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Little Phoenix Qing Ying was only at about Level 80 and was still quite far from Level 100.

She might not know how to deal with enemies of the same level.

However, dealing with these soldiers was a piece of cake for her.

After killing these millions of enemies, Little Phoenix Qing Yings body continued to glow with the light of leveling up.

After leveling up eight levels in a row and stabilizing her level at Level 90, her bodys flames became denser again.

Initially, the golden flames on her body were still of a faint golden color.

However, at this moment, they were crimson gold in color, and their power had increased by a level.

That feeling of leveling up made Qing Ying excited and happy.

She continuously flew and cried in the sky as if she was dancing.

However, soon after cheering, she flew in another direction.

After experiencing the benefit of joining a battle, Qing Ying immediately became enthusiastic about these intruders.

Usually, Qing Ying would stay by Li Xiangs side and transform into the size of a house sparrow.

No one would notice her unless they looked closer.

She was so lazy before.

But today, Miss Phoenix felt that she could work overtime.

Lys looked at the Phoenix flying east.

His ugly face revealed a frightening smile.

Those who knew him well would naturally understand that was a sincerely happy smile from Lys.

Those who did not know him well would think that this fellow had some terrifying bloodthirsty thoughts.

He felt with the invasion of hundreds of foreign countries.

It would be inappropriate if he had almost no achievements.

If he did not have enough value, he would gradually become marginalized in the Kingdom of Dawn in the future.

Therefore, when Qing Ying flew toward the east, he led his army towards the west.

Qing Ying had annihilated Lord Rui Fengs team too quickly suddenly.

So, almost no one knew that a foreign Race Alliance Army of three to four million people had been annihilated so quickly.

The other battle lines were in full swing.


The Kingdom of Dawns East Front leader was the demon hunter.

Although he was an assassin and did not have many talents in military matters, he was still a top-rank hero with a high level of intelligence.

If his military talent was not enough, he had to obey and do what the leader told him to do.

Therefore, the battle on the east front had always been on the defensive due to the number of people.

He rarely took the initiative to attack, but he was careful and did not make any mistakes.

With the unique terrain blocking, they were like turtles.

They couldnt eliminate the enemy nor cross them.

In any case, it was frustrating.

At this moment, Lys sent a message.

“Modo, masters support will arrive soon.

You dont have to care about the rest.

Just protect the reinforcements from being targeted!”

“Huh! Huh”

Demon Hunter Modo was slightly confused, but he still expressed his doubts.


“Oh! I got it!”

Not long after the two of them hung up, a long crimson-gold fire shadow appeared in the sky.

After the clear shadow flew here, she immediately discovered the demon army trapped in a canyon by the foreign race forces.

Immediately, she cried out excitedly and launched an attack.

Below, the Foreign Race Alliance Army leader on the Eastern Front was from the Winged-human Race.

In terms of intelligence, he was much higher than the other races.

That was also why the army led by the Demon Hunter could only take the defensive position.

He did not know why when he saw the long fire figure in the sky, he felt a strong sense of unease.

However, Qing Ying let out a clear cry like a Phoenix.

The entire battlefield fell silent for a few seconds.

The leader of the Winged-human Races expression changed drastically.

“Divine Beast Phoenix F*ck!”

Even the leader of the Winged-human Race, who had always paid attention to etiquette, could not help but swear.

“Retreat! Retreat quickly!”

After ordering, he did not waste any more time.

He turned around and ran away with his guards.

He did not even dare to fly.

It was not that he did not want to fly but that he could not fly now.

The Phoenix seemed to have suppressed his instincts, so he could only run away as fast as he could.

The lords on this side were about the same as the number of lords on the Southern Front, but their reaction speed was fast.

When they saw that the leader of the Winged-human Race, who was also the leader of the Eastern Front, had turned around and run away, they did not dare to stay.

Furthermore, most people had already recognized the golden-red figure in the sky.

“Phoenix! D*mn it.

I will kill the useless intelligence if I get back home alive!”

Over a hundred lords instantly scattered like birds and beasts as they fled in all directions.

When Qing Ying arrived, she saw the millions of foreign race armies and was delighted.

However, she did not start her attack directly.

Instead, she swept her gaze downwards.

She remembered that after killing nearly a hundred foreign races with extraordinary statuses, she had directly risen to one level.

As for the other foreign races, she had to kill hundreds of thousands to rise to one level.

The efficiency was different.

Therefore, her current thought was to kill those leaders and their armies.

Therefore, when the leader of the Winged-human Race sped up and the other lords scattered, Qing Ying immediately caught sight of them.

These lords were leaders of a country, and each had a few treasures in their hands.

Therefore, they escaped at a fast speed.

That made Qing Ying extremely anxious and furious.

Qing Ying had just been born not long ago.

Her intelligence was similar to that of a human infant.

When a child could not obtain something they loved, their reaction would be throwing a tantrum, which usually gave their parents a headache.

Qing Ying was like a three-year-old child whose toy and delicious food had been snatched away.

That kind of grievance and anger directly erupted.

Li Xiang, who was in the castle far away, saw the restless Phoenix fire on Qing Yings body and could not help but feel sorry for the foreign races below.

Honestly, he had never thought he would win this battle so easily.

He had thought that he would experience an abnormally intense struggle.

But now, it seemed that he only needed the Phoenix Qing Ying to fight.

The fleeing Winged-human Race wasnt an idiot either.

He quickly sensed the terrifying aura fluctuations in the air.

He casually threw out three summoning tokens and activated them.

As long as he could stall this Phoenix for a moment, he could escape and ascend to the sky.

As for the Alliance Armys mission, it was nothing now.

What mission could be more important than his life

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three tokens, one gold and two silver emitted a dazzling light and a berserk aura.

Although the Little Phoenix Qing Ying was powerful, her level was still low.

Under the influence of these three powerful auras, she was somewhat shocked and doubtful.

After all, she was still a child.

It was normal for her to be timid.

Li Xiang saw this scene from afar and said, “Alicia, Alice, you two zones support the east.

You must protect Qing Ying well, and dont let her get hurt!”

After Alicia and Alice silently saluted, their bodies moved and disappeared into the east.

Little Phoenix Qing Ying was shocked by the three auras that suddenly appeared.

She couldnt help but feel hesitant.

When she didnt know whether to attack or not, two figures suddenly flew over from the horizon.

“Qing Ying, dont be afraid! We are here to help you!”

The succubus Alices voice came from afar.


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