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He picked up the jade bottle and poured the water down.

A drop of water that flickered with seven-colored light dripped down, landing directly on the tender branches and leaves of the small sapling.


As this drop of Starlight Divine Water fell, the entire small sapling instantly emitted a strange light.

Its originally listless appearance instantly disappeared.

It became spirited, and even growing slightly.

Although it didnt grow much, one could still notice this with naked eyes.

This was the World Tree, and it was definitely an existence of divine grade or above.

To be able to let such a treasure grow in an instant, the water was already a peerless treasure.

Li Xiang didnt know what functions this thing could have after it grew up.

It seemed like if he wanted to nurture and grow it, he wouldnt be able to see any changes for at least three to five years.

If the Starlight Fortune Pool couldnt increase its output, then this miraculous Starlight Divine Water could only be used on the World Tree.

Seeing that the World Trees status was getting better and better, he heaved a sigh of relief.

In reality, such a treasure wasnt something that someone at his level should have.

But who knew that there would actually be a World Tree seed in Evernight Continent, and it was even on the first level.

Such an opportunity mustnt be missed.

In the next few days, Li Xiang had been sorting out the various changes that had occurred after the main city had leveled up.

[Country Lord: Li Xiang]


[Level: 100]

[Talent: Starlight Shrine (divine grade), Territory Devour (can upgradeable, currently S-Rank)]

[Strength: 1,300 (affects soldiers attack)]

[Agility: 1,300 (affects soldiers attack speed, movement speed, and critical rate)]

[Intelligence: 1,200 (affects soldiers skill release efficiency and power)]

[Vitality: 1,200 (affects soldiers defense and HP)]

[Skills: Low-rank EXP Halo level 100, High-rank Damage Reflect Halo level 20, High-rank Sacred Flame Halo level 20, High-rank Splatter Halo level 20, High-rank Explosive Halo level 20]

[Strength: Extraordinary Gold]

[Country level: Feudal city-state]

[Countrys core services: Demons, Angels]

[Country Building: City of Dawn]

[Equipment: Legion Holy Shield (legendary) , Grand Armor (legendary) , Dragon-slaying Divine Bow (mythical) , Commanders Sword (legendary)…]

[Resources: Inferno Iron, water essence, Starlight Divine Water…]

In addition, Li Xiang sent two more Purgatory Furnace into Sky Workshop and also upgraded it.

The remaining one million Soul Points were used up more than half in this place.

But the effect was immediate.

With the guidance of inferno forgers, fifty Flame Demon blacksmiths, and fifty Flame Demon helpers, the quality and speed of making the equipment were greatly improved.

The making of equipment for his troops was also on the right track.

Evil Slaying Sabers, Black Scale Armors, Black Scale War Boots, and Black Gold Wristbands were all being mass-produced.

There were not many of them at the moment, but with the current production of 3,000 pieces per day, it would not be long before they could equip the entire army.

Only at this moment did Li Xiang finally heave a sigh of relief.

The news that Evernight Continent was about to descend brought him great pressure.

He had no choice but to deal with it carefully.

Li Xiang once again gathered his subordinates.

However, an awkward scene appeared.

On the left were six or seven demon heroes, while on the right was only the Judgement Angel, Mia, who was an angel hero.

However, Mias expression was extremely calm.

She did not show any signs of wanting to fight to the death with the demons.

Instead, the demons were filled with curiosity towards this light-type angel.

Li Xiang lightly knocked on the table, he said calmly, “The crisis of Evernight Continent is about to arrive.

Lys, you have to lead the Demon Legion to quickly clear out all the nests of the wild monsters within the borders.

You have to constantly clear them out while leveling up and collecting resources.

You also have to remain vigilant at the same time to prepare for any big battle that might come anytime.”

“Yes! But Your Highness, we still have two mythical-level nests left.

Im afraid that the army alone will not be able to clear them out!”

Li Xiang nodded and said, “I know that.

We can take advantage of the time we have now to exterminate these two wild monster nests.

It will be three months later when the next refresh happens.”

The refresh time of the Mythical level wild monster nests was once every three months.

Legendary level wild monster nests were refreshed once a month, while Epic level wild monster nests were refreshed once every half a month.

The lower the level from Epic level, the faster the refresh


The longest interval was only a week.

After the main city leveled up, the original Demon Castle had expanded into a small city that could accommodate one hundred thousand people.

Although it was only the lowest level of a city, it was still a city.

It was something that all the current so-called country lords could only admire.

After all, the Kingdom of Dawns current civilization level was already at the feudal city-state level, while the other countries were still in the primitive tribe status.

If not for the castle provided by the system, everyone would probably still be living in caves or straw huts!

When Li Xiang came outside, he saw four angels with each having a pair of snow-white wings following Mia.

These four angels were summoned by Mia herself.

Of course, the Soul Points used were all provided by Li Xiang.

He did not have many Soul Points left, and the angel force was weak.

Therefore, it was good for her to recruit some people by herself.

However, he did not expect that she only able to summon four angels using hundreds of thousands of Soul Points.

Although they were still at level 1, their attributes were not low.

At the very least, they were equivalent to the attributes of an SS-Rank hero.

“So cheap Their qualities are really high although there werent many of them!”

It seemed that Mia could see what Li Xiang was thinking, she explained, “The four of them were my guardian angels before, so the cost of recruiting them was very low.

If you want to recruit other angel warriors similar to them, the cost would be very high.

Each of them would cost at least ten times higher, which would be one million!”

Li Xiang was a little speechless.

He thought that he could take advantage of them at first, but now it seemed that he had overthought about it.

“Ill give you all the Soul Points obtained from killing the wild monsters this time.

You have to replenish your forces as soon as possible and form a combat force, so that we can deal with the crisis of Evernight soon.”


Alice and Alicia looked at each other.

Alice asked, “Your Highness, Alicia and I also want to recruit some guards.

I wonder if thats possible”

“Of course! But I dont have any Soul Points now.

Youll have to wait for a while to recruit them.

There are too few people on the angels side, so they havent formed a scale yet.”

A cunning look flashed across Alices beautiful eyes.

She asked, “Then what if we dont use Soul Points but other methods to recruit guards”

“Hmm Is there such a method Tell me more about it.”

Li Xiang didnt immediately relent but asked instead.

Judgement Angel, Mia, also raised her brows slightly and looked over indifferently.

“I have a secret technique that can transform other demons into our own guards, but the consumption is a little high!”

Li Xiang was stunned for a moment and asked, “Whats the conversion ratio”

“100 to 1!”

“That means 100 demons can only transform into one guard.

Then how many guards do you need”


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