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Odyssey Part One -The Beneath- Chapter Four: Golden Rain

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The sound of peoples screams fill the area as Xavier tries to force himself off the ground.

Seems like he was blown quite a distance…

His body aches all over…

His vision is blurred and a cold stream of blood drips ever so slowly from his ear….

His body has never felt this heavy in his entire life.…

Opening his swollen eyes slowly, he is met with a disturbing sight of people hang or buried in all places.

Some alive...

Trudging forward, forcing their battered bodies to move or trying to dig themselves out of whatever hole they are buried.

While others…

Others lifeless… not moving an inch from where they lay.

The sound of the chaos all around him is never ending albeit feint… muffled by the inability of his ears to function to right. That latest explosion must have done quite a number on him beside flinging him a couple of paces across the street…


He tries to call out, but his voice barely escapes his mouth. Its hoarseness aching his throat like a razor being grazed on a sore throat…. Understandably It hurts when he speaks…

Regardless he comes to the realization that not only he was blown away but that explosion but his mom too…. And seeing that he is by himself, the only thing he can think of now is her.

"Where is she?"

The thought races in his mind as he begins to shake all over, both from the pain and of the emotional distress he has just been thrown into.

"Is she still alive?"

He worries. One eye squinted as his head begins to ring and ache too…

"Please be alright…"

"Please don leave me all alone…"


The final thought, his dog, his best friend. The memory of the pup fills his mind, seeing that pure white fur right before the explosion… and even though the tears now run constant across his face and his body is in a shape only an unholy masochist would desire, he can help but think only of his family. And almost mirroring these thoughts in a complete disregard for his own safety, he grits his teeth and begins to trudge along in an effort to find them…

Dragging his uselessly battered body in the burning sand as he watches more and more people wailing in pain and struggling around him.

"Theyve lost a lot…"

The thought races through his half through his mind…

"Weve lost a lot…"

Watching on, the sight is hard to look at, everyone seems to be in a terrible state. But at this point itd probably be a miracle if there was anyone who wasn …

"The pain they must all be going through…"

He wonders…

From bloodshot eyes and damaged ringing ears, to severed hands, feet… missing limbs… and even missing entire torsos… theyve lost a lot…

And not just body parts either…

The more he casts his gaze over his falling land he can see people moan their loved ones…

Brothers and sisters, uncles and aunties, mothers and fathers…

Theyve lost their families too…

Their friends…

And now as he continues to force his body forward they

e losing their home too…

"What is this unholy sight??"

"Why must they all suffer so…?"

"How much more are they all going to suffer…?"

"How much more are they going to lose…?"

"And until when will this continue…?"

But perhaps the question that most fills his mind is why they all just sit there and let this happen…

Despite everything thats happened to them, despite everything thats happened to him. He just can come to terms with it. It angers him. This reluctance to fight back against whatever force they

e against and stand back up and defend the only place they know as home. To stand up… to stand up and fight for all theyve known… for all theyve loved!!

He knows he wants to…

So why???

"Is this it?"

He thinks…

"Is this all we amount to?"

He continues to think as he watches on with a face full of grimace and still trudging along

"Is this my grandfathers doing?"

Finally, the thought pierces his mind as he shivers in disdain and anger. He continues to drag his body across the Oasis hot sand to the constant ringing in his ear only getting louder and louder.

The grains of sand softly meshing with his exposed bloody feet hurt so much that all he can think of is resting, sitting down by the sunflower field under the sun and eventually falling asleep, but he can … no he mustn . He must keep going. For his father and mother. For Mylo. For the promise he made to himself.

Xavier pauses to examine his body, as the pain becomes ever so unbearable, watching his hands shake as their bloody display causes him even more agony.

The skin on his left arm has been peeled off and its now just pelted with blood dripped grains of sand all over.

It hurts more just looking at it…

In the same way his fingers hurt, the blood filled in his nails trickling ever so slowly down his fingers. The color of his nails now a deep beet red.

He moves to touch his head where the stream of blood flows.

