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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 28 - Taking Advantage of the Situation

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Chapter 28: Taking Advantage of the Situation

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The middle-aged man was about forty years old. His cheekbones were high and his eyes were deep. When he looked at people, he gave off a levelheaded feeling. He looked at Xu Qing and sized her up. He was puzzled. “Where did you get this”

Xu Qing smiled. “An old man gave it to me.”

“Since you have the divine doctors token, please go ahead.” Although the middle-aged man could not understand how Divine Doctor Bai Xian was related to the village girl, the token was not fake.

Xu Qing nodded and turned around to ask Gao Shi to help carry Xu Jiangxi in. Xu Huai also quickly went to help.

“My name is Gong Jingzhang. Im the boss of the Divine Farmer Garden, the branch garden in Saddle Town. Im also a doctor.” The man introduced himself politely.

“My name is Xu Qing. Can I call you Uncle Gong I hope Uncle Gong can help me hide this matter,” Xu Qing said calmly. She didnt want to cause trouble. If the Xu family found out that she was related to the Divine Farmer Garden, the separation would definitely be stopped and she would be taken advantage of.

“Alright.” Gong Jingzhang looked at their shabby clothes and thought that this little girl was a thoughtful person.

Not only were the people on the streets puzzled about being able to enter the Divine Farmer Garden, but Gao Shi could not help but ask Xu Huai, “Arent they closed today”

“My sister begged them for a long time before they opened the door.” Although Xu Huai was ten years old, he was a child of a poor family and was sensible early. He noticed that his sisters jade pendant was even more precious than his mothers family heirloom. It definitely had a complicated story to it, so he naturally could not tell outsiders about it.

“I see…” Gao Shi was simple-minded and didnt think too much about it.

After Gao Shi carried Xu Jiangxi into the backyard of the Divine Farmer Garden, Xu Qing took out a few hundred yuan and said, “Brother Gao, the sky is dark. Youve been busy the entire day. Go back first. This is the money for borrowing your car. Im really grateful for what you did for me today.”

“Xiao Qing, how can I accept this money Treat your fathers illness.” Gao Shi was not a person who took advantage of others. He refused to accept it no matter what. This family was already miserable enough.

“If you dont accept this money, we wont dare to use your ox cart in the future.” Xu Qing insisted. After all, exchanging favors was not something that could be done with just a thank you.

“Alright…” Gao Shi couldnt refuse and helplessly accepted it before leaving the Divine Farmer Garden.

“Little Qing, if you ask Gao Shi to go back, what should we do” Qu Feng was a little worried.

“Well live here before Father recovers.” Xu Qing added inside. During this period, she would also resolve the matter of splitting up the family.

“Can we live here” Qu Feng could not believe it. Could they afford to live here

“Dont worry, Uncle Gong took pity on us and asked us to help arrange the herbs to pay for it.” This was what Xu Qing had discussed with Gong Jingzhang just now.

Qu Feng looked at the unconscious Xu Jiangxi and could only nod. After all, even if they went back, they would not have a place to stay or medicine to take. Today, Old Master Xu had taken out the money to buy ginseng, and that explained everything. There was no place for them in the Xu family.

Xu Qing did not have the time to console Qu Feng. She turned around and went to the pharmacy to get the herbs.

After Gong Jingzhang helped Xu Jiangxi check, he praised the person who treated his wound. It was really brilliant. However, Gong Jingzhang did not expect this was done by a woman like Xu Qing. He was about to fill a prescription when he saw Xu Qing skillfully filling a prescription. Gong Jingzhang looked a little unhappy. “Miss Xu, filling a prescription cant be done by just anyone.” He was a doctor, and his greatest pet peeve was people pretending to know something when they didnt, which would delay treatment.

“Yes.” Xu Qing nodded calmly, but her hands didnt stop moving. She was very anxious now. After she finished taking care of Xu Jiangxi, she still had to go back and take care of the children.

Gong Jingzhang frowned when he saw Xu Qing acting without reading the prescription and ask Xu Huai to brew the medicine.

Xu Qing got the prescription and looked up to see Gong Jingzhangs expression. She said calmly, “Uncle Gong, did you see the medicine just now Is there a problem”

Hearing this, Gong Jingzhang finally reacted. He checked the medicine and his eyes instantly lit up. This concoction was really instant. Then, he suddenly realized something. Could it be that this prescription was not given by Divine Doctor Bai Xian But how could a woman have such good medical skills

Xu Qing didnt answer him. She turned around and left. She said, “Ill pay you the fees after this period of time.” She wouldnt accept anyones help for free. In her opinion, there was no free help in this world. She wouldnt owe anyone a favor. She was also returning Bai Xians favor.

Gong Jingzhang was a little vexed. “You dont have to return these. That jade pendant…”

Xu Qing did not answer. She gave Qu Feng some instructions and hurriedly rented a carriage to return to the village. She had not seen the three children for an entire day and really missed them. Unexpectedly, before she entered the house, she heard the childrens cries and clamors…


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