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Ruth did not stop shooting the arrows.

After listening to their conversation, she quickly said, “This shouldnt be a problem.

We cant solve it, but Lord Li Xiang can.

I remember that the Kingdom of Dawn has a Starlight Fortune Pool.

Every day, it can condense a drop of Starlight Divine Water.

It can save anyone, even if its a fatal injury.

Im sure we can get it if the lord goes and asks for it.”

“Tsk, I dont understand the relationship between our three masters and Lord Li Xiang.

But I suppose a drop of Starlight Divine Water shouldnt be a problem.”

The three of them chatted and laughed on the mammoths back leisurely, but their attacks were also incomparably ruthless.

They would instantly get shot if they sensed a slight threat from the foreign race experts.

At this moment, Zhou Yutong estimated the battlefield situation and felt the victory was theirs.

It broke the foreign races mentality, and they were scattering out quickly.

It was just that there were many people, so they were still gathered together.

“Archers, attack! Form a team of 10,000 people and give it your all!”

After ordering, Zhou Yutong turned to Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue, “Sister Mi, Xiaoyue, after killing so many enemies, you should have accumulated many soul points, right”

“Yeah, I have almost 20 million soul points.

Killing one of these enemies will give me around 100 soul points.

Its awesome.”

“Then lets level up our halo skills to the maximum level! That way, our halo skills can cover an area of 10 kilometers, and we can cover more of our men!”


Yang Mi and Ning Xiaoyue did not hesitate at all.

They opened the system panel and quickly upgraded their halo skills from Level 50 to Level 100, but they only consumed less than 10 million soul points.

Unlike them, Li Xiang had only upgraded his low-rank EXP halo to Level 100.

He had only upgraded his other high-rank halo skills to Level 20.

However, even though he had only upgraded to Level 20, the range of his halo skills had reached 20 kilometers.

That was the advantage of high-rank skills.

Of course, the consumption was also insane.

After the three girls reached Level 100, the effects of their skills naturally multiplied.

It was reflected on the battlefield.

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They divided the 80,000 archers into eight teams.

One shot was enough to kill a group of people.

Ning Xiaoyue could not bear it and said, “Sister Mi, I saw many foreign armies surrender.

Why did they still kill them all and stay as captives Mining is also good.

They are all good laborers!”

Yang Mi said slightly seriously, “Xiaoyue, we can have captives, but not now.

Under the situation where we dont have the advantage in strength, we cant afford to be merciful.”

Zhou Yutong also said, “Xiaoyue, this battle is different from other times.

This is a war between races.

Will you be sad when you step on ants”

“Eh They are not of the same race, so do we need to show mercy Only a dead foreign race is a good foreign race! Moreover, I guess that Li Xiang is more ruthless than us!”

Ning Xiaoyue nodded and did not refute.

She was not sympathizing with the foreign race, but she had never seen such a tragic scene of slaughter.

She felt uncomfortable watching the lives of the living die one by one.

However, she understood after Ning Xiaoyue and Yang Mi explained it.

There was no need to show mercy in a race war!

As the archer army charged out of the castle, the rate of the million-strong army being wiped out doubled.

They wiped nearly half of the foreign race army in just a short hour.

However, the foreign race army wasnt powerless to fight back.

The headquarters of the foreign race army had long discovered the situation on this side of the battlefield.

Bang! “Gray Werewolf Lord is useless!”

The werewolf race leader slammed the table angrily.

The werewolf race had paid a considerable price to obtain the leaders mission for Gray Werewolf Lord.

They had repeatedly defeated the entire army and were about to be wiped out.

“Brother Wolf, it wont solve the problem even if we are angry now.

I originally thought this so-called Harem Alliance was just a useless alliance, and the three alliance members were only beautiful.

I didnt expect them to have such combat strength.

It seems that we have underestimated these three women!”

“What should we do now If we dont send reinforcements, Li Xiangs alliance lords will defeat the soldiers!”

Hearing this, the foreign race leaders also had a headache.

This time, they had arranged almost all of their bases in the Kingdom of Dawn to target Li Xiang.

However, they didnt expect the three women they looked down upon to have such ability.

It was beyond their expectations.

What was even more unacceptable was that they had incited 50 top-tier lords to besiege the three female lords.

Although the armys goal was to fill the last gap in the encirclement through the north, it was embarrassing now that they were on the verge of losing.

The war in the Kingdom of Dawn and the Kingdom of Elves had already alarmed countless human lords.

They had sent out all kinds of spies.

At the same time, numerous people were discussing on the chat channel.

“Has the Kingdom of Dawn stirred up a hornets nest Foreign races surround the entire kingdom.

Even if I want to go and rescue them, I cant get in.

They had blocked all entrances.”

“Hehe! Rescue them Its already good enough if you managed to get there safely!”

“This is what happens when you stick your neck out.

The Kingdom of Dawn is outstanding.

It has aroused the fear and hostility of the foreign races.

Theyre trying to nip it in the bud!”

“Enough! These foreign races are cruel, yet they all knew that they had to work together to kill the geniuses of the enemy race to buy time for themselves to rise.

However, looking at you all, you all seem smart, but in reality, you are just a bunch of selfish trash which can do nothing.

I will bring my army to support them now, and we will kill as many as possible!”

“Bro, dont get excited! Calm down! Even if you go now, you wont be able to help! Just stay aside and dont cause trouble!”

“What do you mean Are you looking down upon me”

“Im not! Dont you know your level What makes you think you are qualified to say that since you are only at Level 34 Do you know what the lowest level soldier on the battlefield is Level 50.

That is the lowest level soldier, and its a foreign race soldier!”


I sent a team of scouts over and found that the average level of the foreign race army has reached Level 40 to Level 50, and there are even some Level 67 or Level 70 powerful soldiers among them.”

“Can the Kingdom of Dawn defend against such an attack Its going to be a close call this time!”

“Dont worry about it.

As one of the lords of the Kingdom of Dawn, let me tell you that even I, a Level 45 mage, cant detect the level of the soldiers of the Kingdom of Dawn.

The information displayed is all question marks.

Tell me! What do you think this means Oh, right, my detection spell is of high rank!”


“Its terrifying.”

Instantly, the lively chat channel fell silent.


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