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Chapter 2560: Loving the prince, but he doesnt know (6)

Peace Palace.

The palace that the empress lived in was one that was magnificent and luxurious.

Luo Qing Chen slightly knitted her brows as she lowered her head and went in.

“Empress, this servant has brought the person here.”  Yuer gave a bow before gesturing behind her with her right hand.

Luo Qing Chen immediately understood and quickly gave a bow, “Greetings to the empress.”

“Is it Qinger”  The empress behind the screen slowly came out with a bit of sadness in her eyes.

She came forward and took her hand as she said with a deep sigh, “This one has wronged you, wronged sir Luo!”

When it came to the Luo Family being beheaded, how could she not know that it was her sons doing

He was obsessed with that woman he brought back from Three Emotions Mountain and he did something so unscrupulous to marry her.

When she found out that her son was intent on framing Luo Feng, it was already too late.

Was it a trivial matter to contact another country  The emperor was enraged and gave the order to investigate this matter.

If it turned out that it was all planned by her son, then the crown prince wouldnt be able to keep his position even if he crossed seven dynasties.

In this situation, even if she knew that the crown prince had intentions, she couldnt say anything.

The Luo Familys sixty six lives would be a tool for the crown prince to the get the love of his sweetheart.

“Everything in life is impermanent.

 The empress saving my life is already Qing Chens blessing.”  Luo Qing Chen lowered her head as her lashes moved slightly.

Her voice was very cold, different from the shyness of the past.

The empress could hear this, but she had just experienced such a large matter, so it was normal that her personality changed.

“You can rest up tonight and you can stay in the Peace Palace with me in the future.”  The empress softly patted her hand, “There are many bad things in life, but this one promises sir Luo to take care of you.

 If you have anything you need, you can tell this one.”

“Empress.”  Luo Qing Chen kneeled down as her clear eyes dimmed.

 She looked up to say, “Such a big thing has happened to the Luo Family and my heart is like a mirror.

 This might be a bit hypocritical, but I have a request.

 I hope that the empress will accept this.”

The empress looked at her with a bit of mist in her eyes.

Whether it was the Luo Family or her, she had been wronged.

 Thinking of the shy young miss of before, she was now……

“Speak.”  The empress reached out her right hand to help her up, “If this one can do it, Ill promise you.”

“Thank you, empress.”  Luo Qing Chen said, “If I leave the palace now, I wont live long.

 Although the Luo Family doesnt have many enemies, there also isnt a lack of them.

 If I stay in the Peace Palace, it will remind me of my family and my heart wont be at peace.”

Luo Qing Chen paved the way for all premises as she looked up at the empress to say, “Why doesnt the empress send me to the Cold North Palace as a maid!  I just want to spend the rest of my life in a peaceful palace.”

“The Cold North Palace……”  The empress knitted her brows, “That is a cold palace and its very remote, do you really want to go there”

Seeing her dim eyes, the empress knew that this girl really was heartbroken.

She thought about it.

 If she stayed in the Peace Palace, she would meet the crown prince.

 Although she saved her life and the crown prince knew.

It was better to be out of sight.

“Alright!”  After a while, she said with a deep sigh, “Your monthly salary will come from the Peace Palace and you can find this one if you ever need anything.”

“Thank you, empress.”

The empress probably thought that she wanted to get away from the world, but it fact……

She just missed a certain someone……

Du Jiu Sheng, Im back.

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