The skin there has been peeled off just as well…

"What is this…?"

He thinks to himself squinting as he wipes away the tears on his face.


"What is this…?"

The pain is more intense with the visual. And at this point he can barely even keep his eyes open what with the scorching sun and heat from homes on fire forcing his eyes shut. But he mustn stop for his promise.

"I hope you

e all okay…"

He mumbles to himself as he continues to power through.

Now near the center of the Oasis the Jewel in the Gold tablet becomes visible. A fountain that connects all the water ways in the Oasis. It is the water body visible from atop their hill the Jewel in the gold tablet that is their golden sand, the emerald green that is their vitality…

…The Beyaz Fountain…

As upon its luscious inviting green, he thirstily decides a little bit of water would help his journey… yeah before he goes on itd be best if he drank some water. He wouldn wanna collapse before he finds anyone…

"Yeah thats right…everything will be fine."

Now pressed up against a wall for support he makes for the direction of the fountain…

"Just a little more… Just a little further…"

As he draws nearer to the center he is halted by a sight much worse than anything hes seen so far.


And not just one or two but dozens.

All piled up one atop the other in a wagon just ahead the fountain.

"Are they all dead?"

He mutters to himself hoarsely, a little nauseous, understandably disgusted by the sight and dehydrated right now…

His brain can take all the information in front of him right now. And as such, he shifts his focus back to his own survival and the fountain so he begins to force himself forward once more while disregarding the possible impending danger of who or what must have done this to all these people when…

"Cmon Aisha just a little further."

A scratchy hoarse feminine voice is heard as Xavier pauses. An elderly figure clad in all black comes into view. With a robe covered in blood and dirt and a headdress shielding her from the sun

"But I can anymoreee…"

Another feminine voice is heard, by the sounds of it much, much younger.

"Nana… am thirsty…"

The child moans and complains.

"And my feet hurt!!!"

"Wheres mommy and daddy!?!"

The source of which a little brown haired girl crying and sitting on the ground as she throws a mini tantrum… in view, she is equally as bloody and dirty… judging by her stature she should be at least 5-6 years old…. He had seen her before in the Oasis. She was the daughter of Smart Marks rival store just across the fountain from here. They would always duke it out day in and day out for customers in a show of machismo of who the better engineer was.

"Well not anymore…"

Xavier ponder.

"Poor kid."

The words just barely escape his mouth.

"Just a little- just a little further Aisha the fountain is right there see…"

The old lady continues in an attempt to soothe the childs tantrum

The child continues to wail on not paying much attention to the lady when she just plucks her off the ground.

Its not her fault really. Shes just never been in this much pain before. And honestly the same could be said for everyone today.

"Alright… alright… come here…"

The old lady says as she puts the little girl on her back and continues forward toward the fountain.

"Nana will take you to the fountain and then you can have some water for that throat okay…"

She forces the words out her mouth choking and coughing out a little blood that trickles down the side of her lip. Clearly she needs the water just as much as the little girl if not more…


The questions resurface in Xaviers head.

"Why must this happen to us…?"

"Why must this happen at all???"

He thinks.

"Does grandfather really hate us this much to go to these lengths?"

His thoughts drift, now targeted towards his invisible grandfather.

"Must everyone suffer just because of my family?"

Continuing forward he reaches the end of the wall and a corner, Xavier drags himself in to the center of the Oasis. Circular in shape with shops surrounding the fountain separated by the water ways he takes a sit beside a trash bin on the ground when he recognizes the store where he sits.

"This shop…"

He remembers as he looks around its scattered equipment…

"Its a tool shop."

A tool shop that he and his father used to come when they were just starting out on the sunflower field that decorates their home. Peeking through the plank window an assortment of tools come into view. Tools that remind him of his home…


He lets out a slight chuckle.

Even the little watering bucket at his corner reminds him of home. Of all the fun he used to have and of the beautiful sunflower laden field. And of how much he misses it right now. As vivid images of just how beautiful his home is another more daunting thought reaches him as well. The realization that as at now its images of how beautiful it Used To be before today.

