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Please Be PatientGrand Duke Chapter 20.1

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Chapter 20.1

Lia wanted to run away, showing her discomfort, but with the utmost courtesy. She told Ian that ignoring Wade was considered treason here, but he didnt even acknowledge her warning, as he kissed her hand before going into the outhouse.

She felt strange like she had just weathered a storm. Lia now stood in the middle of the garden, unable to appreciate the beautiful surroundings, and wouldnt have moved if Pepe hadnt come looking for her.

The estate was a hype of activity, due to the sudden arrival of the guests. The Marchioness held an armful of fresh flowers, collected from the greenhouse, and her excited smile told Lia how important they were. And the servants looked satisfied and relieved at having Kieran back. Lia told the servant who followed her, that she wouldnt have dinner, before going to her room and closing the door.

Her shirt stuck to her skin due to the cold sweat from her uncomfortable encounter with Ian. After taking a clean shirt out of her wooden closet, she went and stood at the window. Men came out of the outhouse and strolled across the lawn to the fountains, and she watched them as she loosened her tie. They were all wearing jackets with vests underneath, and she noticed how brightly their shoes shone; perfect gentlemen. She saw the crown prince laugh with his head tilted back, and he met Lias eyes. The other two also looked at her as if Wade was talking about her. Feeling Claudes blue eyes penetrating her soul, she quickly closed the window and moved backward, instead of closing the curtains; her hands shook. She couldnt understand why she was afraid of meeting his eyes.

“Young master.” Pepe came in after a light knock and approached Lia while looking around. She seemed excited about something as she asked, “You said you wont eat dinner”

Lia nodded as she handed Pepe the shirt shed worn, “Yes, the guests make me uncomfortable.”

“Then, can you come to the riverside later”

“To the riverside”

“Yes, about an hour from now.”

“All right.”

Pepe smiled brightly and quickly organized the room before looking at the clock. Lia put on the clean shirt after Pepe left and then went to look out the window again. Thankfully, no one was there. She only saw a few birds landing to eat crumbs, and she opened the window feeling relieved, enjoying the feel of the warm wind on her face.


“I do not see Sir Canillian Vale, my lady.” Wades smile reflected on the tableware as he sat at the head of the table. While the preparations had been rushed, due to his sudden visit, the food was perfect. Everything was prepared in silver just in case, and the luxurious dining room and the respectful servants showed the Marquiss class.

“Canillian is resting in his room. He is not well after my long absence, and I plan to take care of him more from now on,” Anastasia calmly answered and smiled. “Please eat. The chef has taken special care, and I hope you will enjoy this.”

Wade smiled as he lifted his fork, and the meal began. The table was filled with dishes from both countries. Claude smiled at the Marchionesss excuse, as Canillian had been quite well a few hours ago. He would be avoiding them, as the tension would make him faint and he would just be eating candy again.

Claude had been cutting into the meat when he saw the dessert goblet in front of him. The cup held the dessert that was now popular in the capital, and it looked like it was buried in clouds. Reaching for the goblet, without realizing he had done so, his hand brushed against Ians, who was watching him closely. “Excuse me,” Claude said politely and then handed the goblet over to Ian who nodded in thanks. He had thought the man had a strange sweet tooth but then Ian called a servant.

“Take that to Sir Canillian Vale and tell him that skipping meals is not a good habit.” All eyes turned to Ian, and Anastasia showed the most surprise while Wade looked at him with interest. Ian spoke with a smile after the servant left with the goblet on a tray, “I may take Sir Canillian to Geore if he is unwell.” Kierans eyes glistened at Ians casual comment. “I thank you for your kindness. If things change, we may send him.”

“Should I wish for it then”

“You jest. I want my brother to be healthy.”

“Anyway, my words are sincere. This place doesnt seem to suit him.” Ians eyes were on Claude, and his look was enough to freeze the table.


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