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The adorable childrens gathering!

Upon hearing this name, Yan Zhu and the otherseyes lit up in surprise.

“Father, what kind of conference is this” Hanzhu asked.

this is a gathering held by the rich and powerful for their children, ” Lin Xuan said, smiling.

its a competition to see whos the cutest, most talented, and most likable child! &Quot;

With the holy book of extremity, Lin Xuan had a lot of information about the adorable kids meeting.

“The adorable childrens assembly was initially established by the nobles of the Lin, Quan, mi, Xuan, and Yun provinces of the Central Plains.

It was also known as thefive provinces adorable children assembly.”

from the very beginning, it was very popular and sought after by countless parents.

Later, its influence spread to the entire continent, attracting countless people to attend! &Quot;

thats why you can only see countless cute boys and girls in such a Grand meeting! &Quot;

Hearing Lin Xuans description, Tang Yu and Tang Chengjian both showed admiration.

Di Fu is really knowledgeable.

You know the adorable childrens gathering like the back of your hand! &Quot;

Yan Zhu and the others became even more excited.

father! the little girls pulled Lin Xuan away.

lets go and take a look then! &Quot;

“Alright!” Lin Xuan held the little oneshands with a doting expression.

Then, the little girls pulled Tang Ying along and boarded the Jade carriage with him.

“Di Fu, well lead the way!”

Tang Yu and Tang Chengjian boarded a Skylark together and brought the Green-winged flying bird, Yu Miao, all the way to the venue of the adorable childrens gathering …

The five State Conference hall was located in the yunquan basin, which was located in the middle of the five states.

He came to the edge of the cloud Spring Basin.

Through the porthole of the Jade carriage, Lin Xuan saw that the square below was packed with people.

Furthermore …

The crowd that swarmed like a tide not only filled the square, but also spread to the surrounding mountains.

At a rough glance, there were tens of millions of people.

It could be said to be in full swing, and the people were exuberant to the extreme!

As the venue was too crowded, Lin Xuan placed the Green-winged flying bird Jade carriage at the edge of the cloud Spring Basin.

Then, he walked out of the Jade carriage and prepared to bring the five little girls into the venue.

At this moment, a Mystic Light flashed in front of them.

Wei Changtian, the head of the Wei family, the largest family in the state, led Li juntian, han Xinyuan, Wu Chen, and Yang Xu, the leaders of the top forces in Linzhou, Danzhou, Xuanzhou, and Yunzhou, and appeared in front of Lin Xuan.

Wei Changtian stepped forward excitedly and saluted, ” “Wei Changtian greets Di Fu!”

Li juntian and the others also stepped forward and bowed in respect.

“Li juntian of the Lin Prefecture pays his respects to the Emperor husband!”

“I am han Xinyuan from Chenzhou.

Greetings, Imperial husband!”

“Wu Chen from Xuan Prefecture pays his respects to Di Fu!”

“Yang Xu from Yunzhou pays his respects to Di Fu!”


Lin Xuan then found out that they had come to pay a visit because they had noticed his Green-winged flying bird jade pendant.

Wei Changtian could be considered as Lin Xuans acquaintance, while the other four had come because of his reputation, wanting to make their presence known in front of Lin Xuan.

After everyone finished bowing.

dear Di Fu, ” Wei Changtian said.

weve already reserved the largest observation Pavilion in the five State Conference hall.

Di Fu, please come! &Quot;

“Alright,” he said.

Lin Xuan nodded his head casually.

Then, under the lead of Wei Changtian and the others, they headed to the heaven-tier observation Pavilion.

He looked down at the venue.

Lin Xuan saw countless parents holding their childrens hands and squeezing around the stage in the middle of the venue.

It looked like they couldnt wait to send their children on stage to show off their talents.

At this time, the atmosphere in the venue was gradually climbing to the peak.

The discussion about who would win the title of “the worlds cute baby” at this conference was even more rampant.

this Festival is unprecedentedly Grand.

It seems that all the parents in the world want to let their children show off their talents! &Quot;

“Of course! This kind of event was organized by the aristocrats, and which one of those young masters wasnt a Dragon among men Naturally, I want to obtain such a glorious title!”

Ive heard that the Crown Prince of the great Luo has red hair and blue eyes.