His heart aches.


He thinks…

"Well I guess I should keep going…"

"I should get some water and head to Smart Marks shop that should be the goal for now."

Also its nearer, he thinks.

"See… see what I said Aisha we

e here…"

The old lady exclaims as she falls to her knees by the fountain the child still wailing on.


She sighs out as her body relaxes and shakes all over. Almost dropping the child off her back

The little girl, Aisha… is still crying when shes taken off the old ladys back…

"Here… here… drink…."

"It won do much for your wounds but itll feel better on your throat at least."

She says as she wipes the little girls tears away and cups some water with her shaky hands from the fountain with her hand…

Aisha begins to drink a little sniffling as she does so.

Xavier smiles to himself lightly as he thinks about the old woman.

Despite their predicament…

Despite everything thats happened until now, she (the old lady) still prioritizes the little girl over herself. Even in the darkest of times, humanity is still able to somehow be beautifully unselfish…

"Eeeeehh….Sir!! We found some more people here!!!"

A loud voice is husky voice is heard.

Xavier is startled hurrying and crouches behind the bin to hide himself on instinct alone… as the woman grabs the child by the hand and pulls her behind her shielding her….

"Yeah are they male or female?"

Another voice responds much cockier but calmer than the last and by the sound of it male as well.

"Female… a wrinkly old lady… and a child."

The huskier tone responds in disgusting amusement as the old lady shakes to place the child even tighter behind her back

"Hmmmmm…. How old is the kid."

"Heh, 5 give or take I reckon she could be pawned off as a 7 year old."

The voice responds in a chuckle as three men begin to come into view from the left. All dressed in a deep charcoal grey, with sailor style uniforms with black buttons and a black robe…

As Xavier continues to look on in fear and intrigue. The first two finally come clearly into view, one scrawny, laid back and missing a little hair on his balding blonde hair and the other a huge guy with wavy blonde hair. The bigger of the two is armed with a great sword on his back while the other double revolvers on either side of his hips.

"Hmmm?!? Waste them."

"Am not interested in running a day care."

A calmer voice is heard as the third man finally comes into view, a short blonde haired man in the same uniform and black shades similar to Uncle Marks, no frame just perfectly rounded on the eyes as if his eyes were black entirely. The only seemingly different thing about his uniform being an odd golden pattern on the wrists and shoulders of his coat. a fancy looking F with a little dash beside it.

Armed with big double axes attached by strap on his back the blonde man begins to say...

"We don have time for niceties the boss said no prisoners."

"Yes sir!!"

He commands, as his two subordinates respond in a lazy unison.

"Wa-wait…you… who are you? Aand why are you---"

The old lady begins to speak when.


The sound is loud and echoes the area as Xaviers body turns cold and stiff.

"Is this it???"

"Are-are they the people responsible ofr all this???"

The scrawnier man… he opened fire… and just like that a dead silence fills the center as the old womans voice is cut off.

A cold thud follows as her lifeless body hits the ground….

Xavier goes stiff.


Silence fills the air….

"…Pfft… HahahaHA!!!"

The bigger guy laughs.

"This guy… I can believe he went straight into it. What a savage."

He laughs as he smacks his colleague on the back bursting out in laughter.

"…If you don stop messing around like that youll be next Bo."

The scrawnier man says his voice heard clearly for the first time a low husky tone.


The bigger man responds looking down on his colleague and then at his boss before continuing.

"Hmph… lets not get ahead of ourselves…"

He scoffs, his smile wiped completely off his face taking a step forward toward the scared stiff little girl.

"What a bunch of buzzkills…"

"Well little lady sorry but you heard the man."

He says as he pulls the gigantic sword off his back


Aisha just barely lets out as she shivers facing the dead old lady unsure of what just happened but with an instinct fear for her life and now the impending doom of that gigantic sword about to slice her in half.



The man begins to descend toward the little girl in a swing the little girl when…


The calmer blonde man says clearly as Bo stops.


