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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 17 - The Xu Family Comes Again

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Chapter 17: The Xu Family Comes Again

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After Bai Xian finished speaking, he threw a crystalline jade pendant to Xu Qing. “This is my gift to you, my disciple. As long as you take this to the Divine Farmer Garden, the herbs there will be provided for you for free.”

Xu Qing touched the jade pendant and couldnt help but smile when she heard Bai Xians words. It seemed like Bai Xian really treated her as his disciple. She looked up at Bai Xian. “When… are you leaving Will we see each other again” She could tell that Bai Xian was not an ordinary person. He had his own secrets and would definitely not stay in a small village for long.

Bai Xians shrewd eyes flashed and he smiled. “Dont worry, youre my disciple. Ill definitely be back.” He cherished these three babies very much. When he finished dealing with his business, he would definitely rush back and continue to tease them.

Xu Qing pursed her lips slightly and teased Xu Hanxue, who was in her arms. She was really reluctant for the old man to leave. This old man was really good to her. The medicine that he gave her to nourish her body was extremely precious. Moreover, she was used to arguing with the old man recently. She wasnt used to him suddenly leaving.

“You cant bear for me to leave” Bai Xian said with a smile. He was more or less reluctant as well. Although the two of them were very different in age, because of her medical expertise, he regretted not meeting her sooner.

“If you want to leave, leave quickly.” Xu Qing rolled her eyes at Bai Xian.

“Youre heartless…” Bai Xian knew that Xu Qing didnt mean it, so he didnt really get offended by it. Otherwise, he would really be angered to death. However, in order to take revenge, Bai Xian snatched Xu Hanxue from Xu Qings arms and carefully carried her to the side to tease her. Xu Qing was really capable. Xu Hanxues congenital deficiency was actually cured. Now, he couldnt see any signs of the deficiency. Although he had used up many herbs during the treatment, Bai Xian had no regrets.

Xu Qing was helpless. Her life had been saved by Bai Xian. Even the three children had received a lot of care from Bai Xian. She had not forgotten that Bai Xian had secretly fed her two sons a black medicinal pill. Later on, Xu Qing had checked the pulse of the two children and had only felt a trace of an aura swimming in their bodies and strengthening their meridians and bones. According to Xu Qings many years of medical experience, that was definitely something beneficial to the children. Xu Qing did not ask further.

Xu Qing was sincerely grateful to Bai Xian. In the future, she would definitely be filial to Bai Xian!

However, as soon as Bai Xian left, the people who had their eyes on the straw hut came.

Xu Qing knew that those people would not give up so easily. She was not surprised to see the Xu family rushing over.

“My master said that I need to recuperate. If anything happens to my body, theres no telling if my master will do something crazy. I believe you guys can tell that my master dotes on me, his disciple.” Xu Qing stopped them before they could speak. Unfortunately, some people were extraordinarily thick-skinned.

“You heartless thing, you actually dared to threaten your grandmother!” Chen Qiulian immediately screamed sharply!

Xu Hanxue was so frightened that she cried loudly. Then, her other brother cried too. Xu Qing immediately glared at Chen Qiulian and hurriedly hugged Xu Hanxue to comfort her.

Auntie Wu, who was at the side, hurriedly picked up her crying brother and coaxed him. Chen Qiulian was really crazy. Children were innocent, yet she scared the children to this extent.

Chen Qiulians hair stood on end when Xu Qing glared at her. Why had this little slut changed However, when she thought about how she was actually frightened by this little slut, Chen Qiulian was enraged. Just as she was about to scold her, she was stopped by a look from Old Master Xu. Chen Qiulian swallowed her anger and her face turned livid!

“Little Qing, your grandmother didnt do it on purpose. Show the children to me. Our grandchildren are so beautiful.” Old Master Xu looked at the three children who were dressed very gorgeously, like children from wealthy families. They didnt look like them, who wore rough clothes. These must have been given to them by that so-called master. Since he was so rich, he had to get some money from him. Because their family had to provide for two scholars, they were already short of money.

“This room is too stuffy. My chest feels stuffy. I cant take it anymore. Im about to die.” Xu Qing saw that Old Master Xu actually reached out to take the children in Auntie Wus arms, so she immediately covered her chest and shouted…


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