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The matter had blown up so much that gradually, not only were experts and scholars from all over the world rushing over, but many netizens who were watching the show also rushed over from all over the world.

Linxi City belonged to the old city in the south.

The mountains and rivers were beautiful, but it was not famous.

This time, it became the focus of everyone.

More and more people came.

In the end, it became a hotly discussed phenomenon internationally.

International and domestic tourists swarmed over.

Gradually, the problem arose.

In the past, in Linxi, the passenger capacity was not big, so there were not many hotels and hostels in the city.

Thus, there was a priceless house snatching phenomenon.

The merchants had a sharp sense of smell.

Everyone saw this business opportunity in the congestion.

On the one hand, many merchants raised the price of hotels in the city to an astronomical price.

On the other hand, they also increased the price of tents and equipment that could be used for outdoor accommodation by several times.

The tourists were miserable.

Just as all sorts of merchants were waiting to earn money, the Moon Bay Resort, which had been silent for a long time, suddenly opened for business.

The Moon Bay project had always been built in a low-key manner and was rarely open to the public.

Now that it suddenly opened, it naturally attracted everyones attention.

Only then did everyone realize that such a huge resort had appeared out of nowhere in the suburbs of Linxi City.

Now, when there was a shortage of houses in the city, a large number of hotel rooms suddenly appeared.

The tourists, who were originally depressed because they could not book a room, wanted to laugh 300 times after booking a hotel in Moon Bay.

“Hahaha, what do you mean by life! My friend and I were about to die of sadness because we couldnt book a hotel, but in the end, we booked a hotel in Moon Bay.

Its very affordable!! But the quality of this hotel!! I can only say that! Its the best Ive ever stayed in.”

When some haters saw this Weibo post, they wanted to say that the blogger had never seen the world and claimed that he had stayed in the best hotel.

However, when they poked into the hotel layout shared by the blogger, the haters silently shut their mouths.

The Moon Bay project was not personally supervised by Xia Wanyuan, but as the main investor of this project, the aesthetic concept of the entire project was done according to Xia Wanyuans request.

The overall layout of the resort reflected “nature”.

When this project was built, Xia Wanyuan went against everyones objections and spent a lot of money to hire an entire designer team.

After a long period of research and discussion, she designed the now natural Moon Bay Resort.

There was not even a place that looked like a door in the entire resort.

It was irregular and uneven.

Everything was adapted to the original terrain.

Between the mountains and rivers, the small mounds and bags were all preserved.

The plants here were lush to begin with.

After the designers trimmed the original plants, they naturally placed some artificial flowers and plants.

The living water ran through it.

In less than two to three steps, one could see the clear lake with fish and prawns swimming in it.

[ Im so envious that Im crying.

I was originally happy that I snatched a hotel in the city, but now Im completely unhappy.

Compared to you, I feel that Im living in a straw hut.



[ So beautiful.

Where did you find such a good place to build this resort Im from Linxi.

I didnt know that the mountains and rivers in Linxi were so beautiful.


[ As a person who studies horticulture, Ive already knelt down to the design of this resort.

Do you really think the mountains, rivers, and plants are natural The tree outside the room where the blogger lived just now cant be bought without 300,000 yuan.

F*ck, it looks simple and plain, but in fact, its a natural beauty built with money!! The aesthetic standards of the resorts boss are really amazing.


In Beijing, seeing todays hot financial news, Xuan Li threw the cup on the table to the ground angrily.

“Why are they always so lucky!!”

Linxi had always been a low-key city.

Back then, when he saw Xuan Sheng and Xia Wanyuan working together to open a resort there, Xuan Li had originally mocked Xuan Sheng for not using his brain for a woman.

That lousy place did not have tourists or tourist attractions.

Only Nancheng University was more famous.

Which normal person would go there for a vacation In his opinion, Xuan Sheng and Xia Wanyuans cooperation would definitely lose everything.

However, he was wrong.

He did not expect things to develop to this extent.

Who would have thought that such a huge commotion could be caused because of Xia Wanyuan The gazes of the entire world were focused on Linxi.

“CEO Xuan, what should we do next” The assistant picked up the things on the ground and looked at Xuan Li nervously.

“Youre asking me! Who should I ask!” Xuan Li threw the document straight at his assistant.

“Get out.

Im angry when I see you.

If you were useful, I wouldnt be so annoyed.”

“…” The assistant quietly left.

At this moment, in World Glory Corporation, Xuan Sheng looked at the bodyguard Shen Qian had just sent over with a smile in his eyes.

Assistant Xiao Wang was very happy.

“CEO Xuan, Miss Xia is indeed a miracle.

She can actually make the entire Linxi a popular city.”

In fact, before the Moon Bay project opened, there were already professionals in the industry who had predicted the future of the resorts operation.

Actually, the prediction results were not good.

