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Plundering in the Apocalypse Chapter 28 Betrayed

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"But we have a more troubling situation for now. We aren't able to find the boss monster in this city."

Shin's expression turned stiff at that moment.

'Of course, you can't find it. It's already dead. But wait what about the corpse. It should be there, right'

It should have been there but at that moment Shin remembered Alice's smile after the fight.

'Right, how could I forget.'. He facepalmed himself as he remembered he didn't check up on the corpse. He was too exhausted.

'She must have used her skill.' Shin remembered Alice absorbing the corpses in her book. He was certain. She was the reason they couldn't find the corpse.

But it's still a fact that they defeated that monster. Which should have been very much strong for us. Well, it is true. We only won because of Alice's awesome cheat-like weapons.

My attacks weren't enough to kill it. I would have been dead without her.

Shin glanced at his parent's faces and thought.

'But should I tell them that we were the one who killed it Nah, if I do that. I'll probably get lectured by Mom for hours. I better keep my mouth shut.'

'I glanced at Alice. Gesturing to her to keep it a secret.'

'Ohh, she nodded. Good, that means she understood the meaning.' Shin smiled.

'Now we can keep it a secret.'

'Sorry mom and dad, but I don't want to get nagged.'

Alice turned to Reina and Alfred and a big smile was plastered on her face. She said with a proud smile.

"Of course, you can't find it. It's already dead. SHIN killed it~" she said while emphasizing the fact that Shin was the one who killed it. She made a smug expression. She didn't even bother to tell them that she also had a part in killing it.

Reina and Alfred widened their eyes in shock before looking at the smug Alice and shocked Shin alternatively.

Shin was shocked to the core. He felt betrayed by Alice. She also made it worse by hiding her contribution. Now he will get an earful and he was right. Reina was glaring at him very fiercely.

"Are you serious" Alfred asked not believing his ears.

"Of course. That Undead tormentor got his head chopped off by Shin." Alice explained missing all the important details.

'Why are you doing this to me. At least tell it was only possible with your weapon. Now I am in trouble.' Shin grunted inwardly. He glanced at his mom, who was throwing daggers at him with her fiery glare.

"Shin was so awesome. He was so fast. I couldn't see with my eyes. He was so cool~" Alice continued her explanation emphasizing how handsome Shin was.

'At least don't miss out on the important details. That was a very dangerous fight. You shouldn't tell them about it. They are sure to be worried now.' Shin sighed thinking and rubbing his forehead.

Alice smiled at Shin. Like she did a very good job praising him. She was very satisfied. She wanted to praise Shin more but she stopped.

She can do it later. For now, let's continue the conversation.

"So Shin defeated it huh. I always knew my son was amazing."

Reina had a meaningful glare on Shin. He understood he is in trouble.

"Right He is amazing." Alice said as she blushed. Reina sighed 'silly girl.'

Shin felt Alice overpraise him. He thought she admired him that much. He felt there was no point in hiding anyway. It might be better this way.

Now he can focus on getting stronger with their help. At first, he didn't want them to be worried. He knew after that incident 4 years ago. They will feel a little uneasy.

But if they knew their son can protect himself now and is working hard to grow stronger they can feel at ease. He knew with his parent's support he can get strong now.

"You changed a lot in a day. Shin." Alfred said with a proud look on his face.

At Alfred's words, Alice thought of something as she asked.

"Isn't Shin also a martial artist from the Wolner family. What do mean by his change in a day"

Alice thought Shin was good at fighting and now it makes sense if he is a martial artist with that kind of background. But Alfred's words made her rethink.

Shin's expression turned solemn. Alice felt she asked for something she shouldn't have. Her darling is sad because of her. She hurt him. She was devastated.

'I need to atone myself. What should I do'

"I'm sorry Shin. Please forgive me. Don't be angry at me." Alice apologized sincerely. Shin snapped out of his dazed and felt wrong. She shouldn't be the one apologizing. She never meant any harm.

"No, don't be sorry Alice. You didn't do anything wrong. I'm not angry at you okay." Shin said with a smile.

"Until yesterday I was just a normal person I didn't practice martial arts and I didn't follow the family tradition. I fully cut myself off from the family."

"Something happened in my past which I don't want to remember and that's the reason we are cut off from the Wolner clan or family. We live as a normal family. Mom and dad are strong because they were martial artists but now we live as a normal family."

Shin stopped and corrected himself

"I should say we lived as a normal family. Not anymore. Because nothing is normal now."

Shin said with a drifting emotion in his voice.

Alice felt happy that Shin isn't angry at her. But she still decided to be careful from now onwards to not make her darling angry. She wasn't too bothered by Shin's background or past.

​ She only had feelings for the current Shin. But she still felt happy that Shin told her such an important thing related to his past.

"Anyway let's talk about what we need to do," Reina said as she tried to change the topic.

"Shin can you tell us more about your awakening."


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