He is extremely handsome, like a son of the divinity.

He is also talented in both literature and martial arts.

I think he is the most promising candidate to get this title! &Quot;

“No, no! Ive just received news that the daughter of the Great Southern desolation sect, Southern deity Palace, Nangong yingyue, and the princess of the snow Eagle Celestial Empire of the northern desolation, Duan Muyan, will be attending this Grand meeting.

With their appearance, the other children will have to step aside!”

“Hiss! Even the flower Fairy and the Pearl fairy are here.

Who in this world can compete with them”


At the mention of the two titles, Flower Fairy and Pearl fairy, countless people in the audience showed admiration.

Flower Fairy, Nangong yingyue, was born in the southern deity Palace, a top sect in the southern Wilderness.

It had a natural fragrance that attracted countless butterflies.

The phenomenon when she was born was too amazing, so it quickly spread all over the country, causing countless people to click their tongues in surprise.

Now that she was six years old, she already had an extraordinary immortal appearance and extremely strong talent in literature and martial arts.

She could be said to be the favored daughter of the heavens who was loved and looked forward to by thousands.

On the other side, the Pearl fairy, Duan Muyan, did not give in either.

She was also six years old.

She was born with a bright pearl luster.

Other than her extraordinary talent in literature and martial arts, the Pearl light around her grew brighter with every year she grew older.

Now that she was six years old, she was like a perfect little fairy surrounded by celestial light, causing countless people to fall in love with her brilliance.

Everyone had a strong feeling that as long as they appeared, all the children today would be reduced to a foil!

Under everyones anticipation.

A strange floral fragrance descended from the sky, attracting the attention of countless people.

A huge Ruby ship broke through the clouds and hovered above the venue.

Then, a bright golden light fell, revealing a family of three.

They were the palace Lord of the southern deity Palace of the southern desolation, Nangong po, as well as his wife, Liu Qing, and daughter, Nangong yingyue!

Everyone saw that Nangong yingyue was wearing a hundred-flower dress that was resplendent with immortal light.

Beautiful butterflies were always lingering around her body, and she was really dazzling.

Flower Fairy really lives up to her name.

She has such an aura at such a young age.

In the future, she will definitely be the best in the world! &Quot;

Seeing how outstanding Nangong yingyue was, everyone present couldnt help but praise her.

The children who had been clamoring to become the cutest child in the world all showed expressions of surprise and admiration.

It could be said that as soon as Nangong yingyue appeared, she revealed the air of a sure-win.

Hu ~

At this moment, another dazzling golden light shone down from the sky.

Everyone looked up and saw a golden snow Eagle, which was as big as a Ruby ship, spreading its wings in the nine Heavens.

There were three figures on its back.

One of the girls looked as if she was immersed in a ball of dazzling white light, and her body was constantly flashing with a dazzling white halo.

the snow Eagle Immortal Empires fairy Ming Zhu has also arrived! &Quot;

as expected of the Pearl fairy.

This celestial light is so bright and dazzling that I cant even look at it directly! &Quot;

Amidst the exclamations of the crowd, the monarch of the snow Eagle Celestial Empire, Duan Chun, brought his wife, Jian xilan, and the Pearl fairy, Duan Muyan, to the venue.

As soon as they landed, Duan Chun and Nangong po couldnt help but exchange a glance.

Their eyes turned cold as they snorted in their hearts! A sound.

A thick atmosphere of hatred spread between the two of them.

As all of them appeared, it was time for the start of the cute little meet.

The host of the meeting was a young man in a green robe.

His name was wang yang.

He flew to the center of the stage and looked around the audience.


“Thanks to your support, the scale of this cute little meet has become the largest in history!”

with so many outstanding children participating, I believe that this Festival will be very exciting and full of highlights! &Quot;

as for who will win the final victory and become the new generationthe worlds cute baby, please wait and see! &Quot;

Then, he explained the rules of the competition.

It was simple.

The children would go on stage and display their literary and martial arts cultivation.

Then, the ten judges at the side of the venue would give marks.

Ten points was a full score, and the one with the highest score would be the final winner of the tournament.

After he finished explaining the rules, wang yang shouted excitedly, ”

“I wont say much.

The meeting will begin now!”

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