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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 22 - Evil Family

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Chapter 22: Evil Family

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It turned out that a large engineering team had come to find craftsmen to open up mountains and mine. Normally, everyone was willing to do such a job because it would earn more than farming. However, this project was looking for the first batch of people to mine.

The older people knew that the first batch of people to enter the mine earned the most money. However, usually, only one out of ten would return. The others would die. This first batch of people was also called the suicide squad and was the vanguard. They risked their lives to earn money they might not be able to spend!

However, when the Xu family found out about this, they made Xu Jiangxi participate. As long as he went, whether he lived or died, he would get a lot of money. If he died, there would be more money! If he didnt want to go, they would wait for Xu Qing to take out the money. The Xu family had come up with a good plan this time.

When Qu Feng found out about this, how could she let Xu Jiangxi go Naturally, she refused. Chen Qiulian was angry with Xu Qing to begin with. Now that there was a way to earn money, Qu Feng actually dared to stop her She was so angry that she took out a stick and hit her.

When Xu Qing arrived, many villagers were watching the commotion outside Old Master Xus yard. Some of them were sympathetic, and some were watching with amusement, but no one went up to stop them. After all, they were all poor families, and some were willing to go. What if they survived That would be a lot of money, enough for a family to live for a few years. Besides, there were not many chances like this.

“Mother, stop hitting me. Ill go!” Xu Jiangxi closed his eyes in pain and knelt in front of Chen Qiulian. He only hoped that Chen Qiulian would stop hitting Qu Feng. If he really couldnt come back, this money would be enough for the children to live on.

The children kneeling beside Qu Feng immediately cried when they heard their father say that. “Father, dont go…”

“Xu Jiangxi! How can you agree What will happen to us if you leave!” Qu Feng cried her heart out.

“What are you crying for! You vicious woman! You think everyone in our family is dead If he dies, youll naturally be taken care of by our family! What else can we do!” Chen Qiulian was so angry that she swept her broom at Qu Feng again.

However, if Xu Jiangxi really died, that money definitely wouldnt go to Qu Feng and her familys hands, and their children would be sold.

Xu Huai clenched his fists and glared at Chen Qiulian.

“Mother, stop hitting her!” Xu Jiangxi stood in front of Qu Feng and allowed Chen Qiulian to hit him.

“Dont blame us. Your mother had no choice!” Old Master Xu sighed helplessly while knocking his tobacco pipe.

“Thats right, Third Brother. We drew the lots in the beginning. If you win, its also a chance to go out and earn money. This kind of work is not always available…” Mo Qiu, the eldest sister-in-law, said hypocritically.

Xu Jiangxi and his family glared at Mo Qiu indignantly.

“Aunt is lying. I saw Grandma change it. Uncle got picked!” Xu Xiang was still a child, so no one realized that she had been under the window and had seen all of this.

These words caused different expressions to appear on the faces of everyone in the courtyard.

The people outside the courtyard understood that the Xu family was really biased. They would rather let their third son die in exchange for compensation!

“Look at the little bitch you raised!” Chen Qiulian was enraged and glared at Qu Feng!

Qu Feng seemed to have made up her mind. She looked up and said, “Mother, Xu Xiang has already seen it. You cant bully us like this. We wont go!” Then, Qu Feng pulled Xu Xiang into her arms, afraid that Chen Qiulian would vent her anger on the child!

Chen Qiulian was trembling with anger. When her second daughter-in-law, Zhao Bing, saw that Xu Qing had finally arrived, she said in a sarcastic tone, “Third Sister-in-law, its not that Mother is heartless, but the family has really fallen on hard times. There are so many people and we have to eat. Doesnt Xu Qing have a rich master Let her take out some money. Could it be that Xu Qing wants to watch her father die”

Xu Qing couldnt help but sneer when she heard Zhao Bings voice. She finally understood what was going on!

“Second Sister-in-law, you cant be like this!” Qu Feng would not do such an ungrateful thing. After all, that master had already helped them a lot. Furthermore, Xu Qings master had long left, so how could she have money!

“Listen to that. You mean that youd rather watch your parents starve to death than ask that master for money!” Mo Qiu also fanned the flames.

“You slut, Im going to kill you today, you evil thing!” Chen Qiulians broom was about to fall.

However, in the next second, the broom was grabbed by a slender hand. However, the person holding the broom almost staggered and fell.


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