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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 26 - Healing

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Chapter 26: Healing

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“What nonsense are you talking about at this time” Although Old Master Xu also wanted to chase her, the most useless member of the family, out, this was definitely not the time. Not only had they not earned any money, but if they leave now, there was no telling how he would be scolded.

“Im very clear-headed. The money you give us to buy the ginseng now is what we get after splitting the family assets. We dont want anything else,” Xu Qing replied calmly.

Qu Feng looked at her daughter in shock, but in the end, she remained silent.

However, the village chief at the side said, “Xu Qing…” However, he shut his mouth again. Although they were in a small village and were poor and backward, it did not mean that they were inhumane. He would not allow such a situation, but the Xu familys situation was really…

“Village Chief, you dont have to say anything. My father cant wait anymore,” Xu Qing said in a low voice.

The village chief wanted to say that the Xu family could not refuse to fork out money just because Xu Jiangxi was on the brink of death now. They were actually going to leave home at this time. He touched his pocket, but he couldnt take out any money at this time. Moreover, even if he did, his wife probably wouldnt agree. There was a drought this year, and the harvest definitely wouldnt be good. He was helpless…

“Yes, or no Give me an answer!” Xu Qing looked at Old Master Xu again.

“This…” Old Master Xu felt the strange gazes around him, but he thought that it was actually worth it to split Xu Jiangxis family with just one ginseng coin. After all, in this way, Xu Jiangxis familys fields and house would be left behind.

“Why are you talking about splitting up at this time Am I the kind of person to kick someone when theyre down Chen Qiulian, take the money!” Although Old Man Xu said this, he had already made up his mind. After Xu Jiangxis matter was over, he would kick her out. Since his son wanted to leave time and time again, he would let him leave to avoid being an eyesore.

After all, he was very willing to lose a useless son in exchange for a promising son.

Chen Qiulian could only withdraw the money reluctantly.

Xu Qing used all her strength to get the money from Chen Qiulian and handed it to Xu Huai solemnly. “Take the ox-cart to town and buy a hundred-year-old ginseng. Be quick!”

“Yes!” Xu Huai wiped his tears and left in a hurry.

Xu Qing didnt stay idle either. She used the scissors she had brought to cut Xu Jiangxis clothes at his wound and took out a bottle of medicinal powder to pour on it. It was all thanks to Bai Xian. This old man really left her with many good things before he left.

Xu Jiangxis wound had to be stitched up, but since he was bleeding non-stop, she had to stop the bleeding first. She did not know how to stitch acupoints to stop the bleeding, so she could only use a conventional method. Xu Qing found two more wooden sticks and reconnected Xu Jiangxis broken ribs.

Xu Qing finished doing all of this in one go, while the people around her never stopped talking. Those women even turned around and said something about how embarrassing it was for a girl to actually cut her fathers clothes.

On the other hand, Doctor Zhu was shocked. He did not expect a little girl like Xu Qing to have such a skilled bone reconnection technique. And that medicinal powders effect of stopping the bleeding was the best he had ever seen.

“Carry him into the room.” Xu Qing had completely entered the state she usually had once she entered the operating theater. There was no additional explanation, only cold orders. She had to stitch up the patients wound immediately.

When the Xu family saw that Xu Qing actually dared to order them, they were about to curse when they looked up and saw Xu Qing raising her sharp scissors at them. Her gaze seemed like she was going to stab them to death in the next second, and they subconsciously carried him in.

Xu Qing called Doctor Zhu and Xu Zhi in to help. Then, Chen Qiulian reacted and was about to scold them, but she saw Xu Qing close the door fiercely and almost break her nose. She was so angry that she couldnt stop cursing. However, no one paid attention to her. The people around her were also disdainful. In the end, Old Master Xu felt embarrassed and scolded her coldly before stopping.

Xu Qing could not handle it alone. She had to have an assistant. As a doctor, she personally did not differentiate between men and women. It was just that there were differences between men and women in this world. If she only called Doctor Zhu, he would not come in. Xu Qing looked at Xu Zhi solemnly. “Youre a man, so no matter what happens later, dont be afraid, understand”

“Yes! Dont worry, Sister.” Xu Zhi clenched his fists.

“Then talk to Father now. Dont stop even for a moment,” Xu Qing instructed. She was actually afraid that Xu Jiangxi wouldnt be able to hold on, so she had to constantly remind him that he still had people to hold on for.

Xu Qing briefly explained what Doctor Zhu wanted to do before putting on a mask and starting to sew the wound.

Doctor Zhu was so shocked that he couldnt speak. This woman actually wanted to sew someone like clothes


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