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Priceless Babys Super Daddy Chapter 8 - What a Refined Rascal

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Chapter 8: What a Refined Rascal

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–She decided to go abroad.

Previously, she had finished all the paperwork to go abroad, but eventually chose to give up for Chu Yuhes sake.

But now!

She had figured it out.

Going abroad might be the best arrangement for her.

Leaving Peijing, at least she could avoid Xu Jinshans domestic violence and Su Rui and Xu Xinrous persecution.

Just out of the Xu family, Xu Xiyan received a call from Chu Yuhe, who wanted to meet her.

Xu Xiyan sneered inwardly. This guy should be eager to get rid of her now!

In the cafe, Xu Xiyan saw a man in suit – Chu Yuhe.

In the past, his handsome face always made she feel like that he was the best-looking man in the world, but now looking at his hypocritical face, Xu Xiyan could only think of what a refined rascal he was.

He had hooked up with Xu Xinrou since a while ago, yet he could still put on an affectionate look for herself.

“So, why do you want to see me” Xu Xiyan sat down opposite him and asked quietly.

Chu Yuhe put on a bitter and sorrowful look and said, “I saw the news, Yanyan. Why do you have to do something like that behind my back Am I not good enough to you”

Good enough! So good that he could set her up and give her away to an old man in exchange for the interests of the company and himself.

Now, Xu Xiyan truly regretted that when he said that he didnt have enough funding to establish his business, she generously invested all the legacy left by her mother to support him in developing his career.

As a result, when Juxing Entertainment just started to take off, he could not wait to get rid of her.

It turned out that he agreed to be her boyfriend only to get his hands on her mothers legacy.

Now it was impossible for her to get the money back, because she thought they were together when she gave him the money and did not ask for any legal documents.

Xu Xiyan could only blame herself for her bad taste in men. She sighed. “What should I do It has already happened, and its not like I wanted it to happen.”

“Do you know how much it breaks my heart to learn that You have disappointed me so much. Since you cant treat me genuinely, we dont have to waste each others time. Lets break up, Yanyan.”

Chu Yuhe came up with the breakup at the perfect moment. According to his experience, Xu Xiyan must be heartbroken, hold his thigh and beg him to change his mind in tears.

However, what surprised him was that Xu Xiyan showed no sadness, and even smiled brilliantly. “Okay, then lets break up! Remember to transfer the breakup fee to my account! Half a million, not a penny short.”

Chu Yuhe, “...”

Xu Xiyan stood up and put down a note with her bank account number written on it. Without any intention to stay, she walked out of the cafe elegantly.

Half a million was not much to ask. If he was unwilling to pay her even that much, then he shouldnt blame her for taking Juxing into her hands in the future.

Looking at her beautiful back, Chu Yuhe could not come back to reality in a long while. Who had changed the script of his play

Why did he suddenly feel out of control

Xu Xiyan, she seemed to have become different

In order to pay for her travel, tuition, and living overseas, Xu Xiyan pawned her mothers violin for a hundred thousand.

She had a plan to buy it back on her return.

Before going abroad, she went to visit her mothers father. Her grandfather was distressed by her experience in the Xu family and supported her to go abroad. The old man got in touch with his son, Jing Zhannan, who was the head of JS Mercenary Group in Estan and asked the girls uncle to make detailed arrangements for her.

A week later, Xu Xiyan was about to fly away from Peijing. When she was about to enter the security check, she looked back.

Among the people coming and going, no one was here to see her off. She left quietly, without even telling her best friend.

Goodbye, Peijing, I will be back.

On the day of her return, she would make her dead mother proud and reveal the truth about her mothers death to the world.

One day, she would return the humiliation and torture that the Xu family brought to her.

At the same time, the presidents office, Yunhai Entertainment.

The man who had his brows knitted looked up at the scenery outside the window after finishing the work.

He couldnt help but think of the girl who was so daring as to throw 500 yuan at him after sleeping with him.

Huo Yunshen, who was expecting to meet her again, had been waiting for the girl to call him. He believed that she would come to him for this matter.

But the truth was that she had never called.

Huo Yunshen couldnt stand it and asked his assistant Yi Xiao to inquire about her current situation. Then he heard the news that she was going abroad today.

When he heard it, Huo Yunshen immediately drove to the airport.

However, the world was unpredictable. He had a serious car accident on his way to the airport...


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