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Naturally, Li Xiang valued his first follower more.

However, as the Lord of Dawn, he did not need to show himself to communicate with him.

He just needed to keep an eye on him and give him a reward at the right time.

Under the purification of Exorcism Tianyin Tree, the 3,200 Black Dragon Knights completely dispelled the evil energy in their bodies.

Although their strength had decreased, they had gained a new life.

They mounted their warhorses again, put down their masks, and gathered their aura once again.

It was only now that Li Xiang brought a group of heroes to the front of everyone.

“From now on, you are my subordinates.

I am the Lord of Dawn, your savior, and also the savior of this world!”

“Praise the Lord of Dawn!”

The Black Dragon Knights shouted in unison.

Torres, who was at the front of the line, even had a hint of fanaticism in his eyes.

Although he did not see how powerful the Lord of Dawn was, the fact that he was able to purify more than three thousand people and extract evil in such a short time by using a treasure, was enough to prove that he was not simple.

Before he was corrupted by evil, he had tried countless methods to extract the evil aura from the corrupted persons body.

But all of them failed.

Not only him, even the archbishop of the god of the sun, whom they worshipped, could not do anything about the evil energy.

The only method was to burn all the corrupted people to death.

But this method was too cruel and could not solve the problem at all.

In the end, the archbishop whom he had always respected had become the Lord of Darks lackey.

Now, with such a person who could purify the corrupted, it meant that he could save more people.

Therefore, he was willing to join his subordinates and save this world.

The army was naturally not called Black Dragon Knights before, but after being eroded by dark magic, they changed their name to Black Dragon Knights.

At this time, Li Xiang had received dozens of Religion points.

After a quick check, he found that there were a few more believers.

Obviously, although these people were grateful to him, it was impossible for them to immediately have faith in him.

Since these people could produce the power of faith, he believed that as long as he brought them with him in the future, they would naturally have faith in him after experiencing countless victories.

He was not in a hurry at all.

“Torres, I have a question.

What is the name of that city”

“Your Highness, that city is called Kaelthas.

It is the largest city in the western province of Violet Empire, and also the core of Grand Duke of Thornsterritory.”

“How is the Grand Duke of Thorns now”

“He has been sacrificed to the Lord of Dark by Archbishop Victor, including the Grand Dukes wife and children.

All of them!”

Li Xiangs expression did not change.

He asked again, “So the one who controls City of Kaelthas now is Archbishop Victor, right”


“How strong is he How many armed forces are there in the city”

Torres told him everything he knew.

He said quickly, “Victor is very powerful.

He is a powerful archmage.

At the same time, he has been bestowed with the divine spells of the Lord of Dark.

He also has two treasures bestowed by the Pope of Dark.

One is the True Vision Crystal Ball, which can see anything that happens within a hundred miles.

The other is the Furious Dragon Badge.

I dont know the exact effect, but I heard that it can transform into a dragon.”

“As for the other armed forces, there are still five thousand city guards in the city, but they have all been corroded by the dark magic.

At the same time, Victor has an unknown number of elite guards with him, at least a hundred of them.

Thats all I know.”

Li Xiang nodded.

After hearing that the other party could transform into a dragon, he could not help but turn to look at Yafei and smile, “Yafei, youre the Dark Dragon Lady, and youre from the Dragon race.

Do you know what is this so-called Fury Dragon Badge for”

Yafei shook her head and said, “Unless I see the real thing, or else I cant be sure.

But since it can obtain the effect of dragon transformation, then its at least at the legendary grade.”

Torres listened to the conversation between Li Xiang and Yafei, and a look of shock appeared in his eyes.

He did not expect that the woman beside this mysterious lord was actually a real dragon.

Compared to Victors transformed dragon, this real dragon was definitely much more powerful than the transformed dragon.

At this moment, he finally felt that this lord was mysterious and unfathomable.

Then, he remembered that those people had called this lord the Lord of Dawn and the Country Lord.

Could it be that this lords true identity was actually a true gods clone or a saint

All sorts of guesses flashed through his mind, but he had the same expression on his face.

Only some emotions were revealed in his eyes.

“Yafei, since this knight is called the Black Dragon Knights, Ill leave them to you in the future.

What do you think”

Hearing this, Yafei was stunned.

Then, she looked at these subordinates and shook her head in disdain, “Theyre too weak!”

Li Xiang laughed, “Its precisely that they need your leadership since theyre weak.

If they continue to grow stronger under your leadership, that will prove your ability.”

Ya Fei thought for a moment and said, “If Your Highness can agree to one condition, I will accept this job!”

“Oh What condition”

Li Xiang was very curious.

Ever since Ya Fei was recruited, they did not communicate much and he did not understand her personality.

“I hope that Your Highness will build a dragon nest for me in the City of Dawn in the future, just like the abyssal plane and the heavenly plane of angels and demons.

Giant dragons are also a mythical race and are definitely not weaker than humans!”

“…,” Li Xiang did not expect her to raise the condition, “I really have no choice.

You also know that the formation of these two planes was due to various coincidences.

Of course, I can promise you that if I obtain the dragon nest one day, I will integrate it into the City of Dawn and make it your resting place.

What do you think”

Yafei nodded.

She was not unreasonable.

It was just that she felt a little lonely now, so it was understandable that she wanted to find a living place in the City of Dawn.

Meanwhile, in the city of Kaelthas, Archbishop Victor was in a state of anxiety.

Not long ago, the scene that he could see with the True Vision Crystal Ball suddenly turned dark.

He could not see anything at all.

He couldnt believe it, so he tried to look at other places.

It was true that the crystal ball immediately regained its function.

Under such circumstances, he immediately knew that the enemy had discovered his spying and had cut off his vision.

Although he did not know what method these people used, it meant that they were not simple.

“It seems that my decision to send Torres and his men over was a little hasty.

However, with more than 3,000 of them, it shouldnt be impossible to capture just more than a dozen people, right”


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