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Priceless Babys Super Daddy Chapter 24 - I Should Thank Him

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Chapter 24: I Should Thank Him

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“I cant walk, nor can I marry. My family wanted an heir from me, yet Ill die alone. You could never understand my feelings.”

Huo Yunshens words were filled with sorrow. Xu Xiyan started to feel bad about it. It was only under the days unique circumstances that she did what she did. It wasnt intentional.

“Im really sorry,” she said. “I would never have thought that it would turn out like this. But you really cant put all the blame on me. Werent you the one who wandered into my room that night”

Even though Xu Xiyan felt terrible for what happened that night, she never ever once regretted having sex with him. If it wasnt for him, she would never have had Ying Bao.

She should really be thanking him.

Yet when she heard about how his family was expecting an heir from him, the feelings of annoyance and worry began to arise in her heart.

However, under no circumstances could he learn about Ying Bao, about his daughter. If that were to happen, the Huo family would take her by force. It would be the end of Xu Xiyans world.

Huo Yunshen raised an eyebrow. “So what youre saying is that it was my fault for entering the wrong room That it was my fault I was forced into having sex with you That its pure bad luck for me to end up hurting, both mentally and physically”

“No, no... Thats not what I meant, I just...” Xu Xiyan waved her hands. She felt that no matter how much she explained, nothing would be solved. In the end, she threw down her hands. “Fine, its my fault. Just tell me your price.”

“Thats easy,” replied Huo Yunshen. “You have to pay back what Ive lost. Ill only make you repay what Ive lost financially, which is 200 million a year. So, 1 billion should be around the right amount for the damage youve done to me.”

“1 billion!” screamed Xu Xiyan. She felt as if shed been struck by lightning, burning her inside out.

Ha.... Hahahaha... I just came back, and now Im 1 billion Yuan in debt! Oh, God, please! Are you trying to kill me

Now Xu Xiyan started to wonder if shed been the one to meet a scammer.

“You should know that 1 billion is actually rather low. If we include the amount my value wouldve increased annually, 1 billion is nearly nothing.” His tone was sincere, and yet a flash of wit twinkled behind the brightness of his eyes.

“I dont have the money. I would rather offer my life than pay 1 billion,” Xu Xiyan replied. She wanted to kill him with a brick. What had she done in her past life to get such treatment in this one

“Why would I want your life” asked Huo Yunshen.

Huo Yunshens pursed his lips as he tried to think of a solution. “If you cant pay with money, then I can offer you another way to pay off your debt.”

“Which is...”

Huo Yunshen stroked his beard, smiling. “Become my personal assistant. Move in with me and take care of me.”

If I can pay off my debt by taking care of his daily activities, then that would be great. Its worth trying.


“Im fine with taking care of you,” said Xu Xiyan. “But a single lady like me living with you would cause some problems. I dont want to be the topic of gossip, and I definitely dont want to be accused of using you for fame or money.”

Xu Xiyan was worried about her future. If she wanted to have success in the showbiz, she couldnt be caught having some weird relationship with Huo Yunshen.

“Piece of cake. You can move in next door.”

When Huo Yunshen had bought this house in secret, he had also bought the house on the other side of the road, and the houses next to him for some peace and quiet.

He had given her a choice, and now he began to pressure her, insisting that she make a decision in that instance.

“Its either you give me 1 billion Yuan or move in next door. Choose.”

“Move in! Ill move in!”

Xu Xiyan definitely wasnt stupid enough to pay the 1 billion Yuan debt.


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