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Priceless Babys Super Daddy Chapter 3 - Screwed a Handsome Guy

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Chapter 3: Screwed a Handsome Guy

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After the people left, Xu Xiyan got out of bed, found her clothes to put on, packed up, and prepared to go. But the man in the bed woke up at this moment.

Lying on his side, he supported his head with one hand, looking elegant. With half a smile, he asked, “Are you leaving like this”

Faced with the incredibly gorgeous face, Xu Xiyan was dazed.

The man had an enchanting face that was exquisite and elegant, like the cold moonlight cast on a snowy mountain.

The most special thing was his pair of good-looking eyes. The deep-set almond-shaped eyes looked like it contained entire galaxy. With the corners of his eyes slightly slanted, he had endless charm.

The moment she looked at him, Xu Xiyans heart skipped a beat.

She had seen many good-looking men but had never seen a man who was so enchanting. He was simply unspeakably gorgeous.

After being dumbstruck for a while, she came back to reality and remembered the phone call she made to her best friend last night. She had asked her friend to find an amateur actor to save the day.

Unexpectedly, her friend was so capable that she got her a peerlessly handsome guy.

Fortunately, it was not that fat investor. She was lucky to have slept with such a beautiful man.

Glancing at the blood stain on the sheets, Xu Xiyans cheeks burned up. Looking away and feeling embarrassed, she quickly took out some money from her purse, counted it, and put it on the nightstand.

“Here is five hundred for you! You dont have to thank me. This is the pay you deserve! You have done very well in this sex scene. I am sure that you will become a celebrity in three or five years!”

“...” Huo Yunshen frowned slightly, looking at the pretty girl in front of him.

Sex scene Pay

Did she take him for an amateur actor that came to save the day

Or did she think he was a man whore

So, his face of an international movie king was no longer popular when he returned to Peijing Did she not recognize who he was at all

“Okay, I should go! Bye, I wish you good luck!”

Xu Xiyan really didnt recognize who he was. After paying him, she opened the door and wanted to leave. But he stopped her and trapped her behind the door.

The tall figure suddenly approached her. His magnetic and enchanting voice was pleasing to the ear like the cello, “You screwed me, so shouldnt you be responsible for me”

He had never seen such an interesting girl. Shouldnt ordinary girls try to badger the man and ask him to take care of her

In addition, he was not bad looking, right

No matter in theory or practice, she was the first woman Huo Yunshen had ever slept with, and he couldnt just let her slip away.

The pressure from the man was too overwhelming, with a strong scent of male hormone, making her nervous.

Xu Xiyan turned around in panic and looked alert. “Hey! We are clear now! What do you want Im telling you, if you dare to block my way, I will bust your balls!”


Huo Yunshen couldnt help but chuckle. When he smiled, a pair of nice dimples appeared on his cheeks.

Xu Xiyan was mesmerized by his smile. So enchanting. He was handsome enough and was even blessed with charming dimples–so good-looking that other men would be desperate.

Huo Yunshen ignored her warning and grabbed her hand directly.

Xu Xiyan thought that he wanted to take advantage of her. But as a result, the man spread her palm and wrote a series of numbers on it with a pen.

Huo Yunshen glanced at her deeply and said half jokingly, “This is my private number. Next time you have a sex scene or kissing scene, youre welcome to call me anytime. I will give you a 20% discount.”

He felt that he must be crazy, because he almost fell for a woman whom he had just met and slept with once.

But what could he do She was, after all, the first woman to walk into his world!

Xu Xiyan, “...”

As long as he wasnt going to take advantage of her!

The girls clear black eyes blinked cunningly, as she said with a perfunctory smile, “Okay, if there is a need, I will definitely find you! I can help you get more business as well! But now... I have to go!”

“See you!”

He was looking forward to meeting her next time. Would it be as fun as today


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