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President Qins Little Wife Is The Strongest Chapter Six: You are Awake

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The next day when Rong Xue woke up, her mother already made breakfast for three of them but the man was yet to wake up.

"His fever appears to be subsiding but he still needs some more time." Rong Xia informed her daughter while scooping some porridge into her bowl.

"Hmmm, mother has done well. When I leave for school today, you don have to go to work, just watch after him and make sure he doesn run off before I get back." Since she had already planned to exhort his money, it would be very unfortunate if he was gone before she could get back. After all, she knew very well that her mother would not be one to disturb him.

Her mother nodded in understanding. From the age of eight, Rong Yue had been the one making major decisions for them and since it hadn led them astray too much, her mother didn mind her doing it.

Unfortunately, the loneliness and way of upbringing had made her desperate for Tong Yangs friendship which eventually led the little genius to her early grave.

Rong Yue finished her food quickly and left the house, dressed in her school uniform, a mini blue skirt that stopped slightly above her knees and a white shirt that was tucked in.

With the blue designs around the white top and her fair skin, she looked absolutely stunning. Yet, instead of her going straight to school, Rong Yue took a stop at Auntie Sus shop.

Yesterday, she had treated the man but hadn been able to clean up for fear of being caught and since she knew that Auntie Su only opened the store around afternoon, she went there and entered through the front door.

She spent about fifteen minutes cleaning up before locking the shop back and leaving for school.

"Rong Yue." Several people greeted as she entered school. Although she was the School belle because of her looks and grades, several guys only admired her from afar because at this age, most of the rich heirs were still controlled by their family.

Each one of them usually had a teacher that was watching their every move and reporting home and sometimes, some of the teachers would even have close to thirty students that they are monitoring.

This meant that, although they liked her, they didn dare approach her or try to be with her. After all, they would get scolded and maybe put her in trouble.

Rong Yue also didn mind, after all, she also didn want to marry into any of those families. The previous her had even been scared to climb up the ranks so it had made her keep a distance between her and those people.

Since she had made a detour, the classroom was already full by the time she got in. Unlike before where she had a timid aura and was easily flustered. The Rong Yue of today looked firm with her neck well raised like a princess.

Although most of them couldn pin point it, they could sense the difference in her including her best friend, Rong Yue.

"Why does it seem like our school belle is looking even better than before?" One guy asked his friend who nodded his head vigorously.

She indeed looked more eye catching today.

"Perhaps, Ill move in with Rong Yue. Even without expensive skincare or good living conditions, she still manages to shine even better." Tong Yang commented rather loudly.

Her words worked like magic in reminding those guys about their family condition while also making the girls snigger at her misery. What was the point of being fine and having such a terrible family.

After a while, even her beauty would fade without seeing proper care and money. At this age where she was still without responsibilities, it was easy for her natural looks to shine without money, however as she grew older, things would gradually become even more difficult for her.

Rong Yue did as if she didn notice the jab in her est friends words and smiled as she sat in her seat.

Now that she was reborn and knew what kind of future her skills could get her, she didn mind being considered poor now but she was certain that in less than a month, she was going to get a good place for her mother and her where they didn have to live like fugitive.

She smiled slightly as she remembered the cash cow she had left at home. If she was already considered attractive before, then with the corners of her lips raised up in a small smile, Rong Yue could only be described as stunning.

Some of the guys sighed in their heart and then looked away.

Classes soon started like normal and no one had time for any gossip again, after all, their exams were close and they had less than a month to prepare for it.

"You look exceptionally happy today. Is anything the matter?" Tong Yang finally couldn hold back and asked. The more she looked at Rong Yues radiant face, the more sour her mood was.

"Auntie Su gave me an advance because of exams, so I don have to worry about feeding money." She replied with an innocence smile. Seeing that it was because of that, Tong Yang sneered in her heart and continued eating her lunch while Rong Yue went back to eating her steamed buns that she had gotten from the cafeteria.

Although it was free, the exorbitant amount paid by the kids ensured that the meal here was definitely good and it was even better than what she would have at home.

Previously, Yong Yue would try to eat a large portion so that she would not have to eat dinner at home but now that she knew money was coming her way, she didn mind eating only little now.

After lunch, classes continued and since they had taken a day off yesterday, the senior students only ended classes when it was almost evening.

"Yue er, would you like me to give you a ride?" Tong Yang asked as they walked outside.

"No, I happen to need somethings outside for Auntie Su and my mother, I would not be going back directly."

The moment Tong Yan heard that, she waved her off and entered into her car, after all, she had once followed Rong Yue out of curiousity but the kind of market that Rong Yue visited were totally disgusting to her.

Rong Yue on the other hand strolled until she was at the heart of the city. For phones, she got a good one that could use the internet for herself and then got one that was lesser and easier to use for her mother. Since it was just to receive calls, it was better to get her something that she would find easy to use.

After getting the phones and keeping it in her school bag, she went on to get the painting materials, since she was without any materials at home, by the time she was done shopping, including some things that she felt was needed at home, Rong Yue had spent close to half of the money Auntie Su gave her. She boarded a taxi home because of the large stuffs she had gotten.

It was evening, the time that people were just getting back from work. Some of the ones that had just returned were surprised to see Rong Yue get down from a taxi and also offload some stuffs.

Did the god of wealth suddenly visit them or smile down at their house? After all, both mother and daughter often walked, if they couldn work, they would usually wait in line for a bus or the subway.

Although she could feel their gazes, she didn pay it any mind since she didn spend their money. However, her mother had a similar expression when she opened the door and saw the various bags around her.

"Yueer" she muttered softly while looking at her with concern. Since it was outside, she didn say much and just helped her move the items inside the house.

"All these bags? You didn spend much?" She asked cautiously, afraid that she would offend her daughter.

"Since my exam is soon, Auntie Su gave me two thousand and asked me to spend it on things I need. Also, I have a painting competition and so I had to buy my own painting materials…." As she talked, she paused when she heard a door opening.

She paused at the sight of the man from yesterday. Now that he was standing, she could really see all his height. He made their house seem like some small place for small ants.

"You are awake." She muttered and then went back to the shopping bag, she wasn sure of his size chart and so she had gone for something that was quite big.

"Its uncomfortable to wear those with your injuries, you can change into these inside while my mom stay here." Rong Yue said and then threw a nylon to him. Although it wasn an expensive brand, it was also not already worn clothes like what she and her mother wore.

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