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Priceless Babys Super Daddy Chapter 10 - Protective of Her Mother

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Chapter 10: Protective of Her Mother

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With the good father Tang Yichens recommendation, Huo Yunshen was forced to watch the last video from this child called Cherry Baby.

When he saw the cute girl at first sight in the video, he suddenly realized something.

This cute girl, didnt he just see her

Cherry Babys live streaming was very special and interesting. The content was mostly in the form of dialogues between Rabbit Mommy and Cherry Baby. The interaction was adorable.

Cherry Baby would also show her talents, such as telling a story or singing Peijing Opera.

After watching the video, Huo Yunshen was turned from a reluctant viewer into a loyal fan.

So cute.

So amazing.

This 4-year-old was capable of making anyone fall in love with her with her eloquence and cuteness.

Huo Yunshen had never seen such a cute baby. As long as she was on the screen, it was enough to attract peoples attention, not to mention her talents.

Before boarding the plane, an app of live streaming was installed on Huo Yunshens mobile phone. The only person he followed was Cherry Baby.

Before the plane took off, the flight attendant asked everyone to turn off the telecommunications devices such as mobile phones.

When Huo Yunshen was preparing to turn off his mobile phone, he unexpectedly found that the airport had sent him an important reminder: [Dear Mr. Huo, we hereby inform you that according to our system, Miss Xu Xiyan whom you are looking for has entered China. Her flight number is znxxx.]

Xu Xiyan has entered China !

Xu Xiyan has entered China !!

Xu Xiyan has entered China !!!

He waited for five years and finally got an update on her whereabouts !

When Huo Yunshen saw the notice from the system, it was impossible for him to conceal his excitement. He immediately decided to cancel the trip and asked his assistant Yi Xiao to push him off the plane.

Tang Yichen saw that he was going to get off the plane and asked with confusion, “Hey, old Huo, the plane is about to take off. Where are you going”

“To pick my wife up.”

Leaving his back to Tang Yichen, Huo Yunshen soon disappeared from the cabin.

Tang Yichen, “...”

What was that

Did he just have an illusion

What did Huo Yunshen say, pick up his wife What wife

A man who had been single for 28 years and couldnt talk to girls suddenly said he was going to pick up his wife

This world must be a fantasy world


Out of the airport, seeing the sky in Peijing was as blue as always, Xu Xiyan curled her lips into a confident and beautiful smile.

Peijing, it had been a long time.

After five years, she was back.

The cute little girl looked curiously at the outside world and asked her mother, “Xi baby, is this the place where you lived when you were a child Are we going to stay here in the future”

“Yes, Ying Bao.”

“Xi baby, Peijing is so beautiful! I love it here. After we settle down, lets work hard and make money!”

What a little miser!

The little miser has not finished yet. “When we earn enough money to buy me a daddy, Xi baby wont have to work hard every day!”

Xu Xiyan was moved, caressing her filial and sensible daughter. “Okay, Xi baby will work hard to make your wish come true and find the best daddy in the world who will never abandon us.”

“Yeah.” Ying Bao nodded with a smile. “I hope that daddy knows how to cook and will not let Xi baby starve. I also hope that daddy will wash clothes and mop the floor and will not let Xi baby suffer. He also needs to be strong so that he can protect Xi baby.”

The little girl was extremely protective of her mother.

“You have so many requests. That calls for extra fees!” Xu Xiyan touched his daughters little face and joked.

“...” Hearing there would be extra fees, Ying Bao held her little chin, upset. When will daddy be on sale


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