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Chapter 2175: My Family Wouldnt Have Been Forced to Abdicate

Ning Shu thought the talisman had successfully paralyzed the monster, but the talisman slowly turned black and burned to ashes.

The talisman was destroyed and the monster resumed its actions.

Ning Shus eyes widened and she kicked the monster away.

What the hell.

Did these things have any weaknesses

“Gu Rui, what hatred exists between us” Surrounded by so many monsters, Ning Shu was a bit flustered.

The monsters were as tough as steel, they didnt need rest, and they would endlessly attack.

There were so many that she was soon getting tired.

“If it werent for your Fang familys ancestors stealing the map, my kingdom wouldnt have perished, and my family wouldnt have been forced to abdicate, powerless to fight back,” Gu Rui said indifferently.

Ning Shu: Excuse me

What a joke.

A map could cause the demise of a country

It was the royal family that perished, not the Jia Kingdom itself.

The rebels who ascended the throne slaughtered the royal family.

It was normal for changes to occur in history, yet Gu Rui blamed the Fang family for the Jia Kingdoms demise.

Ning Shu understood this very clearly.

It was highly likely that the old mans death was caused by Gu Rui.

This whole thing was so messed up.

Ning Shu also didnt know if the Fang familys ancestors had actually stolen the map.

The rise and fall of the kingdom actually depended on these undead monsters

Ning Shu was exhausted.

The monsters were so powerful that she couldnt kill them.

She couldnt find any weaknesses.

Ning Shu stared at the life-death bell in Gu Ruis hands.

It must be the power of the life-death bell that made these monsters invincible.

Ning Shu kicked away the monster in front of her, jumped off the rockery, and charged toward Gu Rui.

Ning Shu mobilized the spiritual energy in her dantian and appeared in front of Gu Rui like a gust of wind.

She tried to grab the life-death bell from Gu Ruis hands.

Gu Rui snorted coldly.

She already cracked the life-death bell and now she was trying to take it again.

“Fang Lanxin, dont force me to be ruthless,” Gu Rui said coldly.

Fending off Ning Shu with one hand, he slowly pushed her towards the monsters.

Ning Shu grabbed Gu Ruis arm tightly.

“If I die, youll die with me.”

“Young Master Gu, the most important thing right now is to get out.

The longer we stay here, the more dangerous it will be,” Cheng Mingzi couldnt help but say when he saw that the two were fighting.

Gu Rui stared at Ning Shu, who was holding his arm tightly, and snorted coldly.

“Let go.”


Gu Rui no longer bothered to talk with Ning Shu, so he dragged her towards the stone doors.

They were tightly shut.

“Young Master Gu” Cheng Mingzi looked at Gu Rui.

Gu Rui picked up the life-death bell and shook it slowly.

Seeing Gu Rui shaking the life-death bell, Ning Shu immediately jumped at him.

Her legs caught Gu Ruis waist and her hands wrapped tightly around his neck.

“Fang Lanxin, f*cking get off,” Gu Rui said coldly.

Ning Shu looked at Gu Ruis white neck and wanted to snap it.

Gu Rui wanted to kill her, so she needed to strike first.

“I advise you to dispel those thoughts.

If I die here, you wont be able to leave.” Gu Rui felt the grip around his neck getting tighter and sneered.

Ning Shu didnt say anything.

No matter what, she had to get out of here first.

Gu Rui shook the life-death bell and the monsters turned their unfocused eyes towards it.

Gu Rui chanted something, but Ning Shu couldnt hear what it was, even when she was so close to him.

Suddenly, a monster standing behind Cheng Mingzi stretched out its hand.

It pierced through Cheng Mingzis back and pulled out his beating heart.

“Ah…” Cheng Mingzi looked at Gu Rui in shock.

Gu Rui said lightly, “Taoist Cheng, Im sorry, but a life is needed in order for us to leave.”

Gu Rui ignored Ning Shu who was on his back, took the blood-splattered heart, and dropped it into a small hole.

Translator: Lili

Editor: Wheat

Translator: Kaho


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