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I stared at the roof in a sort of vacant gaze. My vision was blurry as silent tears spilt from the corners of my eyes. The wetness trailed down my face and onto my sides.

My heart felt heavy. There was a storm brewing in my mind and my emotions were a mess.

You left me.. I whispered into the darkness, at nothing in particular. But I imagined she was in the room with me right now as I spoke to her directly.

Anger overcame my senses and my eyes narrowed at the roof, I screamed, You left me!

I sat up on the bed and grabbed my lamp from my bedside table, throwing it at the mirror standing opposite me with full force. The shatter echoed in the room and the shards fell to the floor in a mess.

The tears fell freely as I fell to the floor and murmured, I hate you.. I hate you..

I didn realize when my mom had entered the room but all of a sudden, she was pulling me into a hug. I cried and kept on saying, She left me, Mom, she left me.. She broke our promise..

Shh, My mother cooed while running her hands through my hair and my back, Its okay, Aly. You

e alright.

I didn know how long I sat there crying in my mothers arms, or when Id fallen asleep, but I woke up in my bed later in the morning.

My mother had asked the school for my leave for a few days, but they didn care. So I had to go to school today unless I wanted to get suspended.

I dragged myself to the bathroom and cringed when I saw my puffed-up, swollen face in the mirror. It was going to take so much concealer to cover that up. My eyes were permanently red so I couldn do much about it. I was putting mascara on my lashes in hopes that it would somehow subdue my vampiric appearance when my mom popped into my room.

She was surprised to see me awake and frowned, Oh honey, you don have to go..

I didn bother looking at her when I said, You heard what the principal said. Besides, Ive already skipped twice this week.

Yes, but.. I heard her sigh then, Come downstairs when you

e done, Ill make you some pancakes.

With that, she closed the door behind her and left.

I looked into my small, round mirror at my dressing table since my large one was broken now. The shards were gone so only the empty frame was in place.

I grabbed my bag and left my room. Honestly, I wasn really hungry but mom will be angry if I don eat anything at all.

So I went downstairs into the kitchen and placed my bag on the dining table. I grabbed a glass of orange juice and was busy sipping it slowly when my mom said, Do you want to maybe come home early?

Its fine, Mom, I said in a dry voice as I stared at nothing in particular.

The car tires screeched against the asphalt as moms car slid to a stop in front of the school gates.

At first glimpse, the mansion looked straight out of some horror movie with some modern changes. Kids my age walked out of their limos with their chins up in the air as if they were entering the royal palace.

I slid out of the car, ignoring the curious glances that shot toward me as soon as I stepped out.

I had just turned around to close the door when my mom said, If you change your mind about coming home early, just give me a call, and Ill get out of here somehow.

To make her point, she shot a disgusted glance toward the school, and I almost smiled.

Stop worrying. Ill be fine, now go, I shut the door and walked away, lifting a hand in the air in farewell.

As usual, I ignored all the glances and continued straight ahead. Middle schoolers were brutal, everyone was whispering and shooting glanced my way.

It wasn very discrete, but it was definitely annoying. I grabbed my headphones and my iPod from my backpack and shuffled my playlist. It was better than hearing my classmates.

My teacher wouldn really care anyway whether I paid any attention or not. As long as I was present in her class and she was getting her salary.

She had made this clear on the first day. I was trying to get to my locker when someone blocked my path. I looked down in annoyance at Primera and her gang of dimwitted idiots.

Her voice was so high-pitched, that it grated against my ears despite the volume of my headphones being full.

So the psycho returns.. Killing your best friend wasn enough? She cooed and red flashes before my eyes.

I sighed to calm myself and tried walking away as I murmured, You really don want to get on my bad side today.

Unfortunately, she heard it. I was almost past them when the mushroom head grabbed my hair and pulled me back in front of them, Where do you think you

e going? We

e not done yet, crazy.

My eyes flashed in anger as I glared at her, and I lost it. I screamed and fire shot out of my hands towards her in a burst of power. The power was too much for me, and I sank to my knees in exhaustion.

For a minute, my senses kept blurring in and out of focus. Black and white spots danced in my vision and there was a loud beeping noise in my ears.

Then, slowly, it started to fade away and the screams of Primera filled my ears. I looked up in horror as the smell of burning flesh filled my nose.

I was frozen in shock at what I had done. My feet were stuck to the ground as the fire burned within my eyes.

I had no idea how long Id been sitting on the floor, staring at Primeras burning body when someone grabbed my arms from behind and dragged me away.

It was then that the reality of what I had done came crashing down on me. I struggled against my captor, screaming as tears flowed down my face.

My mind couldn decipher what I was saying, but it was something along the lines of, NO! LET ME GO! I HAVE TO SAVE HER.. I HAVE TO..

But black spots started dancing across my vision once again. The tears and the shock were too much for me to bear. I blacked out.

My eyes opened to bright, white lights. I squinted and turned my head away, groaning as my eyes hurt from the pain.

The white spots faded and my mothers face slowly came into focus. Slowly, I started remembering what had happened at school. My eyes filled with tears as I slowly whispered, Pri..mer..a?

I couldn see my mothers face clearly but I heard her say, Shes alive. In a very critical condition, I felt her hold my hand tightly and say in a broken whisper, But shes alive.

Oh.. I whispered in a sigh of relief.

But they

e going to take you away from me.. She continued as her sobs echoed in the empty room.

I frowned at her as I asked, What.. what do you mean?

But she continued sobbing. I felt something wet on my hands, so I tried to touch her face to comfort her.

Finally, she calmed down. My vision was a lot better by now when my mother sniffed and said, Primeras parents want you in jail for this. Im trying but..

Her voice started breaking again but I simply stared at her. It was expected. I had tried to burn their daughter alive which was technically a crime. I was simply grateful that no one would know about my powers. Most likely, they would conclude that I had a lighter or matchbox on me. Then, set her on fire in a burst of anger.

I was calm when I told my mom, Its fine, Mom. I deserve it.

She looked up at me with wide, teary eyes, What..?

But my voice was firm when I said, Mom, I almost killed someone.

I said it in a matter-of-fact voice.

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