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Chapter 29: “Your conscience had been eaten by a dog”

What they did not know know was the reason why Bai Ruo Qi was suffering this wretchedly was because of something Huang Yue Lie did. Earlier when she had helped her, she used a technique to manipulate her acupuncture points.

Not only would this immobilise her and prevent from using her profound qi to protect her, it also multiplied the pain she experienced by ten thousand times.

As a result, the pain Bai Ruo Qi felt from even a simple touch was equivalent to the pain she would feel if someone was slicing her flesh. Whats more, Cai Wei was vigorously slapping at her face

Very quickly, Bai Ruo Qi was slapped swollen and it was impossible to see any facial expressions. The only method in which you could sense any emotion from her were through her originally peerless pair of beautiful eyes, in which they contained pure despise.

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She had never felt this wronged before. Never had she experienced humiliation on such a level!

In all these years, it was always her who ordered people to press Bai Ruo Li to the ground executing those slaps from above, whipping her and using hundreds of different methods to torture her.

She always felt that Bai Ruo Li deserved it.

Who told her to be a piece of trash yet possess the title of the sole daughter of Wu Wei Manors true master. While she was a super genius, yet had to be below her

Moreover, it was said when Bai Liu Feng had died, he had left many cultivation resources for Bai Ruo Li. But after all these years of interrogation, Bai Ruo Li had not handed them over!

Bai Ruo Li this trash, what use she have by holding onto these cultivation resources. Only her, a talented person could use those resources. By not taking the initiative to hand these resources over was too untactful, just asking for a beating!

More than ten years, she had always been like this.

Who knew that on this day, everything changed.

Bai Ruo Qi, one of South Yues geniuses who you could count on your fingers, was trampled underfoot by her useless Third Younger Sister and firmly slapped on the face.

If you spoke nicely, then Huang Yue Li was disinclined to do it herself and asked a serving girl called Cai Wei to humiliate her.

While the old woman maid that Bai RUo Qi had brought over was still blankly lying on the ground. She didnt even know to protect her mistress!

Was her brain flooded with water Did she really believe that little sluts words, that she really was plagued with some demonic energy It was very simple to see that, that little slut used some underhanded methods! Why did no one believe her!

Her facing was burning with heat and pain, the blood within her stomach churning. Until she finally couldnt resist any more and spat out the blood. Eyes rolling back, she fainted on the floor!

Because Cai Wei couldnt dodge in time, she clothes were covered with blood.

Only then did she wake from her trance, indulging in the bliss of oppressing others and halted her hands.

Walking over, Huang Yue Li looked and nodded: “En, this seems about enough.”

Finally at the moment, that old maid regain her sense of self.

Bai Ruo Qis wet nurse, Mama Han struggled to pick herself up from the ground. Throwing herself to Bai Ruo Qis side, she began to wail out loudly: “Second Young Miss! Second Young Miss what is wrong with you Hurry and wake up! Third Young Miss, you are too cruel. You actually made Second Young Miss faint from those strikes! Also Cai Wei, you cheap girl cannot be forgiven either. Just you wait. Once the Lord knows, he wont forgive you! Wait for the day you will be sold to the brothel!”

Widening her eyes, Huan Yue Lis eyes displayed a hurtful expression. “Mama Han, how can you speak about me like this Look at me this good-for-nothing, how could I possibly make Second Young miss faint from mere beatings The reason why she fainted was because she had being plagued by demonic energy earlier. It wasnt easy to cure her, so she merely overdrafted her energy in the process.”

As she spoke, she walked over and pulled on Cai Weis hands, pointing to her body.

“Do you see the blood on Cai Weis clothes With the red blood, there are traces of black. That is the demonic substance within her body being expelled out! My familys maid disregarded her own safety to exorcise Second Sister of her impurities. Her hands have become red from the strikes, yet you still sully her like so. Was your consciences eaten by dogs”


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