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Chapter 4306: The Other Side 275Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The two got entangled in the fight.

Hua Jin watched in horror from behind.

He was hoping that Mu Yazhe would step forward to intervene, but was taken aback to see that the man was just standing there calmly.

“Brother-in-law, are you just going to watch them fight!”

Mu Yazhe pursed his lips.

“Theres no point in me trying to talk them out of a fight.”

“Just pull them apart.”

“Dont worry, Little Yichen wont hurt Gong Fan.

And even if Gong Fan uses all sorts of methods, he wont be able to hurt Little Yichen.” He was certain that nothing would happen to the two boys.


Little Yichen was only doing this to vent his anger and to give himself a reason to trust Gong Fan again.

He must be telling himself that if Gong Fan defeated him, he would reluctantly believe him again!

Hua Jin watched as Gong Fan clenched his fists, grabbed his brother by the collar, and punched him in the face.

Little Yichen tilted his head from side to side and dodged nimbly, then punched Gong Fan in the corner of the mouth.

The boys teeth cut into the skin of his mouth and it instantly drew blood.

Gong Fan was completely unaware, however.

He growled and attacked Little Yichen again.

He was so worried about Yun Shishi that he was beside himself.

How could he not be when Little Yichen got in his way in such an overbearing manner! He no longer had awareness of how much force he was using.

While Little Yichen might be able to dodge some of his moves, he might not be able to escape all of them!


In a moment of carelessness, Little Yichen was punched! The force of this punch was extraordinary.

The boy fell against the door frame and almost lost his balance!

Gong Fan saw the opportunity and broke through his obstruction.

Little Yichen did not stop him.

The boy straightened himself up instead, clutching his reddened cheekbone.

His eyes were clearly bloodshot!

Hua Jin immediately went over to her and asked worriedly, “Does it hurt Are you okay”

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