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Qin Yichen caught the nylon and then turned to go inside. Rong Yue on the other hand furrowed her brows slightly. She had been willing to spend because she believed that she would get some money from this man. Yet, even though he had exquisite features, she couldn help but notice that he didn mind their house or the clothes.

For someone that met most of these rich kids, she knew what they could take and what they couldn . More importantly, she had thought this man was from the capital, so why did he not act repulsed by their place.

Or did he lose his memory?

Her eyes flashed with panic at that thought, she absolutely didn want or take care of some man that wouldn give her money. She was no Good Samaritan especially after what had happened to her.

Everything she had done for him was only for the final reward she could get out of it.

"Mother, is he okay? When did he wake up?" She asked worriedly.

"He woke up not long after you left, his body health is very good, his wounds would start scabbing in some days time." Her mother said with a small smile.

She felt the man was well behaved. Even though he looked like he was some rich individual, he had eaten the porridge without complain and then tried to help her with chores.

Since she didn want to sound rude, she hadn told him her daughter wanted him to stay and only planned to delay slightly if he was ready yet the man had asked for the girl that had saved him and even said he was going to wait.

"He asked about you earlier and said he was going to wait." She added and Rong Yue sighed and then nodded.

If he could remember that someone saved him, then his memories were safe.

In truth, it was just her anxiety for money that was allowing her overthink, after all, the man had only been shot by gun in his chest region down and had no fall or bleeding on his head.

Clearly, it was impossible for him to have lost his memory.

Before she could tell her mother about the phone, the young man came out and she was surprised by how he had made those simple clothes look really fine.

Rong Yue was impressed with his looks even though she didn show it in her eyes. She hadn seen someone that looked this good even in her past life where she was already at the age of twenty eight.

"How are you feeling?" She asked politely. And when the man nodded, she smiled.

"The trouble of saving you yesterday was difficult and I had to use my frail arms to drag you back here. Also, my cat sleeps on that couch usually but had to move away for you. Now, my cat is missing." She looked every bit of a money swindler as she stared at him like he was some pot of gold.

"In total, you owe me a total of one million yuan to compensate for your life. Your life looks like it should be worth billions but Ill do this because our conditions are only so so." She added immediately.

"Yueer" her mother called softly as she felt like the money her daughter had called was quite a lot.

She and her mother were seated on the couch and so Qin Yichen took the stool his leg had been placed on overnight and sat down across from them.

"Ill certainly pay you back for all you have done." He said seriously. Although he had been partly unconscious, he had still been slightly of how slowly she had dragged him to her house. Considering the distance, he had even assumed she would dump him somewhere at some point. After all, he had already gotten first aid.

However, he also felt it was good that she brought him here, after all, his team was created by his own first brother and him, he didn think that he should have gotten multiple attacks like that.

"Also, your watch had a kind of tracker, since its just me and my mother here, I had to remove it somewhere along the way to avoid us being attacked unnecessarily." Rong Yue added as he opened her bag to bring out the phones, she was familiar and sensitive to those kind of things now.

More importantly, she had also felt that with how those men had waited for them there, it was either they had a tracker on one of them or someone was a snitch.

Qin Yichen brows furrowed when he heard her words. He had known about his watch being missing and had thought it either fell off or it was a compensation that the girl had taken. After all, the watch was a lot more expensive than the amount she was asking for.

He hadn expected that this was what had happened. Qin Yichen took another look at her, surprise filling his gaze, in her school uniform, she looked nothing more than seventeen and yet she had been able to hide in the shadows and avoid detection, and was also able to detect a tracker.

Was this how high school kids were now? He shook his head immediately he remembered his little brother.

Clearly, it wasn a generalized situation.

"Okay, thank you." He said gratefully before looking at the two packs of phone she brought.

"Mother, I bought you a phone that you can use to call me when Im not at home, when you get the hang of this one, Ill buy you a better one, we would have plenty money soon." As she said the last part, she shot a look at her future gold bank happily and then helped her mother unlock the phone.

She also opened hers and exchange the numbers she had gotten for the two phone.

"Ill be heading to work now, you can call me if anything happens." She said and then packed the bags that held her painting stuff inside the room.

After arranging them, she changed and then went out to go to the store.

Since she was in a good mood, she plugged in the earphones that came with the phone and played some music as she walked to the flower store.

"You are here." Auntie Su greeted Rong Yue as she entered the store. The store had made more than three months money in one night last night and had still not even sold the flowers.

"Hmmm, good afternoon. How are you?" She asked politely. Her eyes automatically went to the boxes that were still placed on the floor.

"The flowers have not been sent out? I left a note and sent a message to the delivery service." Rong Yue cried out as she tried to remember if she had missed any step.

"They came by, we had sent it out, unfortunately, the address that was left by the customer doesn exists." Auntie Su said with a slight frown.

She was the kind of person that was entirely honest and liked to work hard for her things. An order that had amounted to more than thirty thousand had been good news, she had received the payment yesterday and was eager to come to the store to see the things that had been sold.

After seeing that it was send to address order, she had promptly hurried the delivery people to come over. Never would she have imagined that they would come back after a while informing her the address didn exist.

Rong Yue frowned, she had suspected something was wrong last night, after all, he had been wasting time deliberately and picked out a lot of expensive flowers but since it was a send to address order, she had calculated that if the money payment had any issues overnight, they would not send out the next day.

But for the address not existing, she hadn seen it coming.

"Let see if the person calls back today." She said finally, she understood Auntie Su and knew she would feel uncomfortable with that type of transaction.

"You have a phone now? Even good, Ill send the money to you. If the customer comes, you can directly refund if he doesn want the order anymore. If he never comes, you can also keep the money."

"Don argue with me, this kind of money would affect the stores feng shui, I can allow it to stay in the business account."

Seeing that she wasn going to change her mind, Rong Yue nodded. But since she just got the phone, she had to take some time to set up the social media accounts and then passed it to Auntie Su who was already ready to leave for her work.

After sending the money, she waved her good bye and left. To her, if the man had no intentions to buy, then it was possible he paid that amount because of Yong Yues good looks. If he came back, it would be best she gave him the money by herself.

Also, if he didn , then it was also because of Yong Yues face so it didn make sense to take the money.

On the other hand, Rong Yue felt it wasn so simple and she would have to talk to that man back at home. She suspected that the man from yesterday had something to do with the attack.

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