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Priceless Babys Super Daddy Chapter 19 - She Forgot Him

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Chapter 19: She Forgot Him

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Coming in was a man in a wheelchair, who looked very handsome. His soft hair covered half of his good looks.

Xu Xiyans eyes were fixed on his wheelchair. She wondered who he was.

Why did he look a bit familiar

The man moved himself closer to her slowly with his remote control. Xu Xiyan immediately felt awkward and pulled up the blanket to cover herself up. She asked with vigilance, “Who, who are you...”

“You dont remember who I am”

Hearing the cold voice, Xu Xiyan stared her watery eyes wide and gazed at him.

The man looked up, revealing a pair of deep-set eyes under his short hair. His thin red lips were curled into a gentle arc, as he let her look himself up and down, expecting her to recognize him.


He is too handsome!

The man in front of her was even better looking than a woman. Could you leave us women some confidence at all, dear

“You...” Xu Xiyans beautiful eyes were full of shock. After looking at him for a while, she muttered, “No way... Why do you look so much like a movie star Who is it”

She couldnt remember at the moment.

Huo Yunshen, “...”

He completely suspected that this girl had face blindness.

Obviously, she had forgotten about him, together with that night five years ago.

After putting her brain to work, she finally cried out, “Ah, I know.”

Huo Yunshens eyes lit up, as he looked forward to hearing her answer. But then she said, “You look very much like the international star Elvis, especially your profile.”

All right, she still did not remember him.

The light in Huo Yunshens eyes dimmed. He smiled awkwardly. “Is that true”

Xu Xiyans brain was running fast. Looking at his face carefully, the wheelchair he was sitting in, and his legs in the wheelchair, she suddenly had a thought.

No, it was impossible for someone to be so much like another person. And they were even both in wheelchairs

After thinking of a certain possibility, Xu Xiyan suddenly felt ominous. With her scalp prickling, she asked, “You... dont tell me, you are Elvis Were you really in a car accident”

“...” Huo Yunshen did not speak, but replied with a quiet and sad smile, confirming her guess.

His car accident was a fact. His spine was indeed seriously damaged. And he was severely paralyzed.

He was a genius who had fallen from height of the glory into the dust. No one but himself knew how much despair and pain he had experienced.

He had spent the most difficult three years in a wheelchair. His whole life was gray and desperate. He had been through a long period of self-destruction when he was struggling desperately.

If he hadnt been holding an obsessive and almost paranoid love for Xu Xiyan, he might not have been able to survive.

“You are not only Elvis, you are also Huo Yunshen”

Xu Xiyan looked suspicious and thought that she was having an illusion. “Are you really Huo Yunshen”

Huo Yunshen curled his lips into an evil smile and asked, “Dont I look like him”

“Yes, you do kind of look like him.”

At least he was quite different from the image of Elvis on the big screen. And he was different from the introduction of Huo Yunshen she found on the Internet as well.

In the movies, he often played some tough guys, manly and good at fighting. Later on, he became the president of Yunhai Entertainment who was cold and unreachable.

After Xu Xiyan confirmed his identity, she gasped hard.


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