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No Conscience

“Isnt he your cousin” Tian Tian looked at Lu Liu and could not help but smile.

“Its because hes my cousin that I understand him! This kid has never been so attentive to any girl since he was young!”

Lu Liu thought of Fang Yaos fawning look in front of Yuan Xiao and said in amusement, “I have to talk to Ah Yaos brother one day. If Fang Ming finds out that his little devil has fallen in love with a girl and she somewhat looks down on him, he will laugh at Ah Yao for a year.”

“Your cousin is quite handsome!” Tian Tian ate the melting ice cream cone in Lu Lius hand. “Is there a girl who doesnt like him”

“Its hard to say for others, but Yuan Xiao is indeed very outstanding. I can tell that shes very strict with herself and has a good life plan.” Lu Liu thought for a moment and sighed. “Forget it, forget it. Looking at the situation just now, Im afraid Ah Yao wont be able to catch up to Yuan Xiao.”

Tian Tian and Lu Liu held hands and cheered for Fang Yao in their hearts.

On the other side of the amusement park, the atmosphere between Fang Yao and Yuan Xiao was a little awkward. They caught the person who took the photos secretly. The two of them did not seem to need to pretend to be a couple anymore, but neither of them planned to leave the amusement park.

“Well… Since were already here, why dont we go play a few rides” Fang Yao carefully observed Yuan Xiaos expression. He did not know when it started, but now Yuan Xiaos every move could affect his nerves.

“No, the provincial math competition is about to begin. I still have to go home and study.” Yuan Xiao did not look at Fang Yaos face. She just lowered her head and looked at her shoes. For some reason, the rumor was resolved very well, but she felt a little disappointed.

“Studying again Yuan Xiao, dont turn into a bookworm in the future!” Fang Yao felt uncomfortable, but he did not dare to ask cliche questions likeis studying more important or am I more important because Fang Yao already knew the answer from Yuan Xiaos expression.

“I wont!” Yuan Xiao rolled her eyes at Fang Yao and thought of the dress she was wearing. “Ill go to the bathroom to change my clothes. Wait a moment.”

Seeing that Yuan Xiao was about to leave, Fang Yao grabbed her. “Its for you. Keep it and wear it. Theres no need to return it.”

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“How can I do that I saw the price tag. Its almost a five-figure sum. I dont dare to wear it!” Yuan Xiao tried to break free from Fang Yaos hand, but she found that he was holding onto her tightly.

“Cant you accept it” Fang Yao looked into Yuan Xiaos eyes and realized that he was at a loss. He sighed and said, “Forget it. Youve already worn it. It cant be returned.”

“Then Ill transfer the money to you! I have a lot of scholarship prize money. Its enough.” Yuan Xiao was about to take out her cell phone when she heard Fang Yaos sad voice.

“You have no conscience.”

Fang Yaos words stunned Yuan Xiao. She realized that Fang Yao was scolding her. Just as she was about to retaliate, she realized that Fang Yaos expression was terrifyingly cold. Yuan Xiao could not help but think of Fang Yao in her previous life.

“What… happened to you”

Fang Yaos heart was in a mess. He did not know why he was so angry.

“Its okay. Take the dress. Otherwise, Ill ignore you in the future.” Fang Yao turned around and left. His back view seemed a little lonely. It seemed that he could not threaten Yuan Xiao. It turned out thatignoring her was the harshest thing he could say to her.

Hearing Fang Yaos childish words, Yuan Xiao was a little confused. She thought about how Fang Yao had been busy the entire day to help her catch the person who spread the rumors. She chased after him guiltily. “To thank Colonel Fang, let me treat you to a meal”

Seeing that Fang Yao had no reaction, Yuan Xiao continued, “Why dont you tell me what you want to eat or what you want Ill buy it for you!”

Upon hearing Yuan Xiaos words, Fang Yao stopped in his tracks. He looked at Yuan Xiaos face that was slightly red from chasing him and slowly said, “Will you agree to anything”

“Tell me, Ill try my best!” Yuan Xiao saw that Fang Yaos expression had changed and agreed immediately.

“Then… Be my girlfriend!” Fang Yao stared at Yuan Xiao, afraid that he would miss her expression.

“Ah That… I still…” Yuan Xiao did not expect Fang Yao to say that and did not know how to react.

“Im kidding. The woman that I, Fang Yao, have my eyes on isnt born yet!” Although Fang Yao had a smile on his face, he looked a little bitter.

The two of them parted on rather bad terms. When Yuan Xiao returned home, she lay in bed and tossed and turned.

“Little 7, what do you think Fang Yao meant today”

[Host, Little 7 has only bound itself to you and cant detect other peoples emotions.]



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