"We don have time for pity stories but tie the kid up shell sell well to those sickos in the capital when we get to Gomorrah…"


Bo responds.

"Hear that little lady, you

e going to live."

He says staring the little girl in the eyes and lowering his weapon as she shivers her eyes dead in shock body frozen.


Bo laughs out loud face upwards.


The scrawny man mumbles out as he turns toward the direction they came.

"I swear the world is full of disgusting people."

The balding blonde haired man says as also begins to walk back.

"Ew…. She wet herself."

Bo says in disgust as he looks over the kid.

"Huh? Barry??"

Bo says turning toward the balding blonde man.

"Oh well…"

He says a big grin on his face as he reaches for her collar.

As she gets pulled off the ground in ease with one arm Aishas fear begins to build as she looks out at Bo and with the adrenaline starting to kick in she opens her mouth to let out a big scream when…


The sound is hard. She gets knocked out by the bunt of the sword.

"Tch… no need for that you nosy brat."

Bo exclaims in disgust aggressively tossing her back to the ground.

The scene is disgusting, but more than that its horrifying!!

"What just happened??"

Quivering where he stands Xavier feels weak. His knees buckle as he watches the sand and fountain stained red by the old ladies blood. Feeling every part of his body scream out for him to run.

To protect himself!!

But he can …Why??

Why can he run?

Why won his body move even though the situation risks his own life just as well?

Even though he might end up just like the old lady…

His breath gets shorter. His chest... much tenser… Eyes, blurry, as tears begin to fill his eyes.

And without even noticing he starts to slowly back away.

Slowly mustering the energy to run away.

Yet still stiff movements still in halves as his mind races to both understand the situation and protect himself at the same time.

Tracking back ever so silently watching the three men chat and laugh as they tie the little girl up. The leader of the pack only watching on from a distance no longer visible when suddenly...


The noise isn loud but its apparent in this echo filled surrounding.

Everyone heard it.

Xavier has just knocked over the watering bucket with the heel of his foot.

"Oh no… oh no… no… no… NO!!!"

His mind races.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh…. Why now???"

"What now???"

"What happens to me now???"

"Am I going to die now too???"

The thoughts rush his mind as he freezes stiff. Whats to become of him his blood rushes even faster as he feels a cold sweat course down the side of his head. A sweat so cold it burns. His eyes now deep blood filled as the tears flood his eyes. All he sees is red…


This is the end…

"Ooooh… looks like we got a silent viewer"

Bo chuckles to himself cockily

"A little hero huh??"

The other responds.

"Oi whats taking you guys so long."

The leaders voice is heard shouting from afar.

"Si-sir theres-"

Barry begins to respond in lazy fashion when Bo other covers his mouth.

"What are you doing?"

Bo whispers to his colleague.

(sighs) "No what are YOU doing??"

Barry responds

"Think for a second Barry what if its a girl."

Bo whispers

"What about it?? We already caught a girl."

Barry responds a little disgust in his response.

"I mean an older one you idiot."

Bo says

"Unless you

e into the smaller ones."

He says cheekily as they both face the unconscious little girl

(sighs) "Don be gross."

Barry responds taking Bos hand away from his mouth.

"So whats your point blockhead?"

Barry says now facing Bo.

"Am saying..."

"Oi!! I said whats taking you so long?"

Both flinch at the sound of the leaders voice

"Ah-ah Jeremiah… no sir we were just making sure the knot was tight enough… hehe"

Bo replies in silly fashion.


e slippery the little ones."

Barry adds lazily

"Oh and how would you know that?"

Bo replies with a huge grin.


Barry lets out…


Bo breaks out in laughter while Barry looks away in disgust


Jeremiah responds cold and sharply.

"Just get over here we have to move on over to the next stop."

Jeremiah says.

"Ri-right sir well be there right away hehe."

Bo says.

(sighs) "You see being a disgusting human being aside I get what you mean."

Barry says to Bo.

(sighs) "Cmon well make this quick."

Barry continues


Bo says as the two subordinates begin to make towards Xavier.

