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Chapter 107 Dare to challenge Nami, he has a problem with his head

[Brook: Yo ha ha ha, it’s really amazing, even with one’s own power, I defeated so many great swordsmen.

It would be great if I could have such power.]

[Shanks: It’s worthy of being the number one swordsman in the Whitebeard Pirates.

In terms of swordsmanship, it is indeed quite powerful.]

[Mihawk: I am a powerful swordsman.]

[Golden Lion Shiki: It’s pretty good, but after defeating so many challengers, even the pirates on Charlotte Linlin’s side have been defeated, and the remaining swordsmen dare not launch a challenge.]

[Momousagi Gion: Unexpectedly, there are so many unborn swordsmen in this world.]

In just a few hours, Vista has experienced nearly ten challenges.

In addition to famous characters like Charlotte Amande, there are also many unknown swordsmen from Wano.

For a time, people became more curious about the mysterious Wano.

“No one has challenged Vista for ten minutes.” Roger touched, “It seems that Vista’s strength is enough to hit other people.

I want to see someone challenge the rest to be on the list.

I’m afraid it will be difficult.”

“Speaking of which, I’m quite eleven want to see that Nami and Li Fan take action.”

“Unfortunately, there is not enough time.”

At this time, it was only an hour before Roger returned to the underworld.

He knows that it may be impossible to see more games.

“With the gold list, Captain Roger will come back one day.” Shanks smiled, “Even if you give up the right to resurrection this time, there will definitely be a chance in the future.”

Shanks didn’t just talk about it, he always believed that in the future, he would encounter the resurrection items issued by the gold list.

When the time comes, he will use it for resurrecting Roger.

Roger shrugged and was about to speak.

The gold list, which had been silent for about ten minutes, once again radiated new light.

– The fish men island’s first swordsman, Leopard Zang, launched a challenge, and the challenged, [Swordsman List] No.

5, Nami.

“Huh! The person who challenged Nami is a Murloc Swordsman.” Roger raised his eyebrows.

“It looks like, before leaving, you can see some interesting pictures.”

“Huh! Didn’t you challenge me” Vista, who returned to the Moby Dick for a moment, was taken aback, “The fish men island’s Top swordsman Who is this, who directly challenged the fifth place Nami”

“Leopard Zang I seem to have heard this name.” Marco frowned.

“I remember, he seems to be a killer, and he often takes over the money.

The Whitebeard pirate group is the pirate group that shelters The fish men island, and Marco naturally has some knowledge about the situation of The fish men island.

“Interesting, just to see how Nami ranked fifth.

Vista smiled.

[Golden Lion Shiki: Dare to challenge Nami, is this The fish men island number one swordsman very strong]

[Kizaru Borsalino: The fish men island It’s really strange.

If it’s really that strong, at least it should be on the list.]

[Rayleigh: Haha, is it really capable, or is it simply crazy to challenge Nami, just look at it.]

On the other side, in the epiphany room, Li Fan put away the sharp blade in his hand and put a smile on his face again.

“Come on, Nami.”

“This time the special training is over, the next step depends on your own performance.”

“Let go and win what you want.”

Nami’s face was worried.

“But, Teacher Li Fan, didn’t you say that I haven’t fully mastered this style of swordsmanship Then I can’t beat Shanks.”

“Nami, progress doesn’t only happen during training.” Li Fan put his hands on Nami’s shoulders, “Sometimes, high-intensity fighting can make a person improve.”

“Let go and fight.

When facing Shanks, maybe he will break through.”

“Don’t forget, who is your teacher! Believe in yourself, and believe in my training for you.”

Because of Leopard’s challenge, Nami can no longer use the Epiphany Room, which means that she can only challenge Shanks in her current state.

Although there is still some time, Li Fan doesn’t think ordinary exercise can make Nami break through.

“Well, I see, Teacher Li Fan.” Seeing Li Fan’s encouraging smile, Nami summoned his courage for a while.

“I will go to battle and revive Bell-mère’s props.

I will definitely use the Nichirin Blades you gave me to get it.

After speaking, Nami’s figure left the epiphany room and appeared in the duel arena provided by Gold List.

The dueling arena is almost the same as that of Vista.

The only difference is the swordsman’s throne marked on the top of the duel.

Nami left the epiphany room, and Li Fan naturally didn’t need to stay here.

When he opened the door of the epiphany room and returned to the outer room of the gymnasium, Nojiko and the others greeted him.

Nojiko: “Mr.

Li Fan, Nami has no problem with her.”

Vivi: “Yes, Teacher Li Fan, Miss Nami can defeat the fish men island’s first swordsman.”

Nico Robin: “That Leopard Zang was not on the list.

From his appearance, he might challenge Nami when he is drunk, and Nami will not lose to him.

The only worry is that Nami can defeat Shanks.”

“Okay, don’t surround yourself.” Li Fan raised his hands and held Nojiko and Yamato, who were almost touching their faces.

“Don’t worry, Nami will not lose to this murloc.”

“As for Shanks, Nami may not necessarily lose, so please cheer for Nami.”

Hearing Li Fan’s words, although Nojiko was still a little nervous, it was much better than just now.

After all, it is related to the issue of foster mother’s resurrection.

Apart from Nami, she is probably the one who cares most about this matter.

“However, why does this murloc challenge Nami” Sadi chan put his index finger next to his red lips, his face was a little puzzled, “Challenge the fifth place directly, his head won’t be a problem, right.”

“Isn’t it It’s really like Robin said, I’m drunk.” Yamato said as he looked at the Leopard in the gold list, holding a hip flask, swinging from side to side.

“Who knows.” Li Fan waved his hand, “Perhaps, he thinks that as a murloc, he has racial talent and can defeat Nami.”

Having said that, there was a scent of orange from the beginning, did you make it

Hearing what Li Fan said, Sadi chan, who had been prepared for a long time, smiled slightly, raised his hand and took out a piece of orange cake and handed it to Li Fan’s mouth.


Li Fan, this is the orange cake we made together before, you can try it, ah”

“I’m not a kid.” Seeing Sadi chan coaxing the kid to open his mouth, Li Fan shook his head.

However, seeing Sadi chan pouting and looking disappointed, Li Fan opened his mouth and took a bite of the orange cake.

Immediately, Sadi chan’s face regained a smile.

“There are many other dim sums here.

Teacher Li Fan, come and try them.”

Vivi pointed to the side table, took Li Fan’s hand, and walked towards the table.


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