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Priceless Babys Super Daddy Chapter 2 - A Born Actress

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Chapter 2: A Born Actress

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After a night of passion, the door of the hotel room was knocked open.

Xu Xiyan was woken up by the loud noise.

She opened her eyes and saw Xu Xinru and her father Xu Jinshan.

The man who was sleeping in the bed only showed part of his back, but the chaotic scene was enough to make Xu Jinshan furious.

“Damn you! Shameless bitch! Look at what you have done! You have ruined my reputation!”

Xu Xinrou saw Xu Xiyan being caught in bed and was secretly overjoyed. However, she pretended to explain it to Xu Jinshan, “Dad, dont be angry. It only happened because sister was drunk. She didnt want that to happen! Please forgive her this time!”

“Forgive How can I have such a shameful daughter!”

Xu Jinshan was a director and was most concerned about his reputation. Seeing his daughter and a man fooling around, he was full of anger.

In the face of her father and sister, Xu Xiyan did not panic. She covered her body with a quilt and smiled.

“Dad! You have to ask yourself the same question. I mean, like father, like daughter.”

Talking about affairs, Xu Jinshan betrayed her mother first.

When she was 6 years old, her mother died. And less than a month later, her father took his mistress Su Rui and their daughter Xu Xinrou who was three years older than her home.

Since then, Xu Jinshans heroic image had collapsed in her mind.

Since a long while ago, she had not thought of him as her father.

Now that she learned that he was willing to sell her for 50 million, she was even more unwilling to call him father.

He was not worthy of being a father.

A true father should at least protect his own child, but what about him

Xu Jinshan was stunned by her words. “You...you want to give me a heart attack!”

Xu Xiyan smiled even more brilliantly. “If you are dead, I promise to send you a big wreath to commemorate your notorious reputation on the tomb-sweeping day next year.”


Xu Jinshans blood pressure surged. How did his timid and weak daughter suddenly become a different person

Xu Xinrou held Xu Jinshan in time and tried to reconcile the conflict with the stance of the good daughter.

“Yanyan, how can you talk to dad this way! Apologize to dad, and dont make him angry again.”

Xu Xiyan sneered inwardly. Xu Xinrou, no wonder you insisted on acting. It turns out that you are a born actress!

Directing and acting all by yourself.

If you dont get an award for best drama queen, your face of white lotus would be wasted.

Want to make her apologize

No way!

“What to apologize for What did I do wrong We are all adults here.”

Xu Xiyan was 18 years old and had already entered college.

With her talents and conditions, she would have done very well if she had chosen to be an actress.

However, they did not want her to enter the entertainment business and compete for resources against Xu Xinru.

In addition, the death of her mother also made her hate the business.

Therefore, Xu Xiyan did not apply for the performance major at an art college but went to the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Peijing University.

Xu Xinrou continued to add fuel. “Dad, sister might just want to get more pocket money and went to the extremes. We cannot blame her for that and should give her more pocket money later.”

The “white lotus sister” she tried to play was truly disgusting.

“How much do you want Dont we have enough money You...you sold yourself for money You disappoint me so much.”

Xu Jinshan feigned a look of regret.

In fact, he was only acting together with Xu Xinrou in order to cover up the ugly acts of their secret transaction and deliberately impose all the faults and blame on her.

Calling black white and white black.

“Right, how is the money you give me every month enough” Xu Xiyan deliberately said that. How was it possible that the Xu family would give her allowances

Since the Su Rui came to manage the household, her monthly living expenses were merely a fraction of Xu Xinrous.

If she did not work part-time in college, it was possible for her to be starved to death. Second young lady in the Xu family sometimes had even less than a beggar on the street.

It was heartbreaking just to think about it. If her mother was still alive, she would not be so miserable that she was bullied all the time.

Unwilling to see the hypocritical father and daughter putting on their show, Xu Xiyan glanced at the back of the sleeping man.

She deliberately held his shoulder and said to the two at the door, “If you dont want to make the entire city know about this, go quickly. Dont bother us.”

“Shameless thing! When you come back, I will break your legs!”

Xu Jinshan kicked the door open and walked out while cursing.

“Yanyan, remember to go home early and give dad an explanation.”

Xu Xinrou “kindly” reminded her before leaving.

Although they left, Xu Xinrou let the reporters who ambushed at the door get the first-hand photographs.

Next, she had a big gift for her sister.


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