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Ding, ding, ding, ding…

Until now, under the attack of countless lightning bolts, the figure of the enemy, who had been invisible all this time, was finally revealed.

A beautiful black-winged female angel wearing Black Battle Armor was holding a battleship while bathing in the lightning bolts.

When the lightning landed on her body, it was like torrential rain falling on a reef.

Although it caused a dazzling splash, it could not cause any damage.

Yades expression changed in shock.

While he was still thinking about who the woman was, Alicia had already raised her hand and clenched it.

Then, a large black hand instantly condensed in the lightning and reach toward Yade.

Roaring in anger, Yade gathered all his strength with the battle spear in his hand and thrust it toward the large hand that was grabbing him.


The battle spear seemed to have pierced into a steel wall.

The huge reaction force sent him flying backward.

Having missing her attack, Alicia turned her palm and changed the grabbing motion to a slap.

The large palm opened up and was raised high before falling down with the sound of wind and thunder.

“Master He Lande, save me…”

Yade estimated that with the attack power of the terrifying hand, if he were to block it with his spear, his body would probably be slapped into the ground.

At that time, there would really be no way for him to survive.

Dozens of meters behind him, there were more than a dozen warriors in Black Battle Armor protecting Master He Lande.

They waved their magic staffs, and magic attack after magic attack flew out like rain.

They were the people who were in the best situation on the battlefield.

Hearing Yades cry for help, Master He Lande stopped moving his hands for a moment.

Then, He Lande raised his hand and clenched it.

An invisible hand appeared and brought Yade to his side.

In a short moment, he judged that the strength of the Kingdom of Dawn was far beyond their expectations.

And as the leader of the intimidation operation, Yade had a trump card.

Therefore, even though the situation was critical, He Lande still saved Yade.

“Yade, hurry up and use your trump card.

Do you want to die”

Just as he saved Yade, Alicias attack also landed on the ground.


The earth trembled.

The surrounding soldiers, regardless of whether they were friends or foes, were shaken until they lost their footing.

Fortunately, Alicias figure followed closely behind.

Sword lights killed the other soldiers one after another, which did not cause any accidental casualties.

Turning her head to look at the black-robed old man who had rescued Yade, Alicia could clearly sense the aura of death emanating from his body.

“The Undead race” Alicia showed an interested expression.

As a Fallen Angel, she once had an ultimate skill called Wings of Death.

However, as her rank and strength increased, Wings of Death had become a thing of the past.

Now, she had a deeper understanding of the Death Law.

The original Wings of Death had also been broken down into several skills.

At the moment, when she saw the strong warrior from the Undead race, she couldnt help but show excitement.

Meanwhile, looking at the woman in Black Battle Armor and the pair of black wings behind her, He Landes face immediately became serious.

“Fallen Angel”

Alicia revealed a faint smile.

She had no intention of talking to him.

Her only response was a sharp sword light.

The sword light was surrounded by dark and dull energy, carrying an extremely dense aura of death.

He Lande had prepared for it.

The moment the sword light appeared, black shields formed in front of him.

Those black shields emitted a thick black light.

They were like terrifying vortexes, like the mouth of an abyss.

Bang, bang, bang…

The sword light cut through seven magic shields in a row before finally dissipating.

Meanwhile, He Landes expression was extremely ugly.

If he did not have sufficient research on the Dark Magic Shield, he would not have been able to condense seven magic shields in such a short period of time.

Then, he would have been hit by the opponents attack.

Yet, it seemed like that was just the opponents most basic attack.

Fortunately, Yade had already taken out his trump card.

A white pillar of light soared into the sky and condensed into a huge magic array in the void.

Then, a large number of figures began to appear.

Li Xiangs expression changed slightly.

He instantly raised the battle bow in his hand and shot out a series of arrows.

Before the first arrow hit the target, seven consecutive arrows had already been shot out.

Li Xiangs archery was simply overpowered.

As long as his gaze locked on, the arrows could be adjusted to lock on at any time, completely ignoring the physical rules.

Therefore, Li Xiangs gaze directly fell on the treasure that had summoned the array.

It was a golden round plate.

Magic runes were densely packed on it, flickering with a dazzling light.

Yade knew that it was a matter of life and death, and he could not fail in the summoning.

Therefore, he used all of his defense-type skills and activated all of his defense equipment.

However, he still felt insecure, and the anxiety in his heart grew.

“Master He Lande…”

He Lande naturally knew that once the summoning ritual was disrupted, it would be hard to say how many of them would survive.

At least, facing the Fallen Angel before him, he didnt have any advantage at all.

Thus, he went all out and took out his most precious treasure.

In an instant, a golden light flashed and directly enveloped Yade and the summoning treasure, forming a golden light shield.

Almost at the same time, Li Xiangs arrow arrived.


A layer of ripples appeared on the golden light shield, and the arrow instantly exploded into pieces.

However, before the ripples could spread out, the second arrow arrived.


A ripple appeared on the golden light shield.

Following that, the third arrow descended, directly piercing through the golden light shield and landing on the second defense.


The arrow directly pierced through and exploded on the third defense.


The resultant flames destroyed the 3rd defense.

Following that, the 4th arrow pierced through the remaining 3 defenses, and a total of 6 layers of defense were destroyed.

Yade and He Landes expressions changed, but they did not know how to react.

The speed of the remaining 4 arrows was too fast as they landed on the golden summoning disc.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Four consecutive explosions rang out, and the summoning in the sky, which had already started to solidify, instantly fell into a trance.

Those who had been summoned naturally saw the scene on the battlefield, and all of them let out furious roars.

One of the Three-eyed race experts in Golden Battle Armor roared as he stretched out a palm, intending to pierce through the void to attack.

A vortex instantly formed in the sky, and a huge hand suddenly grabbed Li Xiang.

However, Li Xiangs expression did not change, and his face carried a cold and murderous smile.


A sword light that could pierce through the sky and the earth flashed and arrived.

It did not receive any obstruction, and it cut off the approaching arm.


Appearing as an illusory figure in the sky, the Three-eyed race expert who attacked held his broken arm and cried out in pain.

The others looked toward the sky in horror but did not see anything.

Everyones expressions became very ugly.


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