After all, Linxis size was there.

However, the design of the resort was indeed not bad.

Although Xuan Sheng and the rest were a little worried, they still felt that as long as it was operated well and the word of mouth spread over time, the business situation would slowly improve in the future.

However, no one had expected that on the eve of the opening, Nancheng University and Xia Wanyuan would appear.

Linxi became popular immediately.

Even on the first day of the resorts opening, the entire resorts hotel was filled with people.

It was really a good start.

As Xuan Sheng flipped through the documents, the corners of his lips curled up.

“Shes a miracle to begin with.”

The assistant was still smiling, but when he heard Xuan Shengs words, he could not smile anymore.

He looked at Xuan Sheng hesitantly, afraid that Xuan Sheng would take things too hard again.

However, Xuan Sheng seemed to be in a good mood.

After reading the document, he signed it.

“Alright, help me book a plane ticket.

Im going to Linxi.”

“…” The assistant was a little hesitant.

“CEO Xuan, you…”

Xuan Sheng could not help but knock his assistants head with a document.

“What are you thinking Other than liking Xia Wanyuan, Im also the second investor in the Moon Bay project.

Ill go and see if theres a problem with my project.”

The assistant chuckled in his heart and nodded repeatedly.

“Okay, CEO Xuan.

Ill arrange it for you immediately.”

After the assistant left, Xuan Sheng shook his head, closed the lid of the pen, and opened the drawer to look for the document he had just placed.

However, he used a little too much strength and accidentally pulled the drawer open.

A pile of things fell out of the drawer.

Xuan Sheng subconsciously glanced at the things on the ground and stared at a stack of small cards.

Xuan Sheng bent down and picked up the small card.

When he saw the crooked Chinese words on it, Xuan Shengs eyes darkened.

This was left in his drawer by Feng Wuyou back then.

Feng Wuyous Chinese words were not good, but she liked to practice calligraphy.

Back then, when she was with Xuan Sheng, Feng Wuyou would often use Xuan Shengs documents as the foundation for her calligraphy practice.

Thinking of Feng Wuyou, Xuan Shengs aura became a little solemn.

At that moment, Xuan Shengs phone suddenly rang.

Xuan Sheng picked it up and narrowed his eyes.

He pressed the answer button.

“Whats the matter”

“CEO Xuan.” Chu Yis voice came from the other end.

At that moment, Chu Yis voice had a hint of power and laziness.

He was like a lion that had eaten and drunk its fill.

He was lazy, but no one dared to underestimate him.

Xuan Sheng snorted.

“I dont dare to let Young Master Chu call me CEO Xuan.

Why are you looking for me”

Chu Yis hand that was holding the phone paused slightly.

“I want to ask, at that time, Wuyou…”

Before Chu Yi could finish speaking, Xuan Sheng interrupted him.

“Which Wuyou Im sorry, are you talking about Feng Wuyou, whose entire family was destroyed by you The Feng Wuyou, who was killed by you”

Xuan Shengs tone was filled with intense accusation and a few hints of pain.

Chu Yi was momentarily speechless.

He opened his mouth but did not say anything in the end.

“Why arent you saying anything” Xuan Shengs tone was a little sharp.

“Youve already destroyed Feng Wuyous entire life.

Is there a point in coming over and being hypocritical”

Chu Yi directly hung up.

Outside the room, Su Yao had just walked to the door when she heard Chu Yi call out to CEO Xuan.

Su Yaos heart sank, and she walked in with a calm expression.

She was wearing a light-colored floral dress today and a slender necklace around her neck, making her neck look slender and beautiful.

This was a lady outfit that Feng Wuyou would never wear.

Chu Yi looked up at Su Yao and his gaze rolled over her.

“If theres a next time and you dont wear the red dress I specified, you can get out of here.”

Su Yaos expression turned slightly cold.

“Young Master, but I dont like red dresses.”

Chu Yis expression suddenly darkened.

“How many times do you want me to tell you”

Su Yao lowered her head and did not speak, as if she had been hurt by Chu Yi.

Looking at Su Yaos disappointed expression, Chu Yi suddenly felt a little sad.

He pursed his lips.

“Look up.”

Su Yao looked up, her beautiful eyes filled with tears.

Chu Yi waved at Su Yao.

“Come here.”

Su Yao walked over and stood in front of Chu Yi.

Chu Yi reached out and pulled Su Yao into his arms.

Then, he gently wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes with his sleeve.

As if shocked by Chu Yis actions, Su Yao looked up at Chu Yi, her bright and innocent eyes carrying a hint of joy.

“Thank you, Young Master.” Su Yaos voice was sweet like a lily in spring, fresh and gentle.

It was completely different from Feng Wuyous enthusiasm.

Chu Yi was stunned for a moment.

He carried Su Yao on his lap and did not do anything else.

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