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Priceless Babys Super Daddy Chapter 14 - A Familiar Face

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Chapter 14: A Familiar Face

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Huo Yunshen, who was always a loner, rarely had any association with the opposite sex. Xu Xiyan was the first woman who accidentally entered his lonely world. To him, she was the most special.

Since that night five years ago, he had been deeply in love with her. When he was ready to go to her, he was surprised to hear that she was going abroad.

On the way to the airport, he had a car accident and suffered a spinal injury, causing him to be seriously paralyzed. After that, he could only rely on wheelchairs.

In the most difficult and desperate time of his life, he couldnt have made it if it was not for his paranoid love for Xu Xiyan.

After so many years, he had never forgotten Xu Xiyan, and it had been five years.

In the end, he finally got an update, but it turned out to be a fake one. It was only normal that he was incredibly hurt.

“Forget it.”

In the deep dark eyes of Huo Yunshen flashed a trace of disappointment that was hardly noticeable. He pressed the remote control in his hand and moved the wheelchair out of the VIP lounge.

No one knows how regretful Huo Yunshen felt at the moment. He should have been more proactive back in the days and gone to her earlier. That way, there might not have been a car accident, and she could have been kept in his sphere of influence.

So that she would not have flown out of his world, with no more news.

So that he did not have to be tortured by lovesickness.

Xu Xiyan, Xu Xiyan, where are you


Xu Xiyan and her daughter followed Fang Xiaocheng back to the Blueberry Community.

With a temporary place to stay, Xu Xiyan removed her makeup and returned to her old self.

She planned to live in Fang Xiaochengs home with her daughter until she found the place to live. After all, Fang Xiaochengs boyfriend often came over, and it was not convenient for the two of them to stay for long.

In the evening, Fang Xiaocheng and her boyfriend Wang Dazhi took them out to dinner. The good friends finally reunited after a long time, so they were all very happy as they talked while eating.

Like Xu Xiyan, Fang Xiaocheng studied at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Peijing University. She initially wanted to be a screenwriter after graduation but had to give up her dream because of various issues of her family.

Later, she opened a flower shop and wanted to earn more money so that she and Wang Dazhi could get mortgage and buy a place to get ready for marriage.

Originally, her business was quite good, but after two more flower shops were added to the equation, her revenue suffered.

When talking about earning money, Xu Xiyan was quite experienced. “Come and do live streaming succulents with us. You will go out of poverty in two years.”

“Live streaming succulents” Fang Xiaocheng did not understand. As the owner of a flower shop, she knew what succulents were. But what did it mean to live stream succulents

When she heard Xu Xiyan out, she then learned that it meant auctioning succulents on the live broadcast.

She heard that the little cute child next to her was quite a celebrity online. She auctioned succulents in the live broadcast every day and received more revenue than her flower shop.

Fang Xiaocheng felt like she had found a fortune. Hugging Ying Bao, she kissed the girl hard. “Little cherry, aunt orange will follow your lead in the future!”

Ying Bao very generously took her in. “No problem. Since aunt orange has treated me to dinner, I have you covered in the future.”

“Hey~~Ying Bao is such a good friend. Auntie loves you.”

In a short time, Fang Xiaocheng had completely fallen in love with this little cute baby. She even had the urge to keep the girl for herself.

Why are you so cute

After dinner, they went to the Silver Cabinet to sing karaoke, drank a lot of wine, and had a great time.

After a while, Ying Bao fell asleep, Fang Xiaocheng rushed to hold her and gently patted the childs back. “Yanyan, the child fell asleep. Lets go back!”


Xu Xiyan and Fang Xiaocheng went back together with Ying Bao.

In the hallway, they happened to see a familiar face.


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