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Chapter 2521: God! Mary Sue world (Part 63)

“Un, good!” Gong Yu Bai gently patted her head with a loving look.

He used to think that love was a burden to him, but now……

Without her, life seemed meaningless.

But these words were things that people with his temperament would keep in their hearts and never say.

In the end, Gong Yu Bai didnt hold Luo Qing Chens hand as he walked out of Star Group, but they were still firmly tied together.

Countless pieces of news came out that caught Luo Qing Che off guard, but satisfied Gong Yu Bai.

It was as if he saw the namesGong Yu Bai andLuo Qing Chen together, he would be very happy.

“Yo! Qing! How does it feel to be in the headlines every day” Sister Mi put a stack of magazines in front of her before crossing her arms to say, “I only have you as an artist right now and Im still so tired that I want to die.”

Luo Qing Chen sat in front of the dressing mirror as she looked at the stack of magazines in front of her.

The headlines on them made her feel awkward while she also found them funny.

“Large explosion: God Yu is filming a youth drama and the female lead is her”

“You Are More Shocking Than Time: Many kissing scenes! Are you borrowing the name of the nations male god”

“A female lead that missed a certain youth drama, but what was waiting for her was a male god!”

“Envious, envious, envious! God Yu will be acting in Li Yuans new drama which will be broadcasting in June next year.”


Over the next month, Luo Qing Chen would make a small headline every three day and a large headline every five days.

Although Gong Yu Bai and she didnt admit anything, she felt that her Weibo was already seized bygod Yus fans.

Good and bad!

She was a bit angry at first seeing the bad comments, but then she relaxed later on.

After all, there were many Gong Yu Bai fans.

The abstinent male god in their hearts was filming this youth damra with many kissing scenes, it was normal that they couldnt accept it.

This was mainly because Gong Yu Bai wasnt willing to announce his relationship with her.

But just what was their relationship

Without an official confession, they were in the gray zone of love.

Wasnt this considered ambiguous

“The filming will be starting tomorrow! I dont know why, but Im suddenly feeling a bit nervous.” Luo Qing Chen looked at herself in the mirror and revealed a faint smile.

Her face value really was high, it was definitely full points.

“What are you nervous about I should be the one who is nervous! I definitely cant wear high heels tomorrow.” Sister Mi shook her head with a bitter look, “Otherwise, if I fall, it will definitely make the headlines tomorrow.”

“The entertainment news”

“Being trampled!” Sister Mi said with a bitter smile, “Do you know how many fans of god Yu there are If I go out now, I have to be fully armed! Imsurrounded as long as the reporters see me, its very terrifying!”

Luo Qing Chen gave a serious nod after hearing this, “It seems like we have to travel cautiously tomorrow!”

“I feel that we should go out early tomorrow!” Sister Mi gave a nod in response.

“How early!”

“Three oclock!” Sister Mi thought about it and said, “I was still surrounded by reporters when I went out at five last time! Im not afraid of ifs, just afraid of that one accident!”

“Three……Three oclock!”

Luo Qing Chen had already thought of the pain of waking up early before thinking of the dark nights and then finally thinking of the reporters putting mics in her face……

She slapped the table and said, “Alright! Three it is, well leave on time!”

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