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Rong Yue teared up as understanding dawned on her. She could remember when she had just been taken to the base. There had been a little girl who was only just arrived at the base then, little Xie had some health complications since she had been born through scientific research.

Although her health was bad, she was almost as intelligent as Rong Yue at the age of twelve.

At first, Rong Yue had no idea about her being born through science and had even worked harder using her own free time to research even further on how she could help the little girl that no one minded helping.

Until one day, Little Xie had just disappeared. No matter how much she tried to ask or search the base, she didn find little Xie. She had imagined that the little girl had been left to die somewhere or maybe killed through some research like the others.

Never would she have thought that this was what they had used little Loli for.

"Little Xie! Are you there?" She called out, her voice having some frantic tone that made the man that had just laid down in the couch stand up.

"Are you okay?" He asked out of concern that made Rong Yue regain her right mind.

"Hmm. I just remembered how one of my favorite characters in a movie died." She said with a wince.

Qin Yinchen looked at her for a while before nodding his head in understanding.

"If you say so." Without another word, he turned and went back to the couch while Rong Yue went back to her room knowing that she had made a little slip up.

Instead of going to sleep immediately, she entered the bathroom desperate to hear little Xies voice again.

"Little Loli?" She called out softly.

"Master!" The familiar voice replied gently. If she wasn an highly intelligent person, she would have missed the fact that the waves of little Lolis voice was the same.

Even though she sounded like she was enthusiastic, it was clear that it was just a programmed voice.

"Master, Im right here in your head." Little Lolis voice spoke up again.

"In my head?" She asked in confusion. How had the divne robotic system come with her back here?

"Hmmm, you can see me now after all, this device is still just setting up but after some upgrades, Im sure master would be able to see me."

Rong Yue yawned slightly, the tiredness from running around all day hitting her. Yet, she didn dare to sleep without understanding what was happening.

One of the most important things to her at the moment was, building a better life, getting back to those that had harmed her. Somehow, whatever this was, it was connected to the two.

So instead of giving in to sleep, Rong Yue stayed up and tried to understand this whole thing she was hearing.

After about an hour of patiently talking to little Loli, she was able to come to an understanding.

Just like they had intended it to be, little Loli had become one with the operating of the robot they had built. Now, she who had it embedded to her brain cells could make use of the robot.

"Master! You can test it out." Little Loli baited and for a moment, Rong Yue felt like she had gone back to the stolen breaks that she spent in the laboratory.

She was always so eager to see how something felt or worked.

Without another thought, she used her mind to request for the virtual screen, one of the things that the robot they had built then had.

A virtual computer screen appeared in front of her and just out of curiousity, she ran her hands through it to be sure it was truly virtual.

After doing it, she giggled at her own childishness before she began operating it.

The virtual system had everything like a normal computer and then had a little more to it like the speed and functionality.

Back then, ten years into the future when they had created this, it had already gone beyond the technology that had in that time, now that it was even back in time, Rong Yue was certain that the biotic chip and hardware of the computers they had used to build this was still under discovery.

After that, she used her mind to will out the space surveillance system.

"For now, the system would only be able to bring out surveillance of about 50km only in real time. However, the system can override any other surveillance in other areas to get their data." The little Lolis voice explained before finally activating it.

Since this was something she had been in the core of building, she understood the data quite quickly.

They had developed this in a way that it was supposed to constantly upgrade since they didn want it to be overwhelming for the human body that carried it.

Now that the chip had copied all its functions and embedded itself into her brain cells, it was only normal that it updraded steadily.

Before long, the surroundings of all her house was presented to her on the virtual screen.

It had splitted into eight screens showing the north, east, west and south of where she was in two layers.

Rong Yue nodded in satisfaction and then tested out some other features that they had added into the system for another thirty minutes before going back into her room.

Her mother, stirred slightly as she climbed into bed.

With her motherly instincts, she opened her eyes to confirm that it was her daughter but when her eyes saw the time on the wall clock, she frowned slightly.

"Yueer, its so late already! Have you been drawing all these while?" Her mother asked.

"Yes, I only just finished. Ill be going to bed now."

Since she knew her mother, Rong Yue knew that the best method was to immediately go to bed without allowing her worry anymore.

Just like she thought, it worked as her mother sighed softly while watching her daughters breathing gradually even out to show she was asleep.

It was only after watching her for more than ten minutes did she finally turn on her side and go to sleep also.

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