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Priceless Babys Super Daddy Chapter 15 - Still Holding a Grudge

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Chapter 15: Still Holding a Grudge

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Chu Yuhe was at his companys wrap-up party. After he walked out to answer a call, he finished talking and turned around, catching a glimpse of a familiar figure.

The light in the corridor was a little dim, so he was a bit uncertain. “Is it really you, Yanyan”

Xu Xiyan paused, looked up at the man not far away from her, her eyes groggy.

After recognizing who he was, with a sneer in her eyes, she could still remember the disgusting scene in the past.

Five years ago, at the dinner, they not only drugged her, but also wanted to give her to the investor in exchange for the companys interests. They trashed her, and even wanted to ruin her afterwards.

On that night, Xu Xiyans heart was broken into pieces. Betrayed by the two people who she trusted the most, she felt more pain than being stabbed by a knife.

She was still holding a grudge until this day.

She must make them taste double the shame and hurt that they brought her. Otherwise, it would be too easy on the shameless couple.

Now five years had passed, Chu Yuhe had changed a lot, with the posture of a big boss.

Wearing a hand-made suit and stylish hair, he had piled up all the name brands on his body, for fear that others did not know that he was rich.

One word: hillbilly!

Seeing the scum Chu Yuhe again, Xu Xiyan could only think of a proverb: the road is narrow for enemies.

The handsome guy was clearly mesmerized by her beauty. “Yanyan, when did you return to China Why dont you contact me”

Chu Yuhe did not expect that five years after they broke up, when he saw Xu Xiyan again, her beauty would simply shock him.

The woman was slightly drunk. Her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes were without focus, with a hint of indescribable charm.

Five years later, her beauty doubled and tripled, and even her vibes had changed.

Confident, open, elegant, and unattainable. That was his new impression of Xu Xiyan.

“It turns out to be President Chu. Do I need to report to you when I return to China”

Xu Xiyan sneered. She did not want to pay any attention to him and was ready to leave, but Chu Yuhe spread his arms and blocked her way.

“Yanyan, I havent seen you in five years. How have you been Do you know that since you left without a word, I have been waiting for you these years.”

Chu Yuhe put on his look of deep affection. Even he could not tell what he was feeling, trying to make her stay at this moment.

He actually started to miss her, and even had an impulse to get back together with her.

After all, Xu Xinrou had micromanaged him to the teeth, which was suffocating, making him miss how obedient Xu Yiyan had been in the old days.

The return of Xu Xiyan was undoubtedly a welcome rain after a prolonged spell of drought.

He remembered that since they were little, she had always made him the center of her world. Now, as long as he curled his finger, she would definitely return to his embrace, right

“Waiting for me Ha... I remember we broke up five years ago”

Xu Xiyan crossed her arms and reminded him calmly. “If I remember correctly, President Chu still owes me a breakup fee of 500,000!”

“...” Chu Yuhes face turned pale. And after a few seconds of awkwardness, he braced himself to suggest, “Yanyan, lets talk.”

“We dont seem to have anything to talk about.”

When Xu Xiyan spoke directly and brushed past him, Chu Yuhe grabbed her arm, as if he would not let her go today without having a chance to “talk to her.”

“Chu Yuhe, what do you want” Fang Xiaocheng screamed, “Let go of Yanyan!”

Wang Dazhi also stepped forward and bristled at Chu Yuhe. “Let go of her. You hear me”


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