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1402 Saving Emperor Xia Yuan

In the main residence of the Blue family, Lin Man was sitting by the window and reading the document in her hand.

Li Na stood beside Lin Man and chatted with her as she read the document.

“Didnt they tell us confidently before the screening that they didnt need any help In the end, they still couldnt compare to Xia Wanyuan” After all, she was the real head of the Blue family.

The current Lin Mans words had a hint of dignity.

“That Xia Wanyuan still has some ability.” At the mention of Xia Wanyuan, Li Na gritted her teeth in hatred.

However, she had to admit that Xia Wanyuan was not weak and was very difficult to deal with.

“If the production team needs funds, just give it to them.”

“Mm.” Li Na sat beside Lin Man.

“Mother, is Chu Yi really so kind Hes willing to help us in everything.

He doesnt seem to have asked us to do anything for him until now.”

Capital was traded with benefits, but Chu Yi had yet to reveal what he wanted from the Blue family.

This made Li Na feel a little uneasy.

“Who cares” Lin Man did not have much ambition.

To her, being able to become the head of the Blue family and enjoy endless wealth was already all her vision.

“What he wants is at most the business line of the Blue family.

Its not impossible to give him some.

Anyway, the Blue familys business is so big.”

Lin Man gradually dispelled the uneasiness in Li Nas heart.

“Mother, youre right.”

At this moment, in Continent F, Chu Yi was checking on Xia Weis condition in the ward.

“Can he be saved”

The doctor shook his head.

“This persons body is very strange.

All the data clearly show that hes very healthy, but he cant wake up.”

Hearing the doctors words, Chu Yis heart skipped a beat.

Could it be that as the black-robed man had said, the loss of Emperor Xia Yuans soul was the reason why he could not wake up for a long time

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“Alright, I understand.” Chu Yi glanced at Xia Wei on the bed and strode out.

“Take good care of him.

Dont let anything happen.”

“Yes.” Chu Yi walked quickly and did not notice that after he left, a dark glint flashed across the doctors eyes.

“Im going in for a routine checkup.

The nurse went to get the medicine and will be back later.” The doctor looked at the bodyguard and handed the identification certificate in front of him to him.

Everyone had seen the doctor talking to Chu Yi just now.

Now, they let down their guard and placed the doctor in the ward after checking his identification.

At this moment, outside the hospital, Chu Yi was about to get into the car when his expression suddenly changed and he quickly retreated.

“Go to the ward!! Theres something wrong with the doctor!!”

Everyone immediately moved.

The bodyguard hurriedly barged into the ward when he received the news.

However, the room where Xia Wei had been lying just now was completely empty.

Chu Yi walked in and touched the temperature on the bed.

“He hasnt gone far.

Even if you have to dig three feet into the ground, you have to find him for me!!”

“Yes.” The bodyguards immediately dispersed to look for him.

Looking at the empty bed, a dark glint flashed across Chu Yis eyes.

He called the black-robed man.

The black-robed man picked up the phone after a long time.


“Did you take Emperor Xia Yuan away”

The black-robed man was reading the ancient book in front of him.

When he heard Chu Yis words, he instantly stood up.

“What do you mean Emperor Xia Yuan is gone! Where did he go”

Chu Yi snorted coldly and hung up.

He strode out and continued searching.

At this moment, in the basement of the hospital, Qiao Xu took off his mask and panted.

Then, he contacted Su Yao.

“Ancestor, I was almost killed by your ex-husband.”

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