without the heaven and earth vitality and energy in the currency, what was the difference between it and the currency of the Alliance of Gods Would it still have the value of circulation

No one might buy such a currency.

Therefore, he had to add another point.

After this currency was created, it would not be destroyed.

It could be used to accumulate energy and reduce the consumption of crystals.

It could be converted into energy by absorbing the vitality of heaven and earth.

If he could create a currency that could be used forever, then it would become the top or even the only money in Myriad World Continent.

If he wasnt mistaken, there was a rare coin-casting furnace among the treasures he obtained during the extermination of the six countries in the north.

As he thought of this, with a thought, an exquisite spherical metal furnace of a fists size appeared in his hand.

[Coin-making Furnace]

Grade: Mythical

Type: Rare treasure

Function: It can be used to create currency according to the requirements by investing the corresponding resources and blueprints.

This unique treasure didnt seem to be very useful, but it was found to be an indispensable treasure when needed.

Things like currency had to be carefully created.

It couldnt be changed overnight.

Credibility was the most important thing.

Perhaps he could create some samples first and then make improvements.

He came to a secret room and threw the unique treasure in his hand.

It immediately turned into a huge furnace that was ten feet tall.

This furnace looked very strange.

It was as round as a ball.

At the top, there was a Pixiu handle.

After opening it, there was a material entrance.

At the bottom, a golden toad was carrying the entire furnace.

The open mouth was the exit of the refined currency.

At this moment, there was an illusory image of money in the golden toads mouth.

It seemed to be able to change at any time.

There was no fixed shape.

The Pixiu swallowed the wealth, and the golden toad spat it out.

One way in, and another way out.

The universe revolved.

There was a deep implication!

Li Xiang carefully studied this coin-making furnace.

Through the system notification, he quickly grasped the usage of this treasure.

In fact, he did not even need to open the lid to put in the materials.

After refining this treasure, he could directly control the Pixiu to swallow the prepared materials.

Then, he just had to wait.

Once it was completed, the golden toad would spit out new currency.

The illusory money in the golden toads mouth was the model of the currency.

Whatever style he wanted, he could use his consciousness to transform the money into the corresponding appearance.

It was very convenient and simple.

It was worthy of being called a rare treasure.

At the same time, Li Xiang also discovered a secret in the coin-making furnace.

This coin-making furnace hid a strange array formation restriction.

Through his divine grade probing technique, he managed to analyze it and name it “Heaven and Earth Money Creation Divine Restriction”.

This was the core of forging usable currency.

Any coin-making furnace had to have a corresponding divine restriction for coin-making.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to create a true top-tier currency.

No matter what, he had to try first!

Li Xiang picked a large pile of various ores from his interspatial ring.

Of course, there were also the most important crystals.

He did not deliberately study the ratio or anything like that.

He just wanted to see the process of coin-making.

With a thought, the Pixiu on the coin-making furnace immediately opened its mouth and swallowed the materials.

Then, he poured a stream of Qiankun Qi into the furnace and visualized the shape of the coins he wanted.

He could sense that as long as he wanted, the ball of golden light in the golden toads mouth below would directly condense into the shape he wanted, even if he wanted the shape of a gold ingot.

However, the coins that he expected were naturally not gold ingots.

The money had to be convenient to use, and it was not a piece like the current coins.

In the end, he chose the shape of an ancient Huaxia coin.

It was round on the outside and square on the inside.

This kind of money represented the ancient Huaxia peoples understanding of heaven and earth.

They believed that heaven was round, and the Earth was square.

This coin contained extremely profound wisdom and logic.

It did not seem to be in line with modern scientific theories, but the ancient people had such knowledge and wisdom thousands of years ago.

It was clear how intelligent they were.

At the same time, Li Xiang created this coin to create a unique mark of the Huaxia civilization in this world.

No matter how things changed in the future and no matter if he could step onto the throne or not, it would not change the deep mark left on his body by the Huaxia civilization.

Moreover, square and round symbolized equality, tolerance, and harmony.

There were rules, order, respect, justice, and so on.

They all represented the law of nature.

There was an ancient Chinese saying, “Nothing can be accomplished without rules.”

Therefore, this time, Li Xiang chose this type of coin that was round on the outside and square on the inside.

Soon, a corresponding coin model appeared in the golden toads mouth.

It was the same as the one in his mind.

Then, there was a sound in the coin-making furnace.

It was impossible to see how the materials that were put in were changed, but the golden toad suddenly opened its mouth and spat out golden coins.

There were only a dozen of them.

The dark green color of these coins was due to the different colors of the materials that had been thrown in.

This could be changed at any time, so it was not very important.

However, these coins were sparkling with crystal light and contained abundant energy.

This was the effect of the crystals.

On the obverse of the coins, there were two ancient characters “Chen Xi” (dawn) above and below the square opening.

Whereas on the left and right sides were a dragon and a phoenix respectively.

They were outlined in very simple lines.

The reverse side was blank.

There were no designs on the coin due to the opening in the middle.

After all, the coin was not big.

It would look fancy if there were too many designs.

But even so, the coin in his hand still looked very exquisite, like a work of art.

“What a magical coin-making furnace.

The speed is too fast!”

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