Frozen in fear all he can do is watch.

And hope….


"Please somebody…"


He mutters to himself in fear as he shivers on the on his back hearing their footsteps in the sand get ever so close, louder with each step as they approach him. NO! What did he do to deserve such a cruel fate?

He thinks to himself.

Up until now- up until now his only crime might be ducking Lucy and her cocky ass peacock. How did it all come to this?… just then as their shadows looms and the footsteps come to a halt.

"Well you heard what The Damion said before leaving for here…"

Bo says chuckling to himself as they tower over the bin…

"No prisoners."

The disgusting grin is ear to ear

"Hey you."

He shouts at the bin

"Just come out from behind there and well make this fast kay."

He says cockily


"I guess this is it..."

Xavier thinks to himself

"No use prolonging it I might as well just get it over with… "

"Who knows maybe theyll let me go when they figure out am a guy…"

He scoffs to himself.


"Haaa… am sorry… Mom…"

Xavier thinks to himself as he shuts his eyes steeling himself to stand when…

"Hey we

e talking to you behind the trash can."

Barry sounds out.


Bo says with a huge grin as he pushes passed Barry.

"I said come ou-"

Bo shouts as he reaches and tosses the trash can.


Xavier lets in shock.

"Eh what the its just a…"

Bo begins to say when…


A squeaky but warm and overly familiar voice is heard as another explosion goes off.


The two both let out as they turn to the sound of the explosion. The fountain. As Xavier also stares in equal confusion and shock

"What the…"

Barry begins to say shielding his eyes as the sand begins to rain down ever so slowly when a sound is heard!!


The sound of hands clapped together in a self-five followed by the simple exclamation!


The voice exclaims as a small glowy figure flies right over them at just their shoulder height in slow motion. Glittering as the golden grains of sand fall ever so slowly beside her mid leap.



Both men exclaim loudly eyes wide in shock as they stand back in reflex reaching for their weapons.

Landing right between them the figure breaks into a short sprint and almost at the blink of an eye covers the distance between herself and Xavier leaving a small dust cloud in a single leap as she flings him over the shoulder.

"One!" (claps again)

The figure says again as everyone looks on still shocked.


Xavier lets out as both Bo and Barry sound out simultaneously…


Both men look on in shock at the small figure with a glow like steam flows off her body, who just looks smugly back at them and lets out a smirk


She chuckles


Bo reaches for his sword hurriedly when right then… she jumps into the air Xavier on her shoulder leaving yet another dust cloud on the ground. And unlike a simple leap off the ground she-she continues to ascend?!??!



Xavier lets out in shock as he turns his head back to the cloud where he was lifted from. He can see the two men stare on in awe and anger.

"Wait! Waaaaiiiiiiittttt!!!! why do they look so small???"

He thinks to himself in an instant while scanning the area when he finally notices his surrounding the clouds!? Ri-right above him!!! And before he can even think even begin to fathom whats going on the building around him are magnified too!!! Hes higher—HES HIGHER THAN ALL THE BUILDINGS?!?

He tightens and squirms in shock putting his hands over his face

"Who-whoa there don move around too much or youll fall."

The high pitched tone is heard as.


He says midair as he faces up to face the person and the wind blowing his hands away from his face!!

Are they-Are they still ascending!?!?!


The girl holding him smirks.

"You really are super wussy aren ya Xavi."

The voice responds now even more familiar than before

This voice! Feminine and high pitched, a little cocky for his liking honestly but theres no way hed ever be able to forget this voice not in a million years.


Xavier audibly exclaims as he struggles to open his eyes because of all the wind coming at his face as he finally comes face to face with the gap toothed little demon.

"Well who else ya idiot."

Lucy responds smile across her face eyes closed.

Theres no denying it, its Lucy!!! I mean well not exactly… what with all the glowing tattoos and the glow in her eyes and arms…. No! No, thats not whats important. I mean she might look a little different but this. This is Definitely that little gap toothed demon. This is Lucy Beyaz!!!

7 Hours till the incident.

-To Be Continued-

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