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Picked Up A Husband For Farming Chapter 11 - How Dare You Steal?

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Chapter 11: How Dare You Steal

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With someone taking care of the children, Xu Qing was free. She pulled Xu Xiang and Xu Zhi to write. After teaching them for a long time, Xu Zhi was finally able to write his name down.

Xu Zhi carefully held the piece of paper. “Sister, can I bring this back for collection”

“Of course. This is the first time Xiao Zhi wrote. How impressive.” Xu Qing smiled.

“Thank you, Sister!” Xu Zhi revealed his cute canine teeth and was extremely happy.

At night, Qu Feng brought Xu Zhi and Xu Xiang back. Xu Qing asked them to bring some food back for Xu Huai as usual. However, when she saw their back figures today, Xu Qings eyelids kept twitching, as if something was about to happen!

On Qu Fengs side, just as she brought the two children to the door, she met Xu Jiangnans nine-year-old youngest son, Xu Mao. Because he was smart, Xu Jiangnan was lazy. With such a smart son, he naturally asked Old Master Xu to send his son to school.

Xu Mao was quite unreasonable despite his young age. When he saw Xu Zhi covering his chest with his hands and bending over, he immediately shouted, “Stop right there. What are you hiding in your arms!”

“Xu Mao, how can you speak to your brother like this” Qu Feng frowned.

“What has it got to do with you since Im talking to Xu Zhi” Xu Mao was extremely impatient with Qu Feng, who was bullied by everyone in the family.

Qu Feng did not say anything towards such a spoiled child and pulled Xu Zhi home.

“Did I let you guys leave Take it out!” Xu Mao roared at Xu Zhi and rushed forward to pull him away.

Xu Zhi had finally eaten his fill with Xu Qing these few days and had the strength to push Xu Mao down.

Xu Mao immediately cried and rolled around on the ground.

Qu Feng sighed. It seemed like this matter would not end easily today.

“My son, whats wrong Who bullied my Xu Mao!” The second daughter-in-law of the Xu family, Zhao Bing, hurriedly ran out when she heard that her son was crying. She saw Qu Feng and her two sons looking at Xu Mao, who was rolling on the ground, and she was instantly enraged. Without another word, she went forward and slapped Qu Feng. “You slut, how dare you hit my son!”

“Youre not allowed to hit my mother!” Xu Zhi was anxious. He hugged Zhao Bings leg and pulled her back.

Xu Xiang was also frightened to tears. The Xu family became chaotic again. At night, they were busy farmers. When they were free, they would come out to watch the commotion.

“I didnt hit Xu Mao!” Qu Fengs eyes were red. The slap mark from last time appeared again.

“You didnt hit him Then it was those two bastards of yours!” Zhao Bing shouted meanly.

“We didnt hit Xu Mao. He snatched my things and I pushed him!” Xu Zhi explained stubbornly.

“Pfft!” Zhao Bing flung Xu Zhi away. “What good stuff do you have that is worth my son snatching Your family probably stole my sons things!”

After Xu Zhi was thrown out, he could no longer keep the thing in his arms. An egg and a piece of paper fell out.

Seeing this, Zhao Bing hurriedly picked it up and poked Xu Zhi while cursing, “I caught you stealing! What a family of scum, be it children or adults!”

When the surrounding neighbors saw this, they also pointed at Xu Zhi. This made the young Xu Zhi cry in grievance.

Qu Feng hugged her son and comforted him. “Dont cry, you didnt do anything wrong!” Then, she turned to look at Zhao Bing. “My son didnt steal anything!” However, she couldnt say where this thing came from, or they would definitely look for Xu Qing.

“in the family, only Fifth Brother and my son are in school. Only they can afford rice paper. If your family has this, its either stolen or snatched! As for this egg, I knew it. Why have eggs been going missing recently” Zhao Bing said and turned to shout, “Mother, come take a look…”

Chen Qiulians eyes lit up when she heard this. She had finally found an opportunity to punish Qu Feng. She was still angry about being beaten up by Old Master Xu last time. Just as she was about to speak, she saw Old Master Xu bring his sons back from farming.

The surrounding people pointed at this group of men and said that Xu Jiangxi did not know how to educate his son…

Xu Jiangxi was puzzled. His heart skipped a beat when he saw Qu Feng and the other two crying.

Xu Huai ran over with heartache and hugged his mother and siblings.

“Boohoo… Brother, I didnt steal anything…” Xu Zhi looked at his brother, who was crying aggrievedly.

At this moment, Old Master Xu also understood the entire story. His expression instantly darkened. “Why does our family have a scum like you who steals!” As soon as he finished speaking, a thick hand directly slapped Xu Zhis face, and he fell to the ground with blood flowing from the corner of his mouth…


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