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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 30 - Pay with Your Life

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Chapter 30: Pay with Your Life

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Xu Qings gaze made people tremble with fear. She could not hit this old thing, but towards Zhao Bing, Xu Qing, did not have any scruples.

Chen Qiulian looked at Zhao Bing, who had fallen to the ground and was wailing, in shock. She said with a feigned calm voice, “That… bastard… isnt the child fine”

“You said hes okay when hes crying like that Do you think its only serious if he falls to his death Old thing, arent you afraid of retribution That brother of mine is only five years old, but he was starved to death by you and died of exhaustion. Have you never dreamed of him Did he tell you that hes hungry and tired Ill make you pay with your life!” Xu Qings cold and angry voice, coupled with the cold wind at night, frightened Chen Qiulian so much that her legs trembled.

“Who… are you scaring Thats because hes unlucky. What has it got to do with me” Chen Qiulian trembled.

“Hehe!” Xu Qing sneered and continued gloomily, “Only you believe this. I saw my poor brother yesterday. He didnt have a single piece of flesh on his body. He was skinny and his face was pale. His eyes were already bulging and there was blood at the corner of his mouth. His tongue was so long. He told me that he died unwillingly and that he was so hungry. He wanted to find you and your family. He wanted to ask why you were so heartless…”

“Ah!” Chen Qiulian screamed. It was unknown what she thought of, but she became more and more afraid, and her lips were trembling.

“Mother… Mother, what should we do” Zhao Bing was also a little afraid. She stood up while trembling. She had tortured that child a lot. Now that it was dark, she was a little afraid.

“Shut up, useless fool. Go home!” Chen Qiulian glared at her. Her rolling eyes and ferocious face frightened Zhao Bing. She screamed and turned to run.

“Zhao Bing, that bitch!” Chen Qiulian spat and prepared to leave. However, she heard Xu Qings sinister laughter, which made her body tremble. Mo Qiu, who was at the side, also trembled. Xu Qing was indeed becoming more and more terrifying.

In the end, the two of them ran away without bringing anything with them, afraid that those things would delay their speed.

Xu Qing looked at their impatient movements and had a strange smile on her face. She hoped that they would like the gift she had given them. Wanted to leave after bullying her

When Xu Qing turned around again, her expression had already returned to normal. The three children had already fallen asleep after crying. Xu Qing wiped the childrens tears with heartache and swore in her heart that she would never let anyone bully them in the future!

Although Wu Cuizhen was also afraid of what Xu Qing said, she had not done anything wrong, so she was naturally unafraid. However, when she thought of the three children, she looked guilty. “Im sorry, Xiao Qing. I didnt take good care of the children…”

“Auntie Wu, what has this got to do with you! Let me take a look at Little Ans wound first,” Xu Qing said. If not for them today… Xu Qing didnt dare to think about it.

Xu Qing applied the medicine for Wu Xiaoan with tears in her eyes. “Thank you so much.” She had nothing when she first came to such a foreign world. These three children were really important to her.

“Xu Qing, my mother and I should have apologized. We promised you to take good care of the children, but we didnt stop them…” Wu Xiaoan felt guilty.

At the mention of the Xu family, Xu Qings eyes flashed with a cold look. She looked at the uncomfortable Auntie Wu. “My father is still being treated in town. I will have to go over often to take a look. You guys have to help me take care of the family. As for the children, I will bring them along. The Xu family probably wont let this go.”

“Dont worry, Ill definitely look after the house for you!” Wu Cuizhen promised. No matter what, she had accepted Xu Qings money and could not break her promise.

On the other side, Chen Qiulian and the others were frightened on the way back. It was a dark night and the wind was slightly cold. Occasionally, people would light up kerosene lamps. It should have been a beautiful scene, but now, it changed in the eyes of Chen Qiulian and the others.

The gloomy aura and the cold grass were like the hands of a demon that kept reaching out to them. The lights were like ghost flames floating, and the surroundings were gloomy and terrifying. It frightened Chen Qiulian and the others so much that they screamed all the way and fled in panic before falling into some pig dung. The cold feeling made them tremble all over. Finally, Chen Qiulian fainted completely, and Mo Qiu ran home while covered in ** and urine.

Zhao Bing, the first to run home, panted heavily. The Xu family members were puzzled, and Old Master Xu said unhappily, “Where did the three of you go Dont you know you have to cook Do you want me to starve to death”


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