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Su Yao hid in the bedroom.

“Then where are you now”

“Im still in the hospital basement.

Where else can I go” Qiao Xu glanced at Xia Wei beside him.

“Hey, to be honest, who is this gigolo Could he be your ex-lover”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Su Yao did not know who this man was, but she knew that this person had been transported out of Chu Yis secret passage.

It was extremely important to Chu Yi.

“Help him settle down.

Itll be even better if he can be sent back to China.”

“My ancestor, spare me.” Qiao Xu looked up at the sky speechlessly.

“Do you know what kind of existence Chu Yi is in Continent F He can cover the sky with one hand, understand Im already risking my life by helping you steal him out.

Now, all the flights are probably blocked.

Do you want me to die”

“Then what should we do” Su Yao knew that this man had a certain relationship with Xia Wanyuan, and Chu Yi valued this man very much.

She definitely could not let this man fall into Chu Yis hands again.

“How about this The most dangerous place is the safest place.” Qiao Xus eyes darted around and he immediately had an idea.

“Ill disguise this gigolo and leave him in this hospital.

This place is also close to the Chu family.

Even if they search, they wont investigate this place seriously.”

“What about you”

“Of course Ill stay here, Ancestor.

Youre still here.

Im worried.

That Chu Yi is like a lunatic.

If he does anything to you, I can take care of him here.”

“Then be careful.

Im hanging up.” Footsteps were already coming from outside.

Su Yao reminded Qiao Xu one last time and hung up.

When Chu Yi pushed open the door, Su Yao was lifting the blanket and getting out of bed.

Seeing Chu Yi, Su Yaos eyes were filled with a surprised smile.

“Young Master, I thought you wouldnt visit me again.”

Chu Yi walked in and grabbed Su Yaos neck.

“Let me ask you, did you enter my study yesterday”

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Su Yao almost could not breathe from Chu Yis grip.

She struggled a few times.

“Young Master… I…”

Chu Yi tightened his grip.

“Looks like Ive been too arrogant and spoilt you usually.”

Su Yao was almost suffocating.

She kept hitting Chu Yis hand.

Just as she thought that she was about to die, Chu Yi finally let go of her.

“Tell me, what did you see in my study What do you want”

Su Yaos eyes were red.

She coughed a few times and leaned towards Chu Yis feet, hugging his calf.

“Young Master, Ill talk, Ill talk.

I just want to confirm if that Feng Wuyou was burned to death.

I-I hope Young Master has already let her go.”

The moment Su Yao hugged his calf, a hint of disgust flashed across Chu Yis eyes.

This was what he felt that Su Yao was the least like Feng Wuyou.

Feng Wuyou would always stand proudly on the branch.

She would not wag her tail and beg for mercy like Su Yao.

Hearing Su Yaos words, the gloominess in Chu Yis eyes deepened.

“You didnt do anything else”

Su Yao widened her eyes slightly.

“Young Master, what are you talking about There are a large number of people guarding your study not far away.

Even if I really want to do something, I dont dare.”

Chu Yi knew that Su Yao was telling the truth.

He narrowed his eyes at Su Yao for a while before suddenly standing up and looking down at her.

“Do you know why I let you stay back then”

Su Yao shook her head.

“I dont know.”

“Because youre a substitute.” Chu Yi looked at Su Yao coldly.

“Youre Feng Wuyous substitute, so you have to do your duty as a substitute.

If you dare to enter the study without my permission again, even if you have a pair of eyes like hers, Ill dig them out and throw you out to burn you, understand”

Su Yaos pupils dilated, as if she had fallen into great shock and fear.

After a while, she came back to her senses and nodded repeatedly.

“I understand.”

Only then did Chu Yi leave.

In the room, Su Yaos eyes revealed mockery as she watched Chu Yi leave.

Substitute How much did he hate me He even wanted to find a substitute to humiliate me.

Its not enough that Im dead, but he still wanted a substitute to repay the hatred in his heart.

The commotion of Chu Yi looking for Emperor Xia Yuan was too great.

Not only did he get someone to seal all the borders, but he also got someone to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the people sailing on the sea.

Jun Shiling and Xia Wanyuan, who were far away in China, knew that Chu Yi was looking for an important person.

“Could it be that Feng Wuyou was discovered by him” Xia Wanyuan looked at Jun Shiling worriedly.

“Impossible.” Jun Shiling shook his head.

“According to the news from the spy, Su Yao is still in the Chu familys mansion and hasnt left.”

“Then” Xia Wanyuans heart suddenly skipped a beat.

“Could it be”

Halfway through her sentence, Xia Wanyuan swallowed her words.

She shook her head.

It shouldnt be possible.

The ancient tomb on Longqi Mountain lacked Xia Weis coffin.

Later on, after many investigations, the results showed that when the Chu family left China back then, they had once gotten someone to transport a very large thing away.

Later on, all sorts of signs showed that Emperor Xia Yuans coffin was in the Chu familys hands.

Xia Wanyuan originally wanted to say that Chu Yi was so ostentatious.

Could he be looking for something related to Emperor Xia Yuan After thinking about it, she felt that it was impossible.

“Xia Yu is already helping investigate.

Therell be news soon.” Jun Shiling comforted Xia Wanyuan.

“Dont be so worried.

Were going to a charity banquet later.

Ill accompany you to pack your things first.”


China held all sorts of charity galas every year.

In the beginning, these charity galas were used to raise funds for the needy people on a small scale.

Later on, the charity gala developed more like a gala that united the nobles and celebrities of all walks of life.

More and more money was collected, and the scale of the gala became larger and larger.

A small portion of the works at this charity gala were provided by Xia Wanyuan.

As a special guest, Xia Wanyuan participated.

Coincidentally, when Xia Wanyuan and Jun Shiling arrived at the entrance of the gala, they bumped into Su Yueran, who was accompanying Lin Qingyuan.

The current Su Yueran was even thinner than before.

Her face was pale and she had lost her spirit when she looked at people.

Seeing Xia Wanyuan, Su Yueran nodded calmly.

“What a coincidence.” Lin Qingyuan reached out to Jun Shiling.

Jun Shiling held Lin Qingyuans hand back.

The two of them faced each other for a moment before letting go at the same time.

After Lin Qingyuan and Su Yueran left first, Xia Wanyuan looked at Jun Shiling.

“I havent seen Su Yueran in a long time.

Her child”

“She was born.” Jun Shiling hugged Xia Wanyuan and walked in.

“However, just as she was born, she was sent back to Linxi overnight and placed by Lin Qingyuans side.

Su Yueran has no right to interfere.”

Hearing Jun Shilings explanation, Xia Wanyuan sighed.

When the two of them entered the venue and sat down, the gala was about to begin.

Xia Wanyuan had originally come to take a look.

Who would have thought that she would be shocked when the first auction item came out

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