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Priceless Babys Super Daddy Chapter 5 - Be Serious!

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Chapter 5: Be Serious!

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In the living room of the villa, her grandmother, father Xu Jinshan, stepmother Su Rui, and first young lady Xu Xinrou were all present.

After she entered the house, she glanced at those who were sitting on the sofa with upset looks and felt like she was on trial.

Xu Xinrou saw Xu Xiyan, quickly took her arm, and said kindly, “Yanyan, you are finally back! Grandma, father, and mother are all worried about you! You can explain it to them now!”

Xu Xiyan got rid of Xu Xinrou and did show any intention to apologize. She asked, “What is there to be explained”

Xu Jinshan couldnt bear it, slammed the table, and cursed, “Vile spawn!”

Xu Xiyan looked innocent. “From a genetic point of view, if I am a vile spawn and you are my father, wouldnt that make you an old devil”

“Be serious, you damn girl!” Xu Jinshan was about to vomit blood.

“Why Am I not serious Even if I am not serious, Im still better than some people who are pretentious!” Xu Xiyan glanced at Su Rui deeply.

Obviously, the words were meant to be heard by “some people!”

Su Rui couldnt help but frown. Why did she feel that Xu Xiyan seemed to be a different person today

She was normally very obedient, completely tamed by Su Rui herself. But today, she even talked back! What happened

Su Rui did not feel happy, but on the surface, she had to maintain her nice attitude as a good wife and mother. “Yanyan, dont talk to your father like that! Just say youre sorry, and this will be in the past!”

“I am not wrong, so why should I say sorry!”

Xu Xiyan was the victim in an incident like this anyway. Instead, she was asked to apologize for her mistakes. Wasnt that ridiculous

“Where are your manners If you had half the sense your sister has, you wouldnt have been involved in such a big scandal!”

Her grandmother was angry, knocking her cane on the table and accusing Xu Xiyan.

Thanks to Xu Xinrou, although Xu Xiyan was addressed second young lady in the Xu family, she in fact lived worse than the help. Even her grandmother who used to love her was more and more disgusted with her.

“Yes! I dont have what my sister has! If I have half of her tricks, I will not be so miserable as today!” Xu Xiyan said sarcastically.

“What are you talking about Arent we the best sisters How can you say such a thing” Xu Xinrou immediately shed tears, as if she had been greatly wronged.

“Best sisters I never knew that a good sister would stab me in the back.” Xu Xiyan snorted. “Sister, should I thank you for helping me make the headline today”

“Yanyan, what are you talking about I couldnt be more sorry for what has happened to you!” Xu Xinrou wiped her tears and said in a caring tone.

If it were before, Xu Xiyan would definitely believe her, but now everything was different. She said coldly, “Put your hypocritical tears away! Dont fake it! It looks disgusting!”

“Mom...” Xu Xinrou seemed to have suffered a heartache, crying on Su Ruis shoulder.

“Look at what you are now! You are exactly the same as your shameless mom! Like mother, like daughter!” Her grandmother was angry.

“Grandma, will it kill you to tell the truth If my mother was shameless, then how do you describe someone who seduces a womans husband, sets the woman up, pushes her out, and then takes her place”

Xu Xiyan raised his chin high and asked justly and sternly.

Su Rui knew better than anyone else how her mother died!


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