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Two barrages of arrows soared into the sky, allowing Li Xiang and the army behind him to see clearly.

Li Xiangs gaze turned cold.

With a thought, he instantly activated his halo skills.


Li Xiangs halo skills had undergone a qualitative upgrade.

The range of his halo skills had expanded from a radius of 31 to 93 miles.

Although it was not a tenfold increase, it was enough to cover the entire battlefield.

In the distance, the ordinary humans who were rained down on by arrows were naturally within the range of his halo skills.

Immediately, five halos appeared beneath the feet of all the humans.

At the same time, the two characteristics of the Black Tortoise Battle Armor were activated.

Within a range of 100 kilometers, the defense of all the allies was increased by three times, and all their recovery abilities were increased by three times.

However, that was not all.

Behind her, Yang Mi also activated her legion skills.

In an instant, a circle of shield lights appeared on everyones bodies.

That was one of the characteristics of her equipments skills.

It gave all allies a shield.

The shields defense was 50% of her own defense and could last for 30 seconds.

Although there was a time limit, with Yang Mis current rank and strength, ordinary arrows couldnt deal much damage to her.

Nevertheless, the shield blocked the incoming damage, and the perfect rank 10 times reflect damage halo under her feet reflected all damage back as true damage.

Thus, everyone saw an extremely shocking scene.

The Blood Moon Wolf race and the Silver Moon Wolf race shot their arrows, quickly put away their battle bows, drew their weapons, and prepared to charge into the crowd and start a massacre.

The arrows landed on the humans who were at a loss, but they were blocked by the Phantom of the Light Shield that suddenly rose, and didnt cause any damage to anyone.

However, in the next moment, the Wolf race warriors who were ready to charge suddenly had blood spurting out of their bodies.

They let out shrill screams, and even fell off their mounts.

The Blood Moon Wolf race and the Silver Moon Wolf race had a total of 200,000 members.

However, after one arrow was fired, at least one-third of them were either dead or injured.

The remaining two-thirds of them also fell into confusion and chaos.

Li Xiang raised his head slightly and looked at the sky.

A battle bow suddenly appeared in his hand.

Four arrows were instantly placed on the battle bow.

Almost without aiming, they were shot out in an instant.

“Falling Moon Arrows!”

After the four arrows were shot out, they turned into four beams of white light and disappeared into the four magic battleships.

On the battleships, Yade and the others who were waiting to see the humans go crazy with rage and on standby to attack with the Magic Cannons were dumbfounded.

“Halo skills But its too ridiculous.

Those ordinary humans are so weak, they wouldnt reflect much damage even after being killed.

Whats going on”

“Not good! Sir, our airships power system has been sealed by a strange force.

We are falling, we are falling!”


On the ship, Yades originally calm expression instantly changed drastically.

“Quick, order the other battleships to launch an attack.

Launch an all-out attack!”

Unfortunately, it was too late for him to react.

The biggest ability of Li Xiangs Falling Moon Arrows was not to kill the enemy, but to seal them.

Tobe more precise, it was sealing all energy circulation and interfering with all energy usage.

That was also the reason why Li Xiang was still confident in leading his army to charge over after knowing that the enemy had eighteen magic battleships.

Li Xiang did not stop at all.

In two breaths, he shot out a total of eighteen Falling Moon Arrows.

After shooting, he suddenly raised his hand and waved it toward the sky.

A streak of blood-red light transformed into a long dragon and flew up, then suddenly descended.


The earth shook, and a huge blood-red city wall spread out with the Human races path as the center.

“Zhao Sheng, go up to the city wall and defend.

Dont forget what I warned you before.


After saying that, Li Xiang ignored him and once again raised his hand and pointed at the empty land not far behind him.

In an instant, they communicated with the Cross-Border teleportation array, and a huge array diagram appeared on the land.

“Alice, take down those battleships.

Those ships are for our future use.

Dont destroy them.”

Without needing Li Xiang to say anything, Alice and the others had already flown out, looking for their targets to charge at.

In addition to Alice, Alicia, Yafei, Mia, and Kyla, there was also the Demon Hunter, the Vine Whisker Demon, and the Black Wing Demon commanders who had been hiding in the surroundings with their tens of thousands of subordinates.

However, Ye Xi did not participate in the attack.

Instead, she flew high into the sky and looked down at the entire battlefield, ready to deal with any possible changes and dangers.

After Li Xiang activated the Cross-Border teleportation array, he led 10,000 Dread Fiend Cavalry and waited for the arrival of the army led by Lys.

Although the Cross-Border teleportation array was convenient, it was also very dangerous.

If it was disrupted during the teleportation process, there might be very serious consequences.

Moreover, the hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the City of Dawn were waiting for the teleportation, so there was no room for any accidents.

Yades face was ashen as the airship fell, and there were flashes of lightning in his green eyes.

At that moment, the golden robe on his body had disappeared, and it was replaced by an exquisite and gorgeous Golden Battle Armor.

He held a golden spear in his hand, and with a roar, he jumped down from the airship and charged toward the nearest human.

However, just as he jumped out of the airship, a shrill sword light flashed past.

Without any warning, the sword light inexplicably appeared in front of his neck as if it had teleported.

Yade could be considered a veteran general, but he was still frightened by the sword light.

His hair stood on end, and his eyes were almost bloodshot.

He focused all his energy and attention instantly.

At the critical moment, he barely managed to block the sword attack.

However, before he could clearly see who it was, the sword light suddenly disappeared.

He did not have the time to be angry or afraid.

He immediately knew that he had been targeted by a powerful figure.

At the moment, he did not have the time to kill the humans to vent his anger.

He circled his spear and used all of his combat skills to take a defensive stance.

However, after defending for half a day, he didnt encounter any enemies.

On the battlefield, screams could be heard everywhere.

That was especially so where the nearby Three-eyed race warriors were.

They were quickly killed by the strange sword light attack.

That was the first time Yade had seen such a terrifying attack.

He couldnt even see the enemy, so how was he supposed to deal with them

“Ah! The descent of lightning!”


Yade had no choice but to use his trump card.

In an instant, with him at the center, countless lightning bolts burst out from the eye on his forehead.

Everything within a radius of ten thousand feet was covered by his lightning bolts.

Ten thousand feet was a large area with a radius of three thousand meters.

From the outside, it seemed as if a hemispherical lightning field covered the region.


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