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734 The blind sword immortal!


Hearing this, an qingying quickly went up and stood in the middle of the hall, facing Lin Xuan.

She was only fifteen years old, and she was dressed in the black and white striped robes which the black-white college had specially made for her.

Coupled with her beautiful appearance and extraordinary temperament, she made the eyes of the male and female students light up as soon as she went on stage.

An qingyings fair face was blushing, and her big beautiful eyes were filled with adoration, which made all the students secretly surprised.

One must know that she was usually extremely cold and would rarely show such a young girls attitude.

This made the students sigh again.


even an qingying lost her composure in front of you, Sir.

Thats enough to show how charming you are! &Quot;

Realizing that she had lost her composure, an qingying quickly collected herself and bowed respectfully.


“Sir, I have heard of the3000 great DAOs, all roads lead to the same destination.

I know that regardless of whether its the Dao of literature or the Dao of the sword, they are both a type of Dao.”

“Then what is the similarity between the way of the sword and the way of literature And how should we achieve mutual conversion”

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As soon as she raised this question, not only did all the students present, but even Xie Wenting, who was an important figure in the literary Dao, revealed a look of desire.

It must be understood that although the black-white college claimed to have both the Dao of the sword and the Dao of the literature, in truth, they had only trained in both.

And there had never been a person in history who could truly achieve the common conversion between literature and swordsmanship!

Therefore, an qingyings question was the most difficult one in history.

However, everyone knew that if one could really convert the way of the sword and the way of the writing …

Then, his cultivation speed would be extremely shocking, and the realm he would reach would be astonishingly high.

Whether it was an qingying or Xie Wenting, they were all extremely talented people.

Why wouldnt he want to break through the barrier between the path of the sword and the path of the literary world, and cultivate a higher level of techniques

Facing such a shocking problem, Lin Xuan was still able to handle it with ease even with the extreme Saint book and infinite sword technique.

He smiled and said, ”

“You said it yourself, the three thousand great DAOs all lead to the same destination.”

the way of literature and the way of the sword are both a type of Dao.

They are essentially a type of Dao power, and power can naturally be converted to each other.


Hearing this, everyones breathing stopped, and the blood in their bodies boiled, surging wildly.

It turned out that the path of literature and the path of the sword could really be converted!

Sirs next words will definitely shock the world and change the future of the black-white college!

Facing Lin Xuan, an qingyings heart was beating even faster.

She was both nervous and excited, as if she was facing a Saint.

“Then, Sir, how should we convert them”

Facing the burning gazes of over 20000 people, Lin Xuan said indifferently, ”


Just remember the following 24 words! &Quot;

“Cultivate the Dao with literature, bear it with the sword heart, and temper the sword intent!”

“Cultivate the Dao with the sword, bear the weight of the literary heart, and temper the literary Qi!”


The moment Lin Xuan said those words, the atmosphere in the entire Dao impartation Hall reached its peak.

The sound of human voices was like the sound of millions of seas, deafening and resounding through the world.

my God, although I dont understand it, these twenty-four words of truth sound really powerful! &Quot;

in my opinion, the most important factor in the mutual conversion between swordsmanship and literature is still the wordheart.

However, due to the limitations of talent, ordinary people like us cant even think about understanding the true meaning of it! &Quot;

even if I cant fully comprehend it and can only comprehend 10 – 20% of it, Ill still benefit greatly! &Quot;

“Thats right! Im going to memorize these twenty-four words and observe and comprehend them every day!”


Even though Lin Xuan had already revealed the secret of the common conversion between swordsmanship and literature, most of the students present were not talented enough and could not fully understand it.

However, just by listening to Lin Xuans preaching, their Dao hearts sprouted, and there were signs of enlightenment.

As for an qingying, she had always trained in both the Dao of the sword and the Dao of the literature.

She was the only genius in the black-white college who had reached the peak in both fields.

Therefore, after carefully savoring Lin Xuans twenty-four words of truth, her body quickly emitted strange signs.

Hu! Hu!

Two rays of light, one golden and one green, shot out from her body and quickly condensed into a huge green-gold sword.

The sword stood in the void, and all kinds of ancient characters and symbols circled around it.

His literary aura was extremely strong, and his sword aura was threatening!

The gazes of Xie Wenting and the other higher-ups trembled when they saw this.

“She has combined the literary Qi and sword Qi into one!”

An qingyings cultivation was at the peak of the spirit realm.

When her literary Qi and sword Qi merged, her aura instantly rose to the Supreme realm.

Such a change shocked Xie Wenting and the others, but they were also overjoyed.

Hu ~

The light dimmed.

An qingyings delicate body curled up slightly, as if she had exhausted all her strength.

She mumbled with some regret,”

unfortunately, with my current talent, I can only merge them for two breaths! &Quot;

Xie Wenting laughed,

the beginning is always the most difficult.

Its already an extraordinary achievement to be able to connect the path of literature and the path of the sword! &Quot;

“As long as you engrave Sirs twenty-four words of truth in your heart, anyone with ambition will one day be able to clear the clouds and see the light, and reach the height that they want!”

His words were an encouragement to all the students, as well as an encouragement to himself, MA Xinchang, and the other higher-ups.

It could be said that being able to listen to the twenty-four words of truth from Lin Xuan today was their greatest gain from this examination.

With this in mind, Xie Wenting took the lead and led all the students to bow to Lin Xuan.

“Thank you for your guidance, Sir!”


Outside the black-white college.

“Master, take care!”

Li xiake bowed respectfully, sending Yuan Taibai off with great gifts.

When Lin Xuan had gone to the Dao impartation Hall to give pointers to the top three students, Yuan Taibai had bade him farewell and prepared to return to his own mountain.

As his only disciple, li xiake followed him all the way out of the school gate.

Only when Yuan Taibai asked him to stop did he stop and bid his farewell.

Yuan Taibai nodded, then turned and prepared to leave the black-white college.


The moment he turned around, Yuan Taibai keenly sensed that a shocking sword Qi was rapidly approaching from several dozen li away.

Looking up, he soon saw a green light connecting the sky and the earth, quickly approaching.

Yuan Taibais brow furrowed, and a sword light bloomed in his Starry Eyes.

He saw a man in a green robe coming over on a boundless sword light.

“Its him!”

At Yuan Taibais level, he could naturally recognize the details of the green-robed mans face with a single glance.

Therefore, he recognized the man right away and revealed a shocked expression.

“Teacher, who is it” li xiake asked hurriedly.

Yuan Taibais Silver brows furrowed, and he said in a deep voice,”The blind sword immortal!”


Upon hearing the words “blind sword immortal,” even the continental Sword Saint, li xiake, couldnt help but tremble violently.

Several streams of cold sweat instantly soaked his sideburns, and his body even felt slightly cold uncontrollably!

He raised his head to look at the blind swordsman, Lu zhantian, who was standing at the peak of the ten thousand li sword light.

He couldnt help but Mutter,

with the might of a sword immortal, hes trampling over the heavens and earth.

This blind sword immortal definitely doesnt come with good intentions! &Quot;

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