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Priceless Babys Super Daddy Chapter 21 - He Is Extremely Territorial

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Chapter 21: He Is Extremely Territorial

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When Xu Xiyan arrived at the bathroom, she was surprised to find a full set of toiletries already prepared for her, all of which were new.

Woah... you can only find this kind of treatment in a 5-star hotel!

What a super considerate, man...it warms my heart!

It was too bad that he supported Xu Jinshan and Chu Yuhe, putting him on the opposing side. She almost felt like getting a boyfriend like him.

Xu Xiyan also found a tote bag on the bathroom counter with a blue beveled V-neck shirt and a pair of casual jeans inside. At first glance, they looked like ordinary clothes, and their tags had already been removed, so she had no way of knowing their prices.

However, Xu Xiyan had an eye for high fashion. She recognized the brand name “Lord,” which was stitched into the clothes side seams. It was an Italian luxury brand, and their design philosophy was “a low-profile king can do what he wants.”

A seemingly simple shirt, but she was sure that it had cost no less than five figures.

Xu Xiyan personally liked Lords design style. As she tried them on, she found that they fit as if theyd been tailor-made for her.

Xu Xiyan then remembered something. Its no wonder that Elviss unconventional t-shirt and slacks look so stylish—they are also from the Lord brand.

She stripped off the clothes to take a good bath, putting them on once more after shed finished. She walked out of the bathroom, feeling refreshed. She passed through the living room and fumbled her way to the dining area, her eyes immediately fixing onto Huo Yunshen where he sat at the table, reading the newspaper.

Xu Xiyan noticed that the furniture in this house was all custom-made...the stoves, dining table, chairs...it was all adjustable to suit the users needs. Everything could be raised, or lowered enough to be used by someone in a wheelchair.

Xu Xiyan glanced at the kitchen stove, and then at the breakfast that had been neatly arranged on the table. She couldnt help but ask.

“You made breakfast”

Huo Yunshen lowered his newspaper when he heard her voice. He lifted his cool eyes at her, and smiled slightly. “Yup.”

Xu Xiyan was silent, looking at him incredulously. He can cook Hes in a wheelchair, and yet hes still doing his own cooking

She by no means meant to discriminate against a disabled person. It was just that, judging by his current position and special situation, she thought that he might have hired a caretaker to look after him.

Huo Yunshen looked at her appreciatively. He liked her fresh and simple appearance.

And she was wearing the same brand of clothes as him, except the colors were different. He was sure that she hadnt realized that her clothes and his were a set of matching couple outfits, specially prepared by him.

He gestured toward a chair. “Please sit down.”

Xu Xiyan actually wanted to bid him farewell and leave, but for some reason, she walked over to him instead.

The table and chairs were lower than she was used to, but Xu Xiyan was used to tables being slightly lower than average; Ying Bao usually ate at one which sat fairly close to the floor. Xu Xiyan sat down.

“Do you always cook for yourself Why didnt you hire a caretaker”

“I dont like strangers coming in and out of my place.”

Huo Yunshen was an extremely territorial man, and despised the idea of strangers intruding on his territory. He really didnt like dealing with people at all. Back when he was living abroad, he spent most of his time alone, unless he was filming.

So he had learned to cook for himself. He wasnt a good cook, but he wasnt too bad either.

Xu Xiyan wasnt sure what to say. It didnt feel right to her. Huo Yunshen didnt like strangers coming to his house...so why had he taken her home with him

Were they no longer strangers

Think about it. She had stayed overnight, worn his clothes, and slept on his bed. Could it be that he was warming up to her


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