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Wang Hui wanted to be in charge of this matter.

Firstly, he wanted to cooperate with the resort to reap some benefits.

Secondly, he wanted to see if he could contact the resort first and take the hosting power.

As long as he was in charge of the venue, it would be easy for Xia Wanyuan to have an accident.

With this thought in mind, Wang Hui got someone to buy a pile of cigarettes and wine and entered the resort.

Shen Qian went to receive Wang Hui.

Wang Hui relied on his ability to call the shots in Linxi and boasted of his strong social skills.

However, he did not realize that the main reason why he could do whatever he wanted in Linxi was because the Lin family was standing behind him.

As Wnag Hui talked to Shen Qian, not only did it make Wang Hui feel that he had played Shen Qian around, but he had also sold himself clean.

After Wang Hui left the resort, Shen Qian relayed Wang Huis intentions to Xia Wanyuan.

“Just do as he wants.” Xia Wanyuan nestled on the sofa.

“Give him whatever he wants.”

Once a person like Wang Hui was let loose, he would completely let go of the dark thoughts in his heart.

What happened to Wang Hui in the end depended on how evil he was.

“Okay.” After saying what had happened at Wang Hui, Shen Qian reported the situation at Long Qi Mountain to Xia Wanyuan.

“Weve already detected that the magnetic field under the mountain is chaotic.

The professionals say that this is because theres a large amount of mercury at the foot of the mountain.”

After hearing Shen Qians words, Xia Wanyuan sat up from the sofa.


This time, she was even more suspicious of her thoughts.

“Yes, because of the mercury, they dont dare to dig down easily.

I contacted the professionals in Beijing.

Theyre on their way.”

“I understand.

Go back first.”

After Shen Qian left, Xia Wanyuan looked at the cultural relics sent by the professors of Nancheng University again.

They were all fragments and incomplete.

Other than being the products of the dynasty Xia Wanyuan had lived in, nothing else could be seen.

Thinking of the dream she had once had, Xia Wanyuan sighed slightly.

“What are you thinking about Why are you sighing” Jun Shiling walked over and kissed Xia Wanyuan.

Feeling the warmth on her face, Xia Wanyuan looked at Jun Shiling angrily.

“Dont kiss me for no reason.”

Jun Shiling sat beside Xia Wanyuan.

“Cant I kiss you Why are you so domineering”

“Then dont casually…” Ever since Jun Shiling came to Linxi, he had always kissed her when he had the chance.

There were a few times when others saw it.

No matter how strong Xia Wanyuans mental quality was, she would feel embarrassed to be stared at by others.

Jun Shiling leaned forward and kissed Xia Wanyuan a few more times on the cheek, his eyes filled with smugness.

“I just want to kiss.”

“…” Xia Wanyuan pushed Jun Shiling away.

“I want to talk to you about serious matters.”

“Tell me.” Every time Xia Wanyuan looked petty, Jun Shiling felt that she was especially cute and wanted to tease her.

“Tomorrow is the literature meeting at Nancheng University.

I want to enter the mountains the day after tomorrow.”

Hearing about entering the mountain, Jun Shiling took two steps back and the smile on his face faded a little.

“Ill go in.

Wait outside.”

“No.” Xia Wanyuan was very determined.

“I have a feeling that if I dont go, I wont be able to find that place.”

Jun Shiling was silent for a while.

It was useless for him to stop Xia Wanyuan from something she had decided on.

“Okay, Ill accompany you in.”

Xia Wanyuan took the initiative to lean over and hug Jun Shilings arm.

“Youre the best.”

Jun Shiling snorted softly.

“Dont give me that.”

Wang Hui successfully borrowed the resort venue.

Shen Qian sent someone to help him decorate it overnight.

The next morning, a large number of people set off from Nancheng University.

Many professors of the resort were already prepared.

Media reporters from all over the country surrounded the entire resort tightly.

There were even major video websites.

Because of Xia Wanyuans high popularity, a special live-stream channel was opened, attracting a large number of viewers to watch online.

[I want to feel the professors crush my intelligence.

Come, big shots!!]

[ Ever since I, a fish that slipped through the net after nine years of obligation, became Xia Wanyuans fan, Ive either been watching the painting and calligraphy exhibition, the literary exchange, or cultural science.

I almost thought I was a person who loved to learn.


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