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Priceless Babys Super Daddy Chapter 16 - Dreaming of Choking Him to Death

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Chapter 16: Dreaming of Choking Him to Death

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Instead of letting go, Chu Yuhe said, “I have something to say to Yanyan, I hope you can mind your own business.”

“You...” If Fang Xiaocheng were not holding Ying Bao, she would have rushed forward to tear his hypocritical face off.

They had broken up, and he was still badgering Xu Xiyan, which was disgusting and embarrassing.

“Orange, Dazhi, you take the child back first.”

Xu Xiyan winked at Fang Xiaocheng as a sign that they could leave and she would be fine.

Today, she was no longer the weak and gullible woman five years ago. She was capable enough to protect herself. Chu Yuhe could not pose a threat to her.

Fang Xiaocheng understood her look and took Ying Bao back home together with Wang Dazhi.

In the quiet corridor, the dim light cast on Xu Xiyans gorgeous face.

Chu Yuhes looked her up and down with greedy eyes. Xu Xiyan looked away and deliberately said, “Dont you want to talk Should we just stand here”

Chu Yuhe saw that she was willing to give him a chance and felt thrilled. Pointing to an empty private room, he asked, “How about the private room over there”

Xu Xiyan did not answer but turned directly and walked toward the private room. Chu Yuhe forced himself to calm down, followed her inside, and locked the door of the room.

Xu Xiyan was put together, but Chu Yuhe seemed a little nervous, his eyes full of admiration and appreciation.

“Yanyan, its been five years. Youve changed a lot. You are now so pretty that I dont dare to recognize you.”

Xu Xiyan saw that he was gazing at her full of lust.

Blinking cunningly, she thought that she couldnt let go of this this great opportunity presented by Chu Yuhe himself.

Xu Xiyan smiled, approached him, put a hand on his shoulder, and deliberately teased, “Yuhe, you have also changed a lot, more mature and attractive now. What should I do I found that after five years, I still cant forget you.”

Of course, she couldnt forget him. She even dreamed of choking him to death.

There was no way Chu Yuhe would know what Xu Xiyan was thinking. He excitedly grabbed Xu Xiyans hand and said, “Yanyan, I... I am the same way. I have never forgotten you. Back in the days, I was a fool to break up with you. Now that you are back, can we go back...”

In fact, Chu Yuhe only wanted to keep her as a side piece. When he felt lonely, she would be his entertainment. It would be such a great luck if he could date both sisters.

Xu Xiyan immediately saw through his mind and smiled even more brilliantly. She asked, “Yuhe, do you really still love me”

“Of course! My love for you has never changed. After so many years without you, I finally learned how much I care about you. Not a single day passed without me thinking of you.”

This was how good Chu Yuhe was at lying, but unfortunately, Xu Xiyan would never fall for it again. “But I heard that you and my sister are dating. What about that”

Chu Yuhes eyes flashed and he explained, “Thats because shes been stalking me. The media is just inventing things. Just some random scandals. Dont take it seriously.”

“So, my sister also loves you very much Then who do you think is better, she or I” Xu Xiyan deliberately asked.

“In my heart, of course you are the best and the most gentle. She is an unreasonable woman, so dramatic and vain. How can such a woman be compared with you Shes not even worth your little finger.”

In order to please Xu Xiyan, Chu Yuhe did not hesitate to call Xu Xinrou worthless.

Xu Xiyan wondered how her sister would react listening to Chu Yuhes words


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