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While Rong Yue was at work looking through the internet for things she could do, after all, in those three years, she had been trained in several things to test her brain capacity.

From coding and hacking to intense rushed activities to research, she had done it all, the only things she hadn done was things in the entertainment industry since they had felt that it was demeaning for intelligent people.

At that time, she had experienced a life that was worst than hell, after all, her learning capacity kept on shocking them and they had to test her limits.

Her resilience had made them consider her the perfect candidate for a robot and so they had torn off her arms and legs without letting her use anesthesia.

And then replaced them with mechanical ones. She had cried and experienced heart wrenching pain in that moment and just when she felt herself give up the ghost, she saw herself back here again.

In this world, she was going to make sure they didn exist. That they didn dare to treat human lives the way they did back then.

While she was scrolling around different sites and trying to make more money without pressure, after all, she already had some money with the man at home and was certain that man was definitely not going to come back.

It was highly possible that he imagined that some damage would be done to the store and paid that amount to ensure they couldn report if anything happened.

Now that nothing happened, he wouldn go through the risk of being caught just to collect that amount.

Unlike the previous day, she had more customers during the day and once it was 6pm, she closed up the store and went back home. Since she wasn to paint, she had to make it back home early.

When she got home, her mother was busy knitting something while the man whose presence in the house made their house extremely small just sat there peacefully.

"Are you sure its okay for you to stay here like this?" She asked with knitted brows, after all he ought to have some people he could call to come and pick him.

"I might have to trouble you for a while, since Im still injured, Ill be unable to fight any harm that comes my way." Qin Yichen explained.

Rong Yue looked at him for a minute and then nodded.

"Okay." She said as she turned towards the room so she could start painting. For her, she didn need to look for a certain mood or scenery before she could paint. Most times, she even preferred the abstract things.

"Can you lend me your phone? Ill like to call someone who can prepare some things for me." He had wiped his phone and thrown it out while they escaped to avoid being tracked, never would he have guessed that the watch had been the one that was compromised.

Ring Yue passed him the phone and then went inside. She took a quick bath and changed into her pyjamas.

"Mother, I want to paint for a while, you can go in to sleep. Ill come and join you in a while."

After setting up her easel and painting materials she had realized that her mother would not want to disturb her when she started painting but it would also delay her sleep time.

"You haven had dinner, I left some soup and rice for you." Yong Xia said softly while she helped her clear a space for her painting.

Although she didn have her memories and she also wasn that intelligent. Rong Xia understood her daughter, she knew how to endure hunger so she had to inform her about the food and since they didn have a refrigerator, she needed to heat it up and eat tonight.

"Okay, Ill eat it once Im done painting, Ill be hungry by then." As they were talking, Qin Yichen who had started a conversation with someone through her phone looked at them from underneath his lashes.

The both of them looked too exquisite and beautiful for their living conditions that if he didn know better, he would think they were just preparing to live this life.

Even with the amount of girls he had seen in the capital, he hadn met one with outstanding features like hers.

However, as the second young master of the Qin family, Qin Yichen had never really considered women, neither had he ever considered beauty as a criterion for someone he would eventually settle with.

Also, the girl was smart and cunny, he really felt like there was a lot to see from this mother and daughter pair.

After they finished the set up, Rong Xia held her daughters hands she glanced at him.

"Don stay up late okay? So that the young man can sleep. Also, don let him come near you okay?" She warned as she shot wary looks at Qin Yichen.

He seemed like a gentleman but she couldn be too sure after all, her daughter was all she had.

"Hes weak now, even if he tries anything, Ill beat him up." She told her which made her mother giggle gently before heading inside.

Talking about Strength made her remember that she needed to start training her body. After all, if the heavens had taken her back ten years then surely, they wanted her to get those rogues and callous people out of the way.

After arranging her thoughts, she sat down and started to paint while leaving her phone with Qin Yichen who still seemed to be using it.

Like that, man and girl sat quietly opposite each other, one sitting like a dignified scholar while her slender fingers held the paint brush as painted.

Qin Yichen would glance at her from time to time as he wondered what it was that she was painting exactly. However, he also didn want to distract her and just continued talking with his brother on the phone.

After all, if he didn talk to him, he would be worried sick out of his mind.

Since they already knew where they were and that there was a leak, his brother advised him to stay there while they fish out the person. A decision that he also agreed with.

The two brothers were people of few words and so after while, they settled everything and he also promised to have someone send him a computer, hard drive and a card that he could use.

Perhaps if the brother had any idea what type of house his younger brother was living in, he would gladly use an helicopter to bring him away in that very instance.

After about an hour, Rong Yue was finally done with the painting. She dropped the brush as she massaged her neck gently. For Qin Yichen who had been curious from the onset, his eyes shined immediately he saw her painting while he looked over at her in shock.

He was not someone that obsessed over painting or went out of his way for them, but as the son of the top family in the capital, he had been trained in it and could identify good art. Although her painting style felt like it was unrestrained. The painting itself looked really good and emotions provoking.

In the painting, a woman could be seen sitting with her back facing the viewer while the viewer could also see what she was looking at.

Seated on the bare floor while being surrounded by a desolate land that looks like havoc had just wrecked through. The womans eyes was fixed on a small ray of light that shone through from somewhere in the distance.

Beside her, was a small bag that probably signified she was ready to go on a journey or move on from her past.

At her small age, it was very hard to imagine that she had been able to draw something this insightful.

His gaze towards her became quite deep and curious that Rong Yue who had been massaging her neck looked up with curiosity.

"Whats the matter?" She asked shooting him a glare.

"Its very nice." He commented and then turned away.

To Rong Yue she felt like it was quite rusty but then it was still not too bad and she placed it in the corner to dry so she could sell it tomorrow.

Seeing as she was hungry after all the work, she went to heat up the food that was left and sat on the stool to eat.

"Thank you." Qin Yinchen said as he passed her the phone as soon as she was done eating.

Rong Yue nodded and then turned to go inside, however, she felt her body freeze over as she heard a mechanical voice in her head.

"Download complete. Initializing host usuage mode in ten seconds."

"Little Loli advices that host moves over to a place that is completely quiet to not affect synchronization."

"Area check accepted. Syncing in less than two minutes."

Rong Yue looked around to be sure that this wasn some device playing and it was just her thinking it was in her head. She saw that the man whom she realized in that moment that she didn know his name was preparing the couch to sleep.

Clearly he hadn heard anything.

"Master, little loli is here to guide you." She head the voice in her head again.

Wait, why does this voice sound familiar?

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