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Chapter 6 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the End Times (6)

Without her, this System 168 would no doubt gone and went harming other girls instead.

What it wants is not a partner, but a puppet who can be tamed for its own benefit and does whatever it wants.

System 168 felt her killing intent and kept silent.

He doesn't believe Bai Tang had the ability to destroy him.

At most, Bai Tang now hasn’t found a way to it yet.

It took a quarter of an hour before the level ten lightning strike finally stopped.

The screams and cries of pain were muffled by the crackling of thunder and lightning.

"Life is like a mayfly, death is like morning dew, turning into flying ashes, oh no, it's all turned into ashes!"

Bai Tang jumped back in fright, but her face was full of smiles.

Among the ashes of zombies, however, there is a mass that is slowly gathering.

Bai Tang knows that it was Shi Minzhi.

She went over and squatted down, curiously observing.

A person with an undead BUFF that can't die even if he turned into flying ash under a level ten soul lightning strike.

It really deserves to be called an undead BUFF.

Oh please, this BUFF is beyond powerful, just like a cockroach that can't be killed.

Probably because the intensity of the lightning strike was too strong this time, Shi Minzhi's body was damaged too thoroughly.

Bai Tang patiently waited for a long time.

But his pile of ashes was still gathering so she simply brought his wheelchair over.

Since she couldn’t kill him, she will personally keep an eye on him.

This is a privilege that many people cannot ask for.

So, their first meeting was very pleasant for Bai Tang as she killed Shi Minzhi twice.

For him however, it wasn’t so good.

Without real strength, he could only rely on summoning zombies.

This method of killing one thousand enemies but losing eight hundred to achieve goals, apparently failed twice.

Bai Tang counted the stars and the moon all night long before Shi Minzhi was finally resurrected.

It's just that ——

"Whoa, bastard! You’re naked!"

Bai Tang kicked him into the ashes and rolled him several times before he was considered "dressed".

Poor Shi Minzhi didn't come back to life until he was hit by more than a dozen lightning strikes.

With his mind still crackling and buzzing, he was then kicked again by Bai Tang, making his mouth full of ashes.

Bai Tang leaped out several times, and the surrounding area within the radius of tens of miles was cleaned by her.

Until there was nothing left but the crackling of electricity.

The stadium exterior however, still existed because Bai Tang protected it.

After finally finding a clothing store, she took a few clothes and returned.

Without saying a word, she rolled up a piece of white silk on Shi Minzhi and perform a cleansing technique on him before directly throwing him a huge pile of clothes.

Leaving only one sentence, "Pick among them yourself, there’s no other choice apart from those."

Shi Minzhi had a splitting headache.

He was kicked right after recovering.

The pain made his body curl up and tremble.

And now there was suddenly a pile of clothes being thrown towards him and piling up like a hill, Shi Minzhi was almost out of breath under the pressure.

Barely crawling out of the pile of clothes and slowing down after a while, he was filled with resentment, grief and anger.

He wanted this woman to die without a burial place!

He took a piece of clean clothes and wiped off the dust on his body.

Even after dying so many times, his legs are still disabled.

Congenitally disabled, even resurrection cannot change it.

Fortunately, the dexterity of his hands are very high, and it is easy for him to put on clothes.

It’s just, what’s going on with the women’s bra and skirt here

Was this a humiliation to him

Had Bai Tang known what he was thinking——

Bai Tang: I’m innocent, okay (*ω)

She just took everything at random.

She didn't care about so much.

This pile of clothes was almost all the clothes in the store and she brought almost all of them.

As for the women's clothes, it doesn’t actually mean anything.

Saying it's a humiliation is really only him being overthinking.

After no longer hearing any sound of rustling clothes being put on, Bai Tang went in.

As a female god of killing, she really had no inclination of peeping at others' nudity.



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