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Priceless Babys Super Daddy Chapter 13 - One More Enemy

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Chapter 13: One More Enemy

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Seeing her ignorance, Fang Xiaocheng thought that it was very necessary to educate her on Huo Yunshens gossip.

His English name was Elvis, and he used to be an actor. At the age of 21, he won the title of international best actor with the movie “24 Hours of Life” and was known as the “Oriental Legend of Hollywood”.

He was a clear stream in the entertainment business. Since his debut, he had zero scandal. In Western countries, he managed his career with dignity and backbone, truly the pride of his nation.

After retiring and returning to China, he became the sole heir to the Huo Group and the current president of Yunhai Entertainment.

Whether it was acting or doing business, he had extraordinary insights and vision, and he was always resolute and decisive.

With Huo Yunshens current identity and status, as long as he stamped his foot, the whole Peijing would tremble.

It was true that Xu Xiyan had been ignorant. “I didnt expect Elvis to be Huo Yunshen.”

Of course she knew about Elvis. During her stay in Estan, she had seen his movies and knew he deserved to win best actor.

After listening to the legend of Huo Yunshen, at this moment, the only word Xu Xiyan could think of was “f**k.”

It was hard enough to deal with Xu Jinshan and Chu Yuhe. Who knows that there was a super boss behind them now

But, so what

The friend of Xu Jinshan and Chu Yuhe was her enemy.

“I dont care what kind of actor he is. Whoever blocks my way is my enemy.” Xu Xiyan made a clear stand.

As Ying Bao heard her mothers words, she hugged her mothers arm and firmly supported her. “I dont care. Whoever blocks Xi babys way is Ying Baos enemy.”

Fang Xiaocheng, “...” Well, she should bow to no one other than these two.

Although Fang Xiaocheng supported Xu Xiyan, as far as her sympathy goes, she did not feel that Huo Yunshen was so evil.

“In fact, he did not have the best luck. As an oriental legend, soon after returning to China, he suffered a car accident and got lifelong disability. He could only sit on a wheelchair now.”

When Fang Xiaocheng said this, she was full of sympathy for the former movie king.

“What are you talking about Paralyzed”

Xu Xiyan asked as she felt weird. How could such a superstar suddenly have a car accident and become disabled

“Yeah. Heaven is jealous of geniuses.”

Fang Xiaocheng not only shared a lot of gossip with Xu Xiyan, but also showed her a lot of news reports on her mobile phone. Then she told her mysteriously, “But there was gossip saying that his accident was arranged.”

“Who would want to murder him”

Vaguely, Xu Xiyan felt very sorry. Huo Yunshens experience reminded her of her Internet friend named Wing.

“Maybe his coldness offended by someone.”

Fang Xiaocheng sighed again. Xu Xiyan fell silent. That was the end of the topic.


At the Peijing Airport, Huo Yunshen, who had temporarily canceled his trip, compared the screenshots provided by the airport staff and found that they might have made a mistake.

The girl he was waiting for and the woman on the screen looked completely different. They were not the same person at all.

“Maybe they just have the same name, young master.”

Assistant Yi Xiao said carefully. He could understand the mood of his boss at this time–he must be very hurt.


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