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Chapter 740: Doubt, you are the same person (Part 2)

Shi Yihan raised an eyebrow and said with a smile: “This pair of gloves is really good.” It was not easy to cut with a sword.

“Young Master Shis sword is not weak either.” Demon Lord opened his hand, revealing the scratches on his gloves.

“Same to you.” Shi Yihan raised his sword and stepped forward again with a light expression on his face. This time, Shi Yihan didnt approach but attacked Demon Lord directly with his sword.

The more deadly, the more effective. Shi Yihans sword was not a long weapon, but compared to Demon Lords gloves, his sword does have an advantage. If he doesnt make good use of this advantage, Shi Yihan thinks he would be stupid.

It was not the first time that Demon Lord has fought against people, nor was it the first time that he has fought against a master swordsman. As soon as Shi Yihan moved, he knew Shi Yihans intentions. Demon Lord didnt panic but retreated calmly. When Shi Yihan chased after him, he suddenly stepped forward, narrowed the distance, and then turned passive into active, making Shi Yihan unable to pull the distance between them.

“Why are your martial arts look familiar” Shi Yihan fought against Demon Lord at close range, and he was puzzled when he saw Demon Lords every move.

He seemed to have seen Demon Lords moves and techniques somewhere, but he couldnt remember it for a while.

“Is it familiar Young Master Shi can take another look.” Demon Lord didnt blink, and in front of Shi Yihan, he used the trick that Shi Yihan just made.

Every move was the same, and there was no trace of stagnation. As if he has practiced it hundreds of times.

“You can learn my moves” Is this person the legendary martial arts genius

“Young Master Shi, didnt you see it last time” Demon Lord said generously.

Shi Yihans expression changed and he asked seriously: “What is your relationship with Xiao Tianyao You taught him his Moon Shadow clone”

The first time Xiao Tianyao used the Moon Shadow clone in front of people was when he fought against Xuanyuan Zhi, the eldest prince of the central empire. At that time, he didnt use the Moon Shadow clone in front of Xiao Tianyao, and Xiao Tianyao couldnt learn from him.

“What is the relationship between this lord and Xiao Wangye have to do with you However, his moon shadow clone is indeed taught by this lord.” Demon Lord didnt give Shi Yihan a face, and only answered half of his questions.

“No, Xiao Tianyao also can also copy techniques, are you and Xiao Tianyao, not the same person” Shi Yihans mind flashed, but he quickly denied, “Impossible, you are different from Xiao Tianyao, you two are not the same.” The feeling was also different, and Demon Lord… became famous very early, while Xiao Tianyao was still being bullied in the Eastern Army. If he had that ability, how could Xiao Tianyao be bullied

“Hmph…” Demon Lord laughed mockingly but said nothing, just accelerated the offensive, forcing Shi Yihan to be exhausted.

Shi Yihan looked at Demon Lord, and repeatedly used his tricks to deal with him, which made him feel depressed: “Demon Lord, do you know how much trouble it will bring you to teach the Moon Shadow clone to Xiao Tianyao”

His mother was not easy to provoke, let her know that someone has learned the moon shadow clone without any guidance and taught the moon shadow clone to others. She will definitely take this person back and study it!

“So what Do you think lord will be afraid” Demon Lord raised his eyes, full of evilness, but also full of arrogance: “This lord will do whatever he wants, no one in this world can control this lord.”

While speaking, Demon Lord was already in front of Shi Yihan, and his right hand with gloves was to grab Shi Yihans heart, but Shi Yihan disappeared.

“What a beautiful moon shadow clone.” Shi Yihan ran fast, but Demon Lords movements were not slow. The moment Shi Yihan moved, his hand also moved, and then… …-

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