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“The Star Spirit will always assist you, Master!” The Star Spirit then thought of something and hurriedly said, “Master, if you want others to touch the Star Web, then you need a medium.

And on this medium, you need to fuse a star rune.”

As she spoke, realisation hit her, and she projected a ray of starlight into Li Xiangs mind, allowing him to instantly understand what a star rune was.

A star rune was the key to connecting the medium and the Star Web.

Only with the star rune could the so-called medium unlock its full potential.

No one knew about the existence of the Star Web yet, and it could be considered as a key trump card of the Kingdom of Dawn.

The existence of the Star Spirit was also a top secret among top secrets.

Her strength could not be easily exposed.

Li Xiang regained his consciousness and returned to the main hall.

At that time, besides Alice, Mia, and the other demons and angels, Yang Mi and the others, who had just left, had also arrived at the Great Hall.

When the Star Web had been activated previously, there seemed to be no movement, but as the core members of the Kingdom of Dawn, they naturally knew that something must have happened, so they gathered there.

“What happened Is it the effect of the True Vision Crystal Ball that I gave you just now” Yang Mi asked curiously.

Li Xiang smiled and nodded.

“Thats right! The True Vision Crystal Ball that you gave me was a great help.”

“Thats good to hear.

Then what was the commotion before”

Li Xiang said straightforwardly, “I borrowed the True Vision Crystal Ball and combined it with another rare treasure to create a divine object that you wouldnt expect.

Its very important to everyone in the Kingdom of Dawn, including myself.”

Zhou Yutong asked anxiously, “What kind of divine object is it Hurry up and say it!”

Since Zhou Yutong and her group were on relatively casual terms with Li Xiang, they chatted less reservedly.

The demons and angels didnt think much about it.

If it were anyone else who dared to talk to Li Xiang like that, they would have already pulled out their swords.

“Star Net! What is that”

Li Xiang smiled smugly.

“Do you know about the internet Its functions are even more powerful than the Internet.”

“Ah” This time, Yang Mi and the others were shocked.

The demons and angels obviously did not know much about the internet, so Li Xiang explained, “Just treat it as an existence similar to the Demon Web.”

This time, even the demons and angels were shocked.

After all, the Demon Web that they knew was created by a real God, an existence that could create a civilization.

And Li Xiang told them that the Kingdom of Dawn would have the same thing appearing, so how could they not be shocked

“Really How is that possible There is no technology to support the development of the internet here!”

“If its equivalent to the Demon Web, the amount of energy required is enormous.

And the amount of knowledge required to understand the rules and even the laws is simply impossible!”

Whether it was Yang Mi and the others or the angels and demons, they all had incredulous expressions on their faces and raised their doubts.

Li Xiang was not surprised by that.

He only said indifferently, “What if this rare treasure surpasses the divine grade”

Everyone was stunned.

A rare treasure that surpasses the divine grade How was that possible

That was even more unbelievable.

Rare treasures were extremely uncommon to begin with.

Now, a rare treasure that surpassed the divine grade actually appeared

“Li Xiang, are you kidding us We dont even know what rank is above the divine grade!”

Although Yang Mi had great faith in Li Xiang, she still could not believe it.

“Above divine grade is the Holy Light grade! However, I have already integrated this treasure into the Lords Cornerstone.

Even if you want to see it, you wont be able to.

However, you will be able to feel its effects in the future.”

Seeing that Li Xiang was speaking so confidently, everyone had no choice but to believe him.

Li Xiang was the king of the Kingdom of Dawn.

There was no way he would lie to them on such a matter.

“Country Lord, when can we use the Star Web Do we need to communicate using our divine power”

Li Xiang shook his head.

“That would be too troublesome and not very user-friendly! Moreover, I dont plan to develop it into an existence like the Demon Web for the time being.

Most importantly, the Star Web has just been launched, and there are still many imperfections in its functions.

I still need time to sort them out.”

He continued, “Now, the most important thing for us is to solve the communication medium with the Star Web.

As for this medium, I have decided to bind it to ones identity card.

However, we still need a set of rules for logging into the Star Web.”

Li Xiang couldnt help but feel a little conflicted when he thought of those complicated things.

At that moment, Yang Mi suddenly recalled something.

With a serious expression, she said, “Li Xiang, not long ago, I received an order from the Alliance of Gods to exchange all the crystal coins we have with them for Demon Nucleus.

If we refuse, we will face punishment from them!”

“What” Li Xiang frowned, and his expression instantly turned cold.

Hou Chun had only left for a few days, but the Alliance of Gods had already appeared and even issued an order.

Who gave them the courage to directly order the Kingdom of Dawn

Yang Mi saw Li Xiangs reaction and knew that the so-called order had angered Li Xiang.

However, when she thought of the punishment mechanism listed in the announcement, her expression couldnt help but be filled with worry.

“Li Xiang, dont be in a hurry to get angry.

The Alliance of Gods has existed for countless years and has stood tall on the Myriad World Continent.

They definitely arent to be messed with.

If we offend them, our future situation will be even more difficult.”

“Oh What else did they say”

“They didnt directly threaten us, but they released an announcement on the World Channel and leveraged on their authority to pin it at the top.

The content on it is indeed not to be ignored.”

When Li Xiang heard that, he said, “Then Ill go and see what these people have said!”

With a thought, he opened the system interface.

After clicking on the World Channel, a translucent light screen instantly appeared in front of his eyes.

At that moment, a large amount of information was rapidly refreshing on the light screen.

And at the top of the light screen was a notice that read: “Notice from Alliance of Gods: newcomers who have recently arrived in the Myriad World Continent, please feel free to contact the alliance and exchange the crystal coins in your hands for Demon Nucleus.

If you refuse, the alliance has the right to reject any form of communication and exclude you from our Trade Channel.

Please consider it carefully!”

The announcement didnt seem like much, but those who had some understanding of the Myriad World Continent knew that the Alliance of Gods was established by the Eight Great Divine Races and had countless other races joining it.

They were incredibly powerful and influential.

If one offended the Alliance of Gods, it would definitely be difficult for them to advance in the Myriad World Continent.

“The Alliance of Gods is so overbearing! Why do I have to exchange my own crystal coins for their Demon Nucleus I can use them however I